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10 Great Tips For Spring Camping

As the nights become lighter, daffodils and bluebells bloom, and hedgehogs emerge from their winter slumber; we know spring is upon us and, for many, a return to the outdoors and camping.

Camping in the spring can be idyllic but don’t be fooled by the stronger sun and pack for a summer camping trip - the nights can still get very chilly, and some extra preparation for spring camping is required. We’ve created a list of camping tips to enjoy an unforgettable holiday this spring.

1. Check the weather beforehand

Tent pitched up on a summers day

It’s important to always check the weather forecast before going on a camping trip in the UK to know what to expect and how to prepare. Springtime in the UK is normally fairly dry and cold with warmer days and cooler nights, however the UK weather can be unpredictable. Make sure you check before you set off so you know what to expect.

2. Pitching your tent

Man pitching his tent

Spring weather can mean a variety of ground conditions, which is especially important to note if you’re camping on grass. If you’re a seasoned camper you’ll have your variety of pegs ready but new campers might find our guide to different types of tent pegs useful. Also see our simple step-by-step guide to pitching a tent like a pro.

3. Packing for a spring camping trip

Car packed ready to go on a camping trip

As spring in the UK tends to have warmer days and colder nights, ensure you pack light and breathable clothing for any outdoor activities in the day and layer up with jumpers, fleeces, hats,scarves and socks going into the evening. Spring is also well-known for its April showers, so remember to dust off your wellies, grab your rain mac and embrace the rain. See our best waterproof jackets and umbrella recommendations for staying dry.

For the cooler nights, we’d recommend not swapping out your winter sleeping bag or 4-season tent for summer versions just yet. For more tips on how to stay warm during the cold nights check out winter camping tips.

4. Keep your tent clean and mud-free

Keeping tent clean

With spring rain comes lots of mud, making it trickier to keep your tent mud-free. It helps to get into the habit of using plastic sheeting against mud and taking your shoes off before getting into your tent to make it a mud-free zone. We also recommend you keep all spare pegs and other small parts in a sealable bag and wipe them off before putting them away. A quick wash in a bucket is all you need to get them sparkling again.

5. Avoid bug bites with insect repellant

Mum spraying insect repellant on child

With new blossoms appearing and the sun beginning to shine, spring sees an influx of buzz-y bugs on the hunt for food. Ensure you wear plenty of insect repellent to avoid mosquitoes, flies and any other insects that bite!

6. Stay hydrated

Woman drinking from water bottle

As the days become warmer and you partake in more outdoor activities, drinking plenty of H2o and staying hydrated is essential. Don’t forget to pack a trusty reusable water bottle and ensure your tent is pitched near a clean drinking water source. All of our campsites have fresh water taps available on-site.

7. Bring a torch

Camping torch

Don’t be fooled by the longer days and start relying on the natural sunlight alone just yet; bringing a torch for the nights or super early starts is still essential. For a more picturesque spring aesthetic we recommend bringing a lantern along with you to light up your evenings under the stars.

8. Enjoy family-friendly camping games

Family playing cricket 

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring, there are plenty of fun family games you can play while camping. From scavenger hunts to board games, we’ve created a list of family-friendly camping games suitable for all the family.

9. Preparing delicious meals

Camping meals

While camping in the spring, hearty meals are best for keeping your body full, warm and happy. Fire up the camping stove and ignite your chef skills with an array of yummy meals to enjoy while camping this spring, including tasty pasta and potato dishes. For ideas, check out our ultimate list of essential foods to take camping.

10. Find nearby trails for beautiful walks

Family on a walk 

Experience the true magic of spring by planning trails you want to explore. Whether you fancy a casual stroll or a long hike, research beforehand, find out where the most beautiful walks are near your tent and explore a UK spring in its purest form.

What are the best campsites to stay at this spring?

Spring coincides with the Easter holiday, which is a popular period for spending quality time in the great outdoors. See our cherry-picked selection of the best places to go camping this Easter.

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