Lake District Walks: 10+ Spectacular Lake District Routes
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10+ Favourite Walks in the Lake District

Best Lake District Walks | Walking Checklist | Where to stay in the Lake District

What better way to explore the Lake District than to put on your walking boots and embark on a journey full of breathtaking scenery, coastal views, magnificent lakes, tall mountains and more?

You can either book a guided walking tour of some popular routes or use our guide to discover the best Lake District walks. Whether you’re a beginner, frequent walker, or you’re ready for a challenging hike, you’ll find something right for you. We’ve also included dog-friendly and family-friendly walking routes in the Lake District so that everyone can enjoy exploring.

Family walking in the hills

  1. Tarn Hows walking route
  2. Lake District walk

    Length: 2.9km | Difficulty: Easy

    Starting our list is an easy walk in the Lake District that’s perfect for beginners. The Tarn Hows walking route will roughly take you over an hour, but you may need to carve out more time to stop and marvel at the stunning views. The great thing about this walk is your canine companion can tag along with you as the route is dog-friendly.

    2. Windermere to Townend walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: 6.4km | Difficulty: Easy to moderate

    An easy to moderate walk in the Lake District is Windermere to Townend. Alongside great views, you can also take a step back in time and explore the historical gems you’ll see along the way. This route is dog-friendly and can be completed in under two hours.

    3. The Old Man of Coniston walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: Varies on route | Difficulty: Moderate

    This walk starts off simple, but as it progresses, it becomes more challenging. It's a great walk for those with good stamina as it can last between 5 and 6 hours, and you’ll climb up a 792m high mountain. Although it sounds tiresome, the view from the top is worth every step. If you’re an early riser, you can even catch the most magnificent sunrise from the top.

    4. Greendale and Middle Fell walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: Varies on route | Difficulty: Moderate to hard

    A great thing about walking in the Lake District is escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and getting close to nature. If you want to escape the tourist traffic and enjoy unspoilt scenery, the Greendale and Middle Fell walking route is for you.

    It’s a peaceful and quiet route that’s also a dog-friendly walk. On your journey, you’ll come across phenomenal views across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man and the Greendale Tarn. You’ll also pass Wastewater Lake, the deepest lake in England, which was once voted Britain's favourite view.

    5. Blencathra walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: Varies on route | Difficulty: Hard

    The Blencathra route is among the more challenging Lake District walks. The mountain of Blencathra has six peaks, with the highest at 868m tall called Hallsfell top. This trek would roughly take four hours to complete, but it's worth the difficult climb as the views from the top are magical. It’s highly recommended to go when the skies are clear as the scenery is better, and you can enjoy a wonderful picnic with a view.

    6. Orrest Head walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: 3.5km | Difficulty: Easy

    A route that’s family-friendly and has an accessibility route for those with wheelchairs, scooters, or pushchairs is Orrest Head. You can start this Lake District walk at Lake Windermere, the narrow lane next to the lower entrance to the Windermere Hotel, Bowness on Windermere, or you can drive to the bottom of Orrest head viewpoint and park up before making your way up. The Orrest Head walking route consists of various gradients, but it’s a gradual incline to the top; thus, it's an easy walk up. Once you reach the top, you’ll never want to leave. You’ll be greeted with picturesque panoramic views of Lake Windermere and the Lake District's rolling hills and countryside.

    7. Loughrigg Fell walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: 12.1km | Difficulty: Moderate

    A popular Lake District walking route is Loughrigg Fell. This is a dog-friendly circular walk that’s great for those who are looking for a slightly challenging hike. Remember to bring a pair of binoculars on your trek, as it’s great for birdwatching and spotting rare wildlife. The Loughrigg Fell walking route is highly recommended on a clear day. You’ll be able to appreciate the views more, and it'll be easier to navigate your way to the summit and back down.

    8. Buttermere Valley walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: 6.7km | Difficulty: Easy

    A great family and dog-friendly walking route is the Buttermere Walk. This simple route is on a flat surface that circles Crummock Water, which is located in Buttermere. You’ll walk around the valley and marvel at the mountain peaks that surround the lake. If you’re an early riser, you’ll be able to avoid the crowds and enjoy a tranquil walk. You may even be able to spot otters on the banks of the lake or red squirrels, deer, foxes and badgers in the woods.

    9. Buttermere Peak walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: 9.3km | Difficulty: Moderate

    If you want a new perspective of the valley, make your way to the peak, where you can take on not one but three summits linked by minor dips. This walk has some incredible views of the lake reflecting on the mountains as well as the valley down below. Once you’ve climbed up the initial peak, the rest is smooth sailing. You can then walk back from the finish to the start line using the valley roads or hop on the Honister Ramble bus that runs from April to October.

    10. Glencoyne and Sheffield Pike walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: 8km | Difficulty: Hard

    If you’re looking to escape the tourist spots, then this is the perfect Lake District walk for you. This challenging walk starts at Glencoyne Bay car park and becomes increasingly steep as you head towards Nick Head, leading you to Sheffield Pike. Once you’ve made your way to the top, you can stop and take in the peaceful atmosphere as well as the beautiful views. Although getting up there was a great achievement, climbing down is just as challenging as the slopes are steep and rocky.

    11. Hawkshead to Latterbarrow walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: Varies | Difficulty: Easy

    Take in some incredible views as you walk from Hawkshead to the summit of Latterbarrow. On this journey, you’ll walk through the charming village of Hawkshead with its quaint cottages, cobbled courtyards and mysterious alleyways and head towards a hill called Latterbarrow. Remember to bring your camera as there are plenty of spectacular views from the hill.

    12. Grizedale Forest walking trails

    Lake District walk

    Length: Varies | Difficulty: Varies

    If you’re looking to get lost in an enchanted forest, this is the place for you. Walking in Grizedale Forest consists of stunning lake views, seeing beautiful wildlife and searching for some magnificent sculptures scattered around the forest. There are many trails within the forest, from sculpture trails to climbing the summit of Carron Crag for panoramic views of the Lake District or more family-friendly walks that include exploring the Ridding Wood and Millwood trails before heading to the cafe and play area for some tasty treats and hours of fun.

    13. Howtown to Glenridding walking route

    Lake District walk

    Length: 10.6km | Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

    A memorable and rewarding walk in the Lake District is from Howtown to Glenridding. This adventure will have you catching the Ullswater Steamer from Glenridding to Howtown before walking back to Glenridding. On your journey, you’ll come across breathtaking views of the lakes, phenomenal waterfalls and beautiful wildlife. If you’re feeling a bit hot from all the walking, take a pit stop at Kalipot Crag, where you can jump off the rocks and swim at Sandwick Bay.

    Checklist for walking in the Lake District

    Lake District walk checklist

    Whether it's a short stroll through the rolling hills or a long hike in the mountains, it’s always good to be prepared when you’re going on a walk in the Lake District. We’ve put together a checklist of everything you’ll need for your walking adventure.

    Walking boots:

    A good pair of walking boots can be the difference between a comfortable and effortless walk or a painful one that ends in blisters. Our experts have shared their knowledge on which walking boots they highly recommend for beginners and experts. Check out our guide to the best walking boots.

    Comfortable clothing:

    It’s no shock that the British weather can be completely unpredictable. So it’s always good to be prepared for rain, sun or snow when going for a walk in the Lake District. Here is a guide on the best hiking clothes and brands that’ll keep you toasty warm in the winter or cool in the heat. You can also check out our expert-selected waterproof jackets to keep you warm and dry on those rainy days.

    Water bottles:

    Staying hydrated whilst walking in the Lake District is essential. A reusable and eco-friendly water bottle is a must for storing both hot and cold beverages. If you’re looking for a bottle that's right for you, check out our list of stylish and practical water bottles.


    You’ll definitely need to refuel your body on long walks. So, taking some nutritional snacks with you is essential.

    First aid kit:

    Being over-prepared is never bad when you’re going on a walk in the Lake District. Carrying a well-stocked travel-sized first aid kit means you’re ready for any issues.

    Portable charger:

    A smartphone is a great hiking tool for your Lake District adventure as you can access maps, a camera, a torch, or dial for help if needed. However, a phone becomes useless if it’s not charged, so carry a portable charger just in case your phone dies.

    Map and compass:

    For those who enjoy old-school orienteering, bring your map and compass with you.

    Whistle and torch:

    If you’re walking in the dark or through wooded areas, a torch can come in handy. It’ll help you navigate your way through dark areas safely. A whistle is also great to carry in case you get lost or need help. It can alert others to your destination.


    The Lake District is flooded with breathtaking views and phenomenal wildlife. Carrying a camera is a must if you want to capture the moment and share it with friends and family. It’ll help you cherish your walking memories forever.

    Travel bag:

    You’ll need somewhere to store all your belongings on your walk. A good travel backpack is essential for longer walks in the Lake District.


    If you enjoy birdwatching or spotting wildlife, a pair of binoculars will be handy on your walk.

    Forgot to bring it with you?

    If you’ve left anything on this checklist at home, don’t panic. Some of our Club Sites have an on-site shop stocked with everything you’ll need for a fun camping trip. There are also plenty of clothing and equipment stores in the Lake District where you can purchase whatever you’re missing.

    Remember to check out our member-exclusive offers and discounts and get up to 30% off on multiple brands and retailers.

    Where to stay in the Lake District

    If you’re looking to take on these exciting Lake District walks, make sure you have a place to stay and relax, so you’re ready and energised to take on any trek. We have many campsites in the Lake District that are perfect resting points before exploring the region. Popular campsites include:

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