Geocaching Kit Essentials

Geocaching BinocularsIf you’ve landed on this page and are ready to take on the Geocaching challenge there are a few essential supplies which you’ll need to gather.

Geocaching doesn’t require lots of kit and won’t cost you the earth. The main piece of equipment you’ll need is either a smartphone with a Geocaching app or a GPS receiver which you can pick up from around £50.

There are a few main considerations to keep in mind when looking for a GPS device. You’ll want to buy a receiver that has upwards of 12 channels, this will include most modern devices however anything built before 1997 will have one channel, be less accurate and much slower at receiving signals. A device with an external antenna will provide better signal in areas with high tree cover or inside a car and a waterproof device is a good idea for serious explorers.

For power, it’s always a good idea to take plenty of spare batteries for your GPS device or to ensure you can recharge your battery using a cigarette lighter power cable in your car or a power bank. You never know how long your geocache search might take!

Optional items:

  • A reliable torch and spare batteries or a headlamp to free up your hands
  • A camera to capture the moment
  • Pen (a pencil for colder climates)
  • A retractable mirror (for looking in those hard to reach places)
  • Gloves to protect your hands when reaching inside spaces
  • Weather appropriate clothing: light layers, waterproof coat, hat, warm gloves, good walking shoes
  • Snacks and water for longer trips
  • Mini first aid kit including bandages and alcohol wipes

Remember: If you’re planning to leave anything in the geocache after you’ve tracked it down for the next person to find take these with you!