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  • Are dogs accepted on European Campsites?

    Each campsite decides if it is willing to accept pets. If pets are allowed and are covered for travel to that country under the PETS Travel Scheme, the price is given in the price panel in the brochure.

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  • Are non-members allowed to stay with member’s in their unit at Certificated Sites or do they all have to be members?

    All parties that stay on a Certificated Site must be member of the Club and children included on their parents’ membership.

  • Are there any restrictions on the type of swimwear at swimming pools on continental campsites?

    Campsites have different rules on swimwear. Some sites enforce their rules rigidly, while others do not enforce them at all.

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  • Travel Services - Why have I been charged a site booking fee?

    If a campsite is booked without a return ferry then we charge a site booking fee.

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  • Travel Services - Will my EHIC card be sufficient cover when in Europe?

    The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles the holder to certain medical benefits in many European countries.

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  • Travel Services - Will site facilities by available all season?

    Site facilities, eg swimming pools, bars, entertainment etc, may operate fully only in peak local holiday season, which doesn’t always match UK holiday dates.

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  • Travel Services - Will the site be noisy in high season?

    Some of the large, busy sites are not quiet until midnight (or after).

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  • Trying to contact a CS site and the contact details are incorrect / not contactable

    The Siteseeker book is produced biennially, which means we are unable to make additional changes until the next edition.

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  • Unit size is incorrect

    Providing your unit is no bigger than 8x5 meters (including awning), there is no need to worry.

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  • We have so many hard-standings/why are tents second class?

    Hardstanding development is in direct response to demand with the key area of growth in camping activity in recent years being seen in motor-homing.

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  • What are all the other attachments on my confirmation invoice which I am unable to download?

    Our logos for Twitter, Facebook etc can sometimes appear as attachments.

  • What is a CCI Card and do I need one when camping in Europe?

    A Camping Card International (CCI) is a handy identity card containing your passport details which can be left with reception instead of your passport.

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  • What is the difference between Digital and Paper Membership?

    Paper Membership costs £44 for the year and include all of the Clubs’ publications.

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  • What time will I be able to arrive/leave at the site?

    Your pitch is booked from 1500 hours on your day of arrival and should be vacated on your day of departure by mid-day.

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  • Which Camping in the Forest sites have facilities & what are they?

    Facilities on Camping in the Forest sites can vary due to planning permissions and licence agreements – it is always best to check the current details by referring directly to their dedicated web site

  • Who can stay on a Meet?

    Only Club Members can stay on a Meet.

  • Who can stay on a Temporary Holiday Site?

    All units that stay on a THS must be occupied by a member of the Club.

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  • Why can’t I book online?

    If you are a Temporary Overseas Member, you do not have access to the Members Area.

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  • Why can’t I get onto the campsite earlier than 1pm?

    The earliest arrival time is set to enable departing campers to fully vacate, and any pitch maintenance/upkeep or facilities cleaning to take place before checking in and pitching new arrivals.

  • Why can’t I log into the Club website?

    • An email address is required to enable members to register on the website and enter the members Area.
    • When entering your email address on the login page, please ensure you type the address correctly. If you are copying and pasting the email address, ensure you copy the address exactly and do not highlight any spaces at the beginning and end.
    • Your Membership may have expired. Please contact our Membership Team on 02476 475 442 or email
    • If you are a Temporary Overseas Member, you do not have access to the Members Area. You can make bookings as a non-member online and when you arrive at the Club Site, your membership discount will be applied when you show your Temporary Overseas Membership card. Alternatively, you can call our Reservations Team on 02476 475 426 who will apply the discount immediately.
    • You may be attempting to login to the wrong clubs’ website. Our membership numbers only have 6 digits. The Caravan and Motorhome Club use 8 digits.
    • If you have joined at a Club Site, your application form may not have reached us at HQ. Once received, we will process the application and inform you once you are able to register online.
    • The email address registered is in the second members name but we can only register one email address and password per membership. Please try the login again using the email address and password that have already been registered for this account. If you wish to amend the email address registered the main member will need to contact our membership dept. on 024 7647 5442.
    • If you have changed your email address, it will need to be updated on your Membership record. Please contact our Membership Team on 02476 475442 or email us at
    • If you have forgotten your password, please click on the “Forgotten Password” link.
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  • Why can’t we pre allocate a pitch?

    The Club has a selection of pitches which can take varying unit types and sizes and in the booking process we will ensure a suitable pitch is secured for your unit.

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  • Why does my booking cost so much?

    Regrettably the cost of maintaining and developing the network of Club sites has grown over the years.

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  • Why don’t I have a SiteSeeker Guide/magazines?

    If you opted for a Digital membership when joining or renewing your membership, you will not be eligible for a SiteSeeker Guide or monthly magazines.

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  • Why is there a minimum stay?

    Minimum stays ensure the best utilisation of our pitches by the widest number of campers and prevent pitches from being blocked to longer bookings by short stays.

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  • Why is Wi-Fi so poor/why do we charge?

    Wi-Fi is often very much constrained by regional infrastructure/bandwidth and the level of usage on site.

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  • Will I have to pay anything else once on site?

    Nearly all the sites we book (except in Spain) include Tourist Tax (except where stated in the brochure/online.

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  • Will I need a different adapter for mains hook up?

    The main lead used on Club Sites is a blue three-pinplug and socket manufactured to European Standard CEE17.

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  • Will I need a low emissions sticker when driving in Europe?

    Some cities have low emission zones and you will need to purchase a sticker if you are planning to drive through one of these.

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  • Will I still be able to use my microwave and electric kettle when on site?

    It will depend upon the site and you may experience voltage fluctuations and different amperage availability.

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  • Will you accept my unit conversion?

    If you provide photographs (inside and out) and details of the conversion to customer services we will provide a personalised response.

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