40 Egg-citing Things to Do this Easter Weekend in the UK 2024
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40 Egg-citing Things To Do This Easter Weekend

With longer days, warmer weather and reappearing wildlife, spring is a wonderful time to escape reality and enjoy a camping trip in the UK. Not only is there a long bank holiday weekend to look forward to, but schools also have two weeks off, so you and your family can relax while camping over Easter.

If you’re unsure what to do or where to go, check out our list of 40 things to do over the Easter break in the UK.

When is Easter 2024?

This year, Good Friday falls on Friday 29th March. The holiday continues through Easter Sunday on the 31st March and the bank holiday on the 1st April 2024.

Why should I go camping at Easter?

Following a long British winter of cold weather, icy winds and heavy rain, spring is a welcome sight for most campers. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the flowers are blossoming. Spring brings life and colour to our countryside. The Easter bank holiday offers a few days of respite and an opportunity to camp among buzzing wildlife and flourishing plant life.

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Fun Easter activities to do in 2024

Having been wrapped in a blanket all winter, you’re bound to be desperate to dust off your walking boots and stretch your legs in spring. If you and your family or friends have some time off over Easter, why not try an activity you’ve not done before? With lots of options to choose from, we’ve collated a list of our favourite things to do over the Easter weekend.

  1. Attend a festival
  2. festivals

    Whether you’re a foodie, a fan of art, a sports fanatic or love to rock out to your favourite band, the UK is home to some of the best festivals in the world!

  3. Enjoy birdwatching
  4. Red breasted robin sat in a tree

    Home to puffins, ospreys and eagles, the magnificent British countryside is the perfect location for birdwatching. With over 200 nature reserves and more than a million members, the RSPB is the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe. Grab your binoculars and find the best birdwatching spots near our Club Sites. View our bird identification guide to see what colourful birds you can spot.

  5. Go on a bluebell walk
  6. Bluebell Forest

    When bluebells begin to crop up on forest floors; it’s clear that spring has finally sprung. Nearly half of the world’s bluebells are found in the UK – making it the ideal place to see this beautiful, albeit relatively rare flower. Spend an afternoon wandering through a peaceful woodland carpeted with deep violet bluebells. Find the best bluebell woods near you.

  7. Take on camping
  8. Camping

    We may be a little bit biased, but camping is the perfect activity for your Easter break. Disconnect from the rest of the world, get back to nature and pitch your tent on one of our Club Sites. From the snowy Munros of the Highlands to the jagged cliffs of Cornwall, we’ve got a diverse range of campsites across the UK.

  9. Visit a castle
  10. Castle

    Being an island nation with such a long, dramatic history, it’s hardly surprising that the UK is home to some of the most stunning and best-preserved castles in the world. Walk through the grounds of Windsor Castle, home to the late Queen Elizabeth II, or take a trip to Alnwick Castle, also known as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter franchise. View our guide to the best castles in the UK and find some great hidden gems.

  11. Enjoy cycling
  12. Cycling

    Due to ideal weather conditions and longer days, spring is the perfect time to hop on your bike and explore the countryside. Cycle through the sloping valleys of Wales, along the dramatic coastline of Devon or over the rolling hills of the South Downs.

  13. Discover an Area of Natural Beauty
  14. AONB

    Areas of Natural Beauty (AONB) are designated for conservation to recognise their national importance and natural beauty. From idyllic villages and dramatic coastlines to ancient woodlands and sweeping downs, AONBs are found in some of the most stunningly scenic parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. From the towering peaks of County Antrim to the craggy cliffs of Cornwall, we've compiled a guide to the best AONBs to visit on your next camping trip.

  15. Explore a stately home
  16. chatsworth house

    With a rich history of nobility, heritage and architectural brilliance, Britain is home to an array of beautiful stately homes. Explore the lavish rooms of a National Trust property or walk through the pristine gardens of Chatsworth House; designed by world-renowned landscape designer Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

  17. Explore one of the UK's National Trail
  18. Norfolk Coast Path signpost next to beach

    National Trails are long-distance footpaths and Bridleways in England and Wales that encompass almost 3,000 miles of heathland, moorland and coastline. Strap on your walking shoes, pack your rucksack and embark on the trip of a lifetime. Not sure where to start? Read our guide to all 16 of the UK's National Trails, from the South Downs to the Pembrokeshire Coast.

  19. Try foraging
  20. Foraging

    Gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, foraging is a fun, rewarding and ultimately delicious activity. Explore the woodland and pluck the most fragrant herbs, juiciest berries and biggest mushrooms. When foraging, make sure you positively identify any food before you pick it. Get closer to nature by foraging edible plants on your next camping trip. Check out our beginner's guide to foraging in the UK and discover great foraging tips, nifty tools and more.

  21. Go fruit picking
  22. strawberry picking

    Offering a cheap, fun and healthy way to entertain the kids, pick-your-own farms are dotted around the British countryside. Visit your local fruit picking farm and hand-pick fresh strawberries or crunchy apples. Take your goods home and make them into cakes, pies or jams. Check out the best strawberry farms near you.

  23. Have fun geocaching
  24. geochaching

    With millions of trails across the UK, geocaching is a digital treasure hunt and an exciting adventure for the whole family. All you need to start is a handheld GPS, and you can begin searching for the hidden geocaches, a small waterproof treasure box. Geocaching is not only rewarding but a great way of exercising and exploring the countryside. For more insights, check out our beginner's guide to geocaching.

  25. Visit a nature reserve
  26. Nature reserve

    Encompassing woodland, moorland, wetland, heathland, mountain and coast, nature reserves are a great place to walk, cycle and spot wildlife. From Rutland Water to the Giant’s Causeway, the UK is home to some truly fantastic nature reserves. When wandering through one of the many nature reserves, keep an eye out for swooping birds, buzzing insects and blossoming flowers.

  27. Relax at the beach
  28. Beach

    As an island nation, the UK is entirely bordered by coastline, from sandy beaches to rugged cliffs. The UK is home to 128 Blue Flag beaches – given to beaches that are deemed safe and clean and to have excellent features and high-water quality. If you’re thinking of taking a coastal camping trip, here are some fun things to do at the beach.

  29. Experience lambing
  30. lambing

    Each year, 16 million ewes give birth across the UK. Despite most deliveries taking place in spring, lambing can take place anytime between November and December. Pay a visit to a local farm and experience the miraculous process of lambing – a great way to teach children their first lesson about life. Depending on the farm, you might be able to stroke, pet and feed the new-born playful lambs.

  31. Read a new travel book
  32. reading

    There are few better ways to pass the time than to get lost in the pages of a brand-new book. Why not find some inspiration for your next adventure by reading a new travel book? We've compiled a list of our favourite travel books to inspire your next camping trip, including old classics, new releases and some to capture the kids' imagination.

  33. Ride a rollercoaster
  34. rollercoaster

    The UK has many thrilling theme parks and some brilliant rollercoasters within them. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or not, a visit to the theme park is a great way to spend a day this Easter. Unsure which one to visit first? Read our guide to the top 10 theme parks in the UK.

  35. Take a road trip
  36. road trip

    With a long bank holiday weekend ahead of you, why not plan a road trip? The UK has some fantastic routes with magnificent views of the countryside, ocean, valleys, mountains and more. You could explore new places and camp along the way. For some inspiration, check out the following road trips:

  37. See wildlife
  38. Wildlife

    From sharks to seals, and deer to beavers, the UK is teeming with a diverse array of wildlife. Whether you’re in a nature reserve or national park, always keep an eye out for a glimpse of British wildlife. With so many animals to see across the country, we’ve compiled a guide to the best places to see wildlife in the UK.

  39. Hop on a steam heritage railway
  40. Steam trains

    Did you know that there are over 100 heritage railways in the UK? Each one carries its own unique history and purpose. While many railways run diesel or electric locomotives, there are still a few which offer an authentic experience. Book a ride on a heritage railway and get the chance to see the breathtaking British countryside, its animals and its waters.

  41. Enjoy stargazing
  42. stargazing

    With the weather changing and the clouds disappearing, the night sky is dazzling with stars. Pitch your tent beneath a starry night sky, lie on your back and gaze at the wondrous spectacle above you. Take a trip to one of the UK’s Dark Sky Parks and look out for the various stars, planets and constellations visible from our countryside. If you’re thinking of trying stargazing on your next camping trip, make sure you read our guide to the best stargazing locations in the UK first. If you’re lucky, you may even get the chance to see the Northern Lights.

  43. Take a trip to the zoo
  44. elephants in Chester Zoo

    Easter is an excellent time to see some of the exotic creatures that live in our zoos, including tigers, elephants, lions and monkeys. When buying a ticket, you're supporting the ongoing efforts in animal conservation by zoos, sanctuaries and wildlife parks. We've collated a list of the best zoos to visit across the UK.

  45. Take a canal boat trip
  46. canals

    From the Kennet and Avon Waterway to the Magna Carta Barge, the UK is home to a network of navigable canals. Today, there are over 2,000 miles of canals and rivers explorable on your barge. Hop aboard a canal boat and take a peaceful tour through the fascinating history of Britain’s waterways, from the industrial revolution to recreational boating. Take time to stop off at charming riverside pubs on your way through. Discover the best boat trips around the UK.

  47. Try an outdoor activity
  48. woman bouldering

    This Easter weekend is a great time to jump out of your comfort zone and try a fun outdoor activity. From paragliding over the South Downs' chalky cliffs to bouldering on the uplands of the Dartmoor National Park, there are plenty of outdoor activities to take on.

  49. Uncover a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  50. Stonehenge

    Officially designated by UNESCO, a World Heritage Site is a landmark with legal protection due to having cultural, historical, scientific or another form of significance. From Stonehenge's dramatic landscape to the Lake District's shimmering waters, World Heritage Sites are dotted across the UK in 32 locations. Take a look at the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites situated near our Club Sites.

  51. Visit a cathedral
  52. York Minster

    The UK is home to some of the most awe-inspiring cathedrals in the world, from the stained-glass windows of Canterbury to Oxford's towering spires. We've put together a list of the best cathedrals in the UK and the closest place to camp nearby.

  53. Explore a garden
  54. gardens

    Bursting with vibrant flowers, steeped in dramatic history and backdropped by stately homes, the UK is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Discover over 3,000 varieties of plant-life at the Eden Project or study the iconic artwork at the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Gardens. With so many to choose from, we’ve compiled a guide to our favourite gardens in the UK, so you can enjoy a relaxing Easter weekend.

  55. Discover a tourist attraction
  56. Roman baths

    From London's Big Ben and Loch Ness to the Roman Baths and the Natural History Museum, the UK is home to some of the world's best tourist attractions. Despite this, many of us have only seen a handful of them. If you're interested in viewing one of the UK's incredible tourist attractions, but unsure where to start, take a look at our guide to the top 50 tourist attractions in the UK.

  57. Go on a scenic walk or hike
  58. Couple walking in the Lake District

    Whether you fancy a calming stroll through the countryside or you want to burn off all the Easter treats with an intense hike, strap on your walking boots and check out our list of the best hikes in the UK as well as our walking content.

    If you’re after a bigger challenge, what about climbing a mountain? Check out the best mountains in the UK to tick off your bucket list.

  59. Visit a waterfall
  60. Waterfalls

    Why not pair a walk in the Great British countryside with a visit to a spectacular waterfall? With some of the most picturesque lakes and rivers in the world, it should come as no surprise that the UK has plenty of spectacular waterfalls to explore. Marvel at the water as it plummets from a great height and plunges into the pool below. Read our guide to the best waterfalls to visit on your next camping trip.

  61. Explore a sculpture park
  62. Sculpture

    If a walk in the scenic countryside doesn't quite hit the spot, keep yourself entertained on a sculpture trail. It's a great way to explore the UK and see stunning works of art. Take a look at our sculpture park recommendations for some exciting trails.

  63. Try crabbing
  64. Crabbing

    If you're camping along the coast, crabbing is a fun activity for your Easter weekend. To learn more about crabbing, the best locations to spot crabs, and the types of crabs you'll find, check out our guide to crabbing in the UK.

  65. Visit a market town
  66. Market town

    Spring is a great time to have a clear out; it's also a fabulous time to hit the shops and treat yourself. Why not venture out into one of the many charming market towns in the UK? There's plenty to see and many lovely local goods to purchase.

  67. Discover UK islands
  68. UK islands

    With a long bank holiday weekend coming up, a trip to one of the UK's many islands will make for a great Easter break adventure. Discover our favourite UK islands to find the right one for you.

  69. Try rockpooling
  70. rockpool

    If you're camping with your family over the Easter weekend, a lovely, family-friendly activity is rockpooling. Discover colourful creatures living in the country's shallow waters and see what rare species you may come across. Our guide on rockpooling takes you through everything you need to know about the activity – from how to rockpool to the equipment you'll need and the best places to rockpool.

  71. Visit an aquarium
  72. Aquariums

    Another family-friendly activity to do over the Easter weekend is visiting an aquarium. Whether you like to see giant whales, angry sharks or adorable seahorses, there are some great aquariums to explore around the country.

  73. Go fishing
  74. fishing

    Do you prefer a quieter Easter weekend away from all the noise? Fishing is a great way to escape the loud cities, relax and breathe in some fresh air. We have over 250 campsites with fishing available so that you can enjoy your Easter break fishing in the Scottish Highlands or down in Cornwall.

  75. Plunge into water sports
  76. Canoeing

    The waters are becoming a little warmer as we move away from winter. Refresh your body by plunging into some fun water sports activities around the UK. You could enjoy a lovely boat trip to see famous landmarks or try something more thrilling like the watersport activities below.

  77. Explore caves
  78. caves

    The UK has many deep underground cave networks, sea caves and man-made caves that are all waiting to be explored. Check out the best UK caves for more information and to see what Easter events might be taking place.

  79. Visit a vineyard or distillery
  80. vineyard

    Wind down on your Easter break and take a trip to a vineyard where you can see acres of fruitful green vines in the blossoming British countryside and taste some flavourful wines. If you’re not a fan of wine, book a distillery tour and uncover the process of distilling the UK’s favourite spirits.

For more events near our campsites, check out our 'What's on' page.

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