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  • Where can members find out how to ‘opt in’ to receive the new Out and About magazine?

    All Club members with Paper Membership will be able to ‘opt in’ to receive the Out & About magazine, along with Camping & Caravanning magazine, from late December 2018. Read more »

  • Where will AGM notices, calls for elections, and other governance matters be published if not in Out and About?

    We will continue to publish governance matters – notices, calls for elections and the like – in Camping & Caravanning (the Club main magazine), to ensure these important items are brought to the attention of the whole membership. Read more »

  • Which Camping in the Forest sites have facilities and what are they?

    Facilities on Camping in the Forest sites can vary due to planning permissions and licence agreements – it is always best to check the current details by referring directly to their dedicated web site