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Tent Insurance from Club Care

Some peace of mind to go with the peace and quiet? We’ll take Club Care of that.


Whether you’re backpacking with all your camping gear in a rucksack or setting off on a family holiday with the car packed to the roof; sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan. It’s always best to be prepared and that’s where Club Care’s Tent Insurance can help.


We’ll cover not just your tent and camping equipment, but your holiday too – so even if the worst happens and your tent can’t be used, you can still enjoy your holiday.

Whether it’s a snapped pole or flooded floor, a tent insurance policy will help to keep your holiday going – so you don’t miss out on your well-earned break.

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Why choose Club Care Insurance?

We take Club Care of Members

Don’t just take our word for it...

"We have no wish to swap from Club Care insurance; we have priced up elsewhere, but the facilities being offered and the level of service has made us loyal customers"

- Barry W, Club Care Insurance Policy Holder and Club Member

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What discounts are available?

With Club Care Tent Insurance, you could be eligible to receive the following discounts:

  • 5% discount for being a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club
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Tent Insurance - why you should think about it

Just 11% of campers who responded to our recent camping survey take out insurance to protect themselves should anything go wrong during their camping holiday.

With a whopping 89% of respondents camping uninsured, the majority of these campers said that organising camping insurance had never even crossed their minds.

So why is this?

While it may be true that camping equipment these days is relatively cheap and fairly inexpensive to replace, what about the inconvenience that this could cause you should anything happen to these items?

Don’t let your holiday be spoilt

Imagine the scene; you come home from a great day out to discover that all is not well with your tent or your equipment.

Without Tent Insurance, you may find yourself having to go straight home, or spend the night in a local B&B at your own expense. Add to this the inconvenience of finding money to replace your camping equipment and tent, not to mention a group of extremely unhappy campers, you have a recipe for a holiday full of memories for all the wrong reasons!

For a smarter way to enjoy your holiday, whatever the eventuality, Tent Insurance can really make a difference when you need it most, and our insurance partners Club Care, offers camping insurance cover so that you can fully relax and enjoy your camping trip

Club Care’s tent insurance benefits include:

  • Cover for loss or damage caused by accidental damage, fire, theft, storm, flood or malicious damage to your tent, providing a replacement item(s) of comparable material, quality and cost of the original item(s). (Also including some articles stored inside the tent).
  • Up to £100 per night for alternative accommodation, to a maximum of £500
  • Up to £5M public liability cover
  • European use cover for up to 240 days
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    Do I really need Tent Camping Insurance?
    Tent Camping Insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK; however we would strongly recommend that you insure your tent and camping equipment. You never know when the unexpected may happen.

    Remember, our Tent Camping Insurance covers you for more than just the tent itself. Your contents and equipment are also covered against theft, fire and accidental damage.
    Last Modified: 16 Jul 2021
    Do I need to be a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club to get a Tent Camping Insurance quote?
    No, you don’t need to be a member of the Club to get a quote. 
    Last Modified: 16 Jul 2021
    Is my tent and camping equipment covered by my home insurance policy?
    It’s unlikely, although your tent and equipment may be covered whilst they are at home. Once you’re on site, however, you may find that the amount covered is limited, plus your excess can be much higher.

    Your home insurance policy will not cover your liability to third parties: for example, if your tent blows away on a site and hits a caravan, motorhome or, worse still, a person.
    Last Modified: 16 Jul 2021
    I have more than one tent for different uses can I cover them all under one policy?
    Yes, Club Care allows you to cover up to four tents on a single policy and will also offer a discount for insuring more than one tent.
    Last Modified: 16 Jul 2021
    Will I get a new tent replacement if mine is written off?
    We offer an agreed value option and will offer you the amount you paid for your tent if it’s written off if it is less than 3 years old. Qualifying criteria apply, so please contact Club Care for more info.
    Last Modified: 16 Jul 2021
    Does tent camping insurance cover me in Europe?
    Yes, Club Care’s Tent Camping Insurance can provide European cover for up to 240 days, depending on your needs. 
    Last Modified: 16 Jul 2021
    What happens if I’m away on holiday in my tent and it’s damaged so badly that I can no longer stay in it?
    Our product offers an optional extension for ""Loss of Use"" cover. This cover provides benefit of up to £500 if your tent is damaged and you cannot stay in it. The benefit allows you to stay in a hotel and/or hire a replacement tent.
    Last Modified: 16 Jul 2021
    How do I make a claim?
    You should notify Club Care of your claim as soon as possible. The number is 01277 243 001.

    This number can be found in your ‘Evidence of Insurance’ document. You’ll be put through to one of our friendly claims handlers, who will guide you through the process. Unlike many other providers, Club Care handles the claims, meaning that you can expect to receive the same level of service throughout the life of your policy from people who understand camping.
    Last Modified: 16 Jul 2021

    About Club Care

    The Camping and Caravanning Club Limited is an introducer appointed representative of Kingfisher Insurance Services Limited (KISL) registered in England which trades as Club Care Insurance Services. KISL are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and their company registration details are Kingfisher Insurance Services Limited 3441136 at Level 15, The Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe EC3A 8EP. These can be checked on the FCA's register by checking the FCA website at www.fca.org.uk/register.