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Campervan insurance

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Campervan Insurance from Club Care

Pride and joy had a ding or a dent? We’ll take Club Care of that.

Equip yourself with our campervan insurance and be safe in the knowledge that Club Care will have you covered for most eventualities.

With Club Care, you’ll receive campervan insurance tailored to members’ needs: whether you need a quote for an older vehicle, campervan conversion insurance or if you’re looking to cover your unit whilst it’s in storage.
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Why choose Club Care Insurance?

We take Club Care of Members

Don’t just take our word for it...

"We have no wish to swap from Club Care insurance; we have priced up elsewhere, but the facilities being offered and the level of service has made us loyal customers"

- Barry W, Club Care Insurance Policy Holder and Club Member

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What discounts are available?

You could qualify for the following discounts:

Safety discounts

• 5% discount for fitting Tyron Safety Bands

Security discounts

• 10% discount for campervans with an approved tracking system

Other discounts campervan

• Discount available for limited mileage
• Range of discounts for secure storage and security devices

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To help make sure you’re choosing Campervan Insurance that suits your needs, we’ve compiled some commonly asked questions and answered them below. 

Why do I need Campervan Insurance?

As with car insurance, Campervan Insurance is a legal requirement, insuring you against liability to others. Depending on the level of cover you select, it may also insure your campervan against accidental damage caused by you.

What is Continuous Insurance Enforcement?

The police use the Motor Insurance Database (MID) to detect uninsured vehicles on the road. It’s estimated that 500 are seized each day and an estimated 300,000 offenders are convicted for driving uninsured every year. To combat the problem, Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) was introduced in 2011 and made it an offence to be the registered keeper of a vehicle which is neither listed on the Motor Insurance Database nor registered with the DVLA by Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

When you insure your motorhome, it’s the insurers’ legal responsibility to upload the details of your vehicle onto the Motor Insurance Database. For peace of mind, you can check that your vehicle has been registered with MID for free.

Why Choose Club Care?

As a specialist provider of Campervan Insurance, Club Care Insurance has worked with its insurer partners to create an insurance product that can be flexed to meet the exacting needs of campers, offering levels of cover and features not available through most other providers.

Do I need to be a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club to get a Campervan Insurance quote?

No, you do not need to be a member of the Club to get a quote from Club Care. However being a member will give you access to a host of benefits across our range of insurance products.

Is it easy to make a claim?

Yes. Notify Club Care as soon as possible. The number can be found in your policy wording. You’ll be put straight through to one of our friendly claims handlers who will guide you through the process.

Will my awning be covered? 

Yes, your policy will cover damage listed in your policy wording to your awning costing up to £2,000.

We may be travelling late at night, will I be able to contact my claims helpline at all times?

The Club Care claims helpline is open 24 hours a day so you’ll always be able to get in touch when you need to.

Will Club Care insure a campervan with modifications?

Yes, some modifications may affect the premium you pay. Read the next question to find out how.

Will campervan modifications affect my premium?

Vehicle modifications will usually impact your insurance premium. Modifications on campervans are extremely popular, they’re usually changes put in place to make the van more comfortable for those concerned about the camping lifestyle. Window tints, modern sound systems and bodywork all count as modifications.

Be careful if you’re thinking of buying a modified campervan or considering making changes to the one you currently own. Increasing the value of your campervan through modifications may increase the cost of your premium. However if your modification increases the safety of your campervan, you may find your premium reduces.

What types of vehicle are covered?

All proprietary makes of camper are covered up to 30 years of age (25 if insuring online), but in addition we can cover self-build motorhomes. It's important to find a specialist insurance company that has the experience, knowledge and understanding of the detailed steps and time involved to successfully complete such a DIY self-build camper project. We’ll insure your panel van as a campervan from the start of the policy, so you won’t get a nasty shock for expensive engineer reports when the conversion is completed. We are able to cover classic campervans if you contact our specialists at Club Care.

What cover is available?

We believe in offering high quality cover, to make sure that your campervan is properly protected. We therefore offer two types of cover: fully comprehensive and third party fire and theft.

Comprehensive: Our fully comprehensive Campervan Insurance covers you for claims made by other people (including passengers) for injury to them or damage to their property. This policy also protects your campervan against loss or damage caused by accidental or malicious acts, vandalism, fire, lightning, theft, self-ignition and explosion. We are also able to offer New Campervan Replacement for up to 3 years to Club members.

Third party fire and theft: This protects you against any third party injury or property damage claims made against you as a result of having an accident, and covers you against loss or damage to your campervan if it’s stolen or set on fire.

What is the excess?

An excess is the amount that you agree to pay towards any claim made on your policy. The first element of this is the compulsory excess: the set amount as determined by your insurer. The second part consists of the voluntary excess: an additional amount that you agree to contribute in the event of a claim. Generally, the higher the level of voluntary excess you choose, the lower the cost of the premium.

Setting your excess is often referred to as a balancing act; you want to keep your premium low, but you still want to be able to put your policy to good use if a claim arises.

Am I covered if I take my campervan abroad?

We can provide up to 365 days in any one 12 month period of insurance if you are travelling to a country within the European Community and Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Andorra and Switzerland (including Liechtenstein), you will have to let us know if you are traveling to the EU.

There’s no limit to the number of trips you can make in any period of insurance, provided your permanent residence is in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man and your visit to other countries is temporary.

For travel to Morocco, our cover varies according to insurer so please contact us for details.

What can I use my campervan for?

Campervan Insurance only covers your campervan if it’s being used in the way specified in your certificate of insurance; namely social, domestic and pleasure purposes only or including commuting to a single permanent place of work.

The following uses are not covered:

  • Racing, pace making or being in any contest or speed trial or any rigorous reliability testing
  • Using your camper on any race track or circuit
  • Any purpose connected with the motor trade
  • Hiring – letting out your camper in return for a sum of money
  • Carrying and transporting passengers or goods for a sum of money
  • Business use of any kind

Do you offer an introductory no claims bonus?

No claims bonus is given by an insurer to policyholders who don’t claim on their policy in a period of Campervan Insurance. This “no claims bonus” is not a “no blame bonus”. If a claim is made for an event that isn’t your fault and the insurer has to make a payment, this will affect any no claims bonus entitlement unless the insurer can recover their expenses from the person responsible for the event.

At Club Care, we offer an introductory no claims (mirrored) bonus, and no claims bonus protection is available, allowing an agreed number of fault claims within a stated time span without affecting the amount of no claims bonus the client is entitled to.

As proof of your no claims bonus, please submit the renewal notice or letter confirming your no claims bonus from your last / current insurer.

Can I use my car’s no claims bonus?

Only if it is free and available to use. In other words, you’re not using the car or you’ve sold the car and don’t intend to replace it. This is because you can’t use your no claims bonus in two places at the same time.

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