30 Entertaining and Fun Things to do at the Beach With Kids
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30 Boredom Busting Things To Do at the Beach

Here’s a list of things to do at the beach no matter what the weather brings. We’ve listed activities for kids, couples and even your four-legged friends. Pick your ideal beach holiday destination and enjoy!

Family walking along the beach in wellingtons with dog.

1. Go for a walk

In the UK we’re lucky to be surrounded by coastline and clifftops, perfect for a breezy walk. Feel the sand between your toes, the wind in your hair and breath in the salty seaside air.

2. Read a book

There’s nothing like finding a quiet spot on the sand and sinking into a new story. We’ve listed some of our favourite travel books for some inspiration.

Family enjoying a picnic on the beach

3. Have a picnic

Pack a cooler with some of your favourite treats and enjoy a relaxing picnic on the beach. If you're struggling for inspiration, view our mouthwatering picnic food ideas.

4. Look for seashells

There are some beautiful shells and stones on UK beaches and finding them can fill hours with fun. Remember to leave the beach as you found it and never take objects home with you so others can carry on enjoying our UK beaches.

Kids running out of the sea

5. Go paddling

Our UK waters might be a little nippy but feeling the waves between your toes as you walk up and down the shoreline is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the sea.

6. Let your dog get in on the fun

There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches all over the UK, making a holiday to the coast with your pooch easy. Let them explore the sand and dogs that love the water will no doubt head straight in the sea for a paddle.

Family rockpooling on the UK coast

7. Explore rockpools

At low tide, many beaches are home to rockpools filled with all kinds of molluscs, sea anemones and creatures. Take a look into the pools and see how many different species you can spot. For more tips and tricks on rockpooling in the UK, check out our ultimate rockpool guide

8. Set up a photoshoot

The beach has so much to offer in the way of photo opportunities. Create family photos to last a lifetime, photograph some of the interesting geological features, snap some wildlife shots and share with your friends after your holiday.

Two sandcastles crumbling on a beach

9. Grab an ice cream

An ice cream topped cone is a classic way to cool down on a hot summer’s day and a great way to treat kids during a day at the beach.

10. Build a sandcastle

Kids and adults alike can’t resist playing in the sand. It’s just so fun! Take your buckets and spades along to create your own sandcastle fortress to impress fellow beach goers.

Sunset on a UK beach

11. Build a pebble tower

Many of our UK beaches are mostly pebble, making sandcastle a little problematic. Fear not though, the new invention in town is the pebble tower! See how high you can get yours using just the pebbles you find on your section of the beach.

12. Watch the sunrise or sunset

The beach is one of the best locations to get a view of the sun peeking out over the horizon or going down for the day. So, whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, try and take the time to watch the start or end of one of your days on holiday.

Man birdwatching on beach

13. Take up birdwatching

We’ve put together a guide to some of the most common birds in the UK, but you’ll spot many more varieties along the coast. You can spend hours watching the skies and shorelines on UK beaches, spotting a range of birds swooping and dipping into the waters. Take your camera along and see what you can snap.

14. Fly a kite

A windy day by the beach is ideal for a few hours of kite flying. Great for all ages, watch as the wind takes your kite high into the coastal breeze.

Fossil hunting on a beach

15. Go fossil hunting

Fossils can be found all over the UK, but if you’re camping on the Jurassic Coast, you’re in with a great chance of uncovering a piece of history.

16. Play noughts and crosses

Play a few paper-free games of noughts and crosses in the sand to keep kids entertained.

Lifeguard watching the sea on a UK beach

17. Pick up someone else’s litter

Unfortunately, not everyone takes their rubbish home with them after a day at the beach. Spending an hour litter picking is a great way to show kids the importance of looking after our planet and will make the rest of your time at the beach a much nicer experience.

18. Go for a swim

On a hot, sunny day, a dip in the sea around the UK is a great way to cool down quickly. Here’s our guide on wild swimming and a few tips on staying safe in the water.

UK pier out to sea

19. Walk along the pier or promenade

The UK’s Victorian seaside resorts often have a pier or promenade to explore. Piers can have food stalls and arcades to spend time in which is great fun for the kids. Promenades are where you’ll find the usual seaside shops full of holiday mementoes as well as plenty of ice cream and fish and chip shops.

20. Have a treasure hunt

Make a list of objects you’d expect to see at the beach and set kids the task of finding them all. For animals, you can ask kids to take a photograph, so you’re not disturbing them in any way.

Dolphins seen from UK beach

21. Try to spot a dolphin

Many coastal areas of the UK are home to pods of dolphins, and there are often great clifftop lookouts to catch a glimpse of them feeding around the warm waters of the coast.

22. Go for a run

Have you ever wondered why jogging along the beach is so popular? It’s much harder to keep your balance on the uneven sand, making your body work harder than usual. Give it a go to see for yourself.

Men playing a game of frisbee on the beach

23. Skim a stone

It’s not something you just see in films; stone skimming is great fun once you get the hang of it. Choose a day when the waters calm, collect a pile of stones and get practising. You’ll be a pro in no time.

24. Play frisbee

Another seaside classic. Everyone you're camping with will be able to get involved with a game of frisbee, even your dogs.

Feet buried in the sand

25. Bury your feet in the sand

There’s something just so satisfying about burying your feet in the sand. Dig a small hole, pop your feet in and fill it up with sand. Break free by wiggling your toes and repeat.

26. Build a sandman

Or, a sandcat, dog, teddy or anything else you fancy!

Kid trying to surf

27. Try cloud watching

Lie back and see what shapes you can see in the clouds.

28. Try surfing for the first time

There are lots of brilliant surfing beaches in the UK but you can try your hand at riding the waves wherever you are, as long as the waters safe to swim in.

Kid drawing in the sand

29. Have a limbo competition

A classic party game made much more fun by the sand and sea.

30. Write or draw in the sand

We've all written our names in the sand but think about what else there is to draw. Try a self portrait with shells or a picture of your pet using seaweed.

There you have it, lots of ways to stay entertained during your visit to the beach. Undecided on where to stay? Here's our guide to the best seaside towns in the UK.  

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