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Address: Salisbury
Address: Salisbury
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The Ultimate Guide to Stonehenge 

This over 4500-year-old structure is one of the most popular natural destinations in the world, and for good reason. Stonehenge is one of many iconic world heritage sites that England has to offer; nestled on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, Stonehenge is easily accessible from major cities like London. From travel to visitor guides, this guide will include all the questions you might have before visiting Stonehenge. Ready to uncover some stones and learn all the secrets of Stonehenge? 


History and Mystery: A brief history of Stonehenge

One of the UK's most important tourist destinations, this megalithic wonder attracts about 900,000 visitors annually.


It is part of a massive Neolithic landscape, and although there are many theories regarding why it was built, its purpose remains unexplained. It has been remodelled several times during its 6000-year history and, in ancient times, was believed to have been built by giants.

Despite its mysterious purpose, hypotheses include religious ceremonies and celestial observations. After a period of neglect, Stonehenge gained attention in the 17th century, leading to preservation efforts in the 19th century.


Stonehenge tickets

We recommend buying your tickets for Stonehenge online in advance to get a discounted rate and avoid any queues. You can view up-to-date ticket prices and book via the English Heritage website. Members of The Camping and Caravanning Club get 25% off on English Heritage membership, which will get you free entry to Stonehenge. Find out more about joining the Club to make the most of exclusive discounts. Want to donate to support the conservation of this grand site? There are ticket prices which include donations. 

Things to do at Stonehenge

While enjoying the site's beauty on its own will be sufficient for many, those wanting to learn all about Stonehenge can book the Stone Circle Experience. The tour offers incredible insights into the site, with a knowledgeable host on hand to answer any questions you may have. The visitor centre at Stonehenge offers insights into historical facts about the age at which Stonehenge was built. This is a must-visit for anyone wanting to learn about the Neolithic period and more about Stonehenge. 


How to get to Stonehenge

Stonehenge is located in Salisbury, around a 20-minute drive from our Salisbury Club Site

To get to Stonehenge via train, board a train to Salisbury, the gateway to Stonehenge, for an enchanting ride. From there, hop on the Stonehenge tour bus, weaving through picturesque landscapes to drop you off right at the doorstep of this awe-inspiring monument.


Want a more specific outline of how to get to Stonehenge from your major city? 

  • From London: You can take the train from London Waterloo to Salisbury and then take a bus to Stonehenge. 
  • From Birmingham: Opt for a train journey to Salisbury or drive south on the M5 and A303 for a road trip leading to Stonehenge.
  • From Manchester: Catch a train to Salisbury or consider driving via the M6 and A303 for a picturesque route to Stonehenge.
  • From Edinburgh: Board a train to London and follow the routes above or consider a flight to a nearby airport like Southampton, followed by a short drive.
  • From Cardiff: Take a train to Salisbury or drive along the M4 and A303 for a straightforward journey to Stonehenge.

Book your ticket on Trainline here.

Parking at Stonehenge

Stonehenge has ample parking, and guided tour buses are available for a hassle-free experience. Choose the mode of travel that suits your adventure style!

Navigate the A303 road from cities like London and Bristol, following signs that guide you to Stonehenge. Secure your spot in the parking area, ensuring a hassle-free stroll to the monumental stones. Booking parking in advance is your ticket to peace of mind, especially during busy times. 


Food and drink near Stonehenge

Given the location of Stonehenge, you'll be limited to the on-site cafe. This is why it might be worth enjoying a nice picnic with your family and friends. If you do decide to take a picnic, you can enjoy it in the dedicated area in the monument field. If you do decide to take a picnic, you can enjoy it in the dedicated area in the monument field. 


Summer Picnic

Tips for a picnic by Stonehenge

When planning a picnic at Stonehenge, consider these tips to enhance your experience:


  • Light and Simple Fare: Pack easy-to-transport items like sandwiches, fruits, and snacks for a hassle-free picnic.
  • Hydrate: Bring refreshing beverages to stay hydrated as you explore the site.
  • Ideal Location: Choose a spot with a clear view of Stonehenge for a picturesque setting.
  • Comfort is Key: Bring a comfortable picnic blanket to sit on and relax on the grassy areas surrounding Stonehenge.
  • Environmental Respect: Dispose of waste responsibly to leave no trace behind, preserving the site for others.
  • Capture the Moment: Don't forget your camera for stunning photos, especially during the enchanting sunset.


Dog on Scarborough Club Site

Bringing your dog to Stonehenge

Dog owners will be happy to know that taking dogs to Stonehenge is nothing short of a walk in the park! There are some things to know before you go, including: 

  • While dogs are permitted around the visitor centre and across the National Trust Open Fields, dogs have to be kept on leads at all times.
  • The National Trust has created dog-free zones in all fields where sheep graze, so keep your dog clear of those areas. 
  • It is essential to be mindful of other visitors visiting the site and ensure your pup is well-behaved. 
  • Of course, it is important to consider your dog doing its business near the site. Ensure you avoid this, and pick up any mess your dog leaves behind.
  • Animals are prohibited at the Stone Circle, exhibition, or visitor bus.

Access requirements at Stonehenge

For visitors who require access requirements, assistance dogs are welcome during your visit. For more information on how the site tailors to your accessibility needs, visit  Stonehenge Access (English Heritage)

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