Discover 15+ of the Best Theme Parks in the UK for 2024
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Discover 15+ of the Best UK Theme Parks

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for the fastest rides around or you prefer quieter, child-friendly attractions, the UK boasts a brilliant mix of theme parks that’ll keep everyone entertained.

Check out our list of the best theme parks, along with nearby campsites, so you can rest up after a day of non-stop fun!

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  1. Alton Towers Resort, Staffordshire
  2. Alton towers resort 

    Perhaps one of the most well-known amusement parks in the UK, Alton Towers Resort is equipped for a whole day of adventure. Nemesis Reborn, The Smiler, Wicker Man and Oblivion are just a few of the rides at Alton Towers for adrenaline junkies. However, if turning upside down or dropping from great heights at high speed isn’t for you, don’t worry because there are some fantastic rides at a much slower pace.

    Kids can hop onboard the Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop ride, join the Octonauts on a rollercoaster adventure or journey through The Curse at Alton Manor.

    For those who don’t like traditional rollercoasters, The Congo River Rapids, Runaway Mine Train, and The Blade are great at getting your heart rate up.

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    Where to stay: Alton, The Star Club Site (5-minute drive*) or find more campsites in Staffordshire.

  3. Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Greater London
  4. Chessington World of Adventure

    Chessington World of Adventures might just be the wildest theme park in the UK. With its Zoo and animal-themed rides, a day at Chessington will be one for the memory books. Thrill-seekers can soar through the skies on Vampire, go for a spin on Kobra and twist and turn in all directions on Dragons Fury. Little ones can visit Dragons Playhouse, ride the waves on Griffin’s Galleon or jump onto the Gruffalos’ River Ride Adventure.

    If you need to take a break from the rides, visit Chessington Zoo and Sea Life Centre. Here, you’ll come face to face with over 1,000 animals, including lions, tigers, gorillas, rhinos and giraffes. Don’t forget to say hi to the underwater creatures too at the Sea Life Centre.

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    Where to stay: Walton on Thames Club Site (18-minute drive*) or find more campsites in London.

  5. West Midlands Safari Park, Kidderminster
  6. rollercoaster

    West Midlands Safari Park is well known for its safari drive-through, where you can see some of the big five enjoying life in their enclosures. Did you know that once you’ve navigated your way through the African Plains and Wild Asia, you can enjoy all the rides at the Adventure Theme Park?

    For young children, the Flying Lion Kings, Desert Convoy, and Congo Carousel are some of the most popular rides. Older kids and daredevils might like the Black Fly, Kong, Pirate Ship and Venom Tower Drop. There are plenty of opportunities to grab a snack, refreshment or sit down for a meal during your visit too.

    Where to stay: Wolverley Club Site (12-minute drive*)

  7. Thorpe Park Resort, Surrey
  8. Uk rollercoaster  

    Just 20 miles from London, Thorpe Park has some of the biggest rollercoasters in Europe. While there are some rides for younger children, this amusement park is centred around the scare factor, which makes it ideal for adrenaline seekers. Some of the most popular rides here include Stealth, Saw, Nemesis Inferno and Colossus, the world’s first ten-loop roller coaster.

    If you’d like to take a little break from the heart pumping rides, why not have a go on the bumper cars or watch a film at the 4D cinema? There’s also a children's playground and Amity Beach.

    Feeling peckish? You can bring your own little picnic to the park or stop off at one of the many brilliant restaurants inside.

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    Where to stay: Chertsey Club Site (5-minute drive*) or find more campsites in Surrey.

  9. Drayton Manor Theme Park, Tamworth
  10. Thomas ride at Drayton Manor

    Drayton Manor has a wide variety of things to do, making it great for a family day out. This theme park is home to Thomas Land, a themed area with over 25 rides and attractions for young children. The Zoo, home to over 500 animals, including primates, big cats and birds, is another popular attraction among families.

    For the thrill seekers, Drayton Manor doesn’t disappoint. Swing through the air on Maelstrom, splash into the water on Stormforce 10 or twist and turn upside down on The Wave.

    Where to stay: Drayton Manor Club Site (on the Drayton Manor grounds).

  11. Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire
  12. theme park flamingo land 

    There’s a great mix of family-friendly and thrilling rides at Flamingo Land. For the adventurous, Hero provides the sensation of free flight; Velocity goes from 1-60mph in 2.8 seconds, and Cliff Hanger is only recommended for those with nerves of steel. If you’re after a slower paced ride that is much closer to the ground, the Balloon Race, Muddy Duck Tractor Ride and the gentle Lost River Ride might be more your thing.

    Once you’ve enjoyed the rides, head to the Zoo to see plenty of animals. You can meet lions, tigers, hippos, alpacas and more! There are also events happening throughout the day. Here, you can learn fun facts about the animals or come up and close with some of your favourites.

    Where to stay: Slingsby Club Site (17-minute drive*) or find more campsites in North Yorkshire.

  13. Gulliver’s Land Theme Park Resort, Milton Keynes
  14. Gullivers Land ride

    Gulliver’s Land is a great theme park for young families. You’ll find over 25 exciting rides, including Tree Top Swings, Dragon Seige and Jousting Castles.

    Away from the rides, try not to get lost in the Adventure Land Maze, let little ones burn off extra energy in Gully Mouse’s Magical Castle and listen out for the talking trees in The Enchanted Forest. If you’re still not worn out, visit the farm where you’ll meet all your favourite farmyard animals, including ponies, llamas and goats.

    Where to stay: St Neots Club Site (40-minute drive*)

  15. LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, Berkshire
  16. lego ride

    A fantastic adventure for LEGO lovers is a trip to LEGOLAND Windsor. From the moment you arrive, you’re immersed in a land entirely centred around LEGO. The whole family can enjoy rides such as Minifigure Speedway, Hydra Challenge, and Flight of the Sky Lion. If you’re not a fan of rides, there’s a 4D Cinema, LEGO Game Zone and four different mini golf courses, each with nine holes.

    Don’t forget to treat yourself to a LEGO set or some LEGO merch on your visit.

    Where to stay: Chertsey Club Site (22-minute drive*) or find more campsites in Berkshire.

  17. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire
  18. roller coaster 

    Home to the iconic ride, The Big One, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is one of the most visited theme parks in England. With plenty of big rollercoasters, coupled with Nickelodeon Land, this amusement park is a great day out whether you’re a big or little kid. The Big Dipper, Valhalla, Revolution and Infusion are just a few of the rides on offer for thrill-seekers. Meanwhile, in Nickelodeon Land, you’ll find costumed characters and plenty of child-friendly rides. Wallace and Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic, the Eddie Stobart Convoy Ride and the River Caves are a few of the other family-friendly rides available.

    Where to stay: Clitheroe Club Site (30-minute drive*) or find more campsites in Lancashire.

  19. Paultons Park, Hampshire
  20. Paultons-Park-Ltd 

    Home to Peppa Pig World, Paultons Park is continuously voted as the UK’s best theme park. Sitting on the edge of the New Forest, Paultons Park is best for young families but does have a few thrill rides for a little scare factor. In Peppa Pig World, there are nine themed rides, including Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club, George’s Dinosaur Adventure and Grandpa Pig’s Little Train. There’s also a 4D cinema, lots of play areas, and animals to see, including giant tortoises.

    Where to stay: Salisbury Club Site (30-minute drive*) or find more campsites in Hampshire.

  21. Oakwood Theme Park, Pembrokeshire
  22. Set in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside, Oakwood Theme Park is a great family-friendly attraction with something for everyone. For thrill-seekers, Bounce, Vertigo and Speed are some of the classics. If you’re after family-friendly rides, Bobsleigh, Treetops, and Dizzy Disk are some family favourites. Oakwood Theme Park also has a splash-tacular water park where you’ll get drenched.

    Where to stay: St Davids Club Site (45 minutes drive*) or find more campsites in Pembrokeshire.

  23. Fantasy Island, Lincolnshire
  24. amusement park ride

    From fast rollercoasters and water rides to arcade games and bowling, Fantasy Island has everything you could imagine in a theme park. Test your courage on the Volcano or the Odyssey. If you’re not feeling brave enough to tackle heights, Log Flume, the Dodgems, and Sea Storm are fun rides to enjoy. Fantasy Island also has outdoor go-karting and a bowling alley, so you’ll definitely find something for everyone.

    Where to stay: Mablethorpe Club Site (29-minute drive*) or find more campsites in Lincolnshire.

  25. M&D's Scotland's Theme Park
  26. M&D's Scotland's Theme Park has a variety of things to do for everyone. If you want to get your heart racing, why not hop on Miami Rip Tide, Space or Air Raid? If you’re feeling extra brave, walk the plank on the sky trail. There are some great rides for children too. Test your balance on Water Balls, feel a rush of air on Twister or jump high in the sky on the Bungee Trampolines.

    Where to stay: Moffat Club Site (45-minute drive*) or find more campsites in Scotland.

  27. Adventure Island, Essex
  28. Adventure Island essex

    Embark on an unmissable adventure at Adventure Island. Scream your lungs out on the rollercoasters, get drenched on the water rides, or see the spectacular views from the top of the Ferris wheel. Once you’re exhausted from all the rides, visit one of the many restaurants or food kiosks in the theme park and enjoy some tasty food. Adventure Island also has some interesting animals around. Check out their marine creatures or visit their cheeky monkeys.

    Where to stay: Kelvedon Hatch Club Site (45-minute drive*) or find more campsites in Essex.

  29. Crealy Theme Park, Devon
  30. Home to more than 60 rides and attractions, Crealy Theme Park is an award-winning theme park that’s fantastic to visit with young kids. You’ll find plenty to do with the little ones, including water rides, rollercoasters and giant slides. You’ll also be kept entertained with live shows. If you’re a fan of The Sooty Show, Crealy Theme Park has four outdoor rides based on the iconic show and an interactive indoor play area.

    Where to stay: Charmouth Club Site (39-minute drive*) or find more campsites in Devon.

There you have it, 15 of the best theme parks in the UK and plenty of places to camp nearby. If you’re looking for more things to do while camping, discover a variety of activities here.

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