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9 Fun Coasteering Spots in the UK

Coasteering is not for the fainthearted. The activity involves a combination of swimming, climbing, scrambling and jumping into water from cliffs or rocks. The idea behind it is to find the most fun and creative way possible of reaching the ‘impact zone’ (where the sea hits the water).

If you’re coasteering, regardless of your level of experience, it’s strongly advised to have a local guide accompany you. These guides possess extensive knowledge of the sport in that specific location, they know what parts of the coast to avoid and can help you navigate your surroundings with ease. They can also teach you a new trick or two and help you improve your technique.

It’s crucial to be mindful of certain hazards while coasteering, such as the possibility of encountering rocks along your route and the proximity to the sea – this is where a local coasteering guide comes in handy. Another hazard is the cold weather. You must have the appropriate equipment and clothing to ensure you stay warm and safe during your adventure.

Here are some of the best coasteering locations in the UK and the campsites you can stay at after an exhausting day of thrill-seeking adventure.


Coasteering in Cornwall

Cornwall is famous for being home to some of the most beautiful golden sandy beaches in the UK, and we couldn't agree more. As the Cornish coastline is over 400 miles long with plenty of nooks, gullies and coves, it makes for the perfect place to try coasteering whilst camping.

Numerous locations in Cornwall offer an unmissable coasteering adventure, including Padstow on the north coast to Lizard Point on the south coast or from St. Ives to Praa Sands on the western tip of Cornwall. No matter where you venture off to, you’ll be sure to have a great experience.

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Coasteering in Wales 

Pembrokeshire coast

A fun fact for those new to coasteering, the sport originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales, in the 1980s as a result of surfers scrambling their way to the best surf spots along the coast. Over time, it became its own unique watersport appreciated by many worldwide. Whether you’re camping in Pembrokeshire, Gower, Anglesey, Llŷn Peninsula or Glamorgan Heritage Coast, you’ll find many fun spots for coasteering and a ton of guides that can show you how to get around.

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Coasteering in Dorset

A unique way to explore the Jurassic Coast in Dorset is by coasteering. The Jurassic Coast includes natural landmarks such as Lulworth Cove, Chesil Beach and Durdle Door. This part of Dorset has a magnificent 200 million-year-old shoreline that’s been designated a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its outstanding geological structure.

Once you’re all worn out from the day's activities, you can relax at one of the many beaches close by, enjoy some great food or watch as the sun sets over the south of England.

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Coasteering in Northern Ireland 

Northern Ireland Coast

The Northern Irish border is a brilliant place to jump into the sea and have some fun whilst camping in the country. Some brilliant coasteering routes can be found in Ballintoy Harbour (as seen in the second season of Game of Thrones), Ballintoy Cliffs (perfect for cliff-diving and seeing picturesque views) and Causeway Coast (known for its natural beauty and dramatic cliffs).

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Coasteering in Yorkshire

Along the Yorkshire coast, you’ll be greeted by rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and stunning rock formations — all perfect for a coasteering adventure. You’ll find great coasteering challenges and views in locations such as Scarborough, Whitby, and Flamborough Head. Depending on what time of year you visit, you may even come across spectacular wildlife. Between March and October, it’s estimated that half a million seabirds gather to breed on the chalk cliffs. If you’re visiting between August and October, you may be in for a treat and spot some whales.

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Coasteering in the Isle of Skye 

Isle of skye coast

Take advantage of the Isle of Skye’s 400-mile coastline by scaling mountains and sea cliffs, exploring gorges and caves, and plunging into the sea. While embarking on this coastal adventure, you can get up and close to Skye’s towering cliffs, hidden coves and relax on its pristine beaches. It’s definitely an unmissable experience for people new to coasteering and those looking for a fun challenge.

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Coasteering in Northumberland

Northumberland’s coastline stretches over 100 miles and is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Along the coastline, you’ll find a mix of award-winning golden sandy beaches, quiet countryside, rocky outcrops and historical landmarks. Those coasteering in Northumberland can enjoy a unique way of exploring the coastline and marvel at the stunning views of the castles, islands and local wildlife.

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Coasteering in the Isle of Wight 

isle of wight coast

Located off the south coast of England, the Isle of Wight has a diverse coastline with a variety of coasteering routes. Spots such as Compton Bay, Freshwater Bay, and the Needles are great for both new and experienced adventurers as they have tons of different rock and cliff formations which make for thrilling jumps.

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Coasteering on the Norfolk Coast

Whether you’re camping in Norfolk or on the Norfolk coast, you’ll find plenty of coasteering excursions. The Norfolk coast has a 90-mile-long coastline with spectacular views. It also has beautiful beaches, magnificent cliffs and salt marshes – providing a different coasteering experience.

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