Everyone can take part in Geocaching!

Everyone can take partOne of the fantastic things about Geocaching is that so many people can take part!

The equipment you’ll need is inexpensive and it’s a great way to get outside!

Geocache containers are placed in a variety of locations which means there are options for beginners including families. There are also locations for more experienced geocachers or for those seeking more serious adventure to track down the hidden objects.

Geocaching is also a great social activity. This makes it a great idea for groups of outdoor explorers such as Scouts, school trips and rambling clubs.

Once you’ve signed up for a Geocaching website you start the search for geocache locations. You’ll see different difficulty levels for each geocache. The difficulty levels will vary between sites however the below can be used as a general rule of thumb.

Geocache Difficulty Levels Explained

  1. Easy: the geocaches are openly visible and will only take a few minutes of searching
  2. Average: The average experienced geocacher will be able to find it in less than 30 minutes
  3. Challenging: This will be a challenge for an experienced geocacher. It could take the best part of an afternoon to find it
  4. Difficult: These provide a real challenge for experienced geocachers. Thorough preparation is required and it could take several days and attempts to raise the treasure
  5. Extreme: This is a really serious challenge. Special knowledge, skills and equipment are necessary to raise the cache

Geocache Terrain Levels Explained

  1. Wheel chair and pushchair friendly: These are well developed paths and are usually less than a 1 km walk. These are great for including younger kids!
  2. Suitable for small children: You’ll find marked paths on these usually flat routes. You won’t come across any overgrown areas and the total distance will be no more than 3km
  3. Not suitable for small children: These routes may involve a little cross country action however the average adult and older child shouldn’t experience any problems negotiating the terrain
  4. For experienced outdoor-fans only: This will involve negotiating overgrowth and will usually include steep elevations or descents
  5. For professionals and those that like tough challenges: These geocaches require special equipment such as a boat, four wheel drive or mountaineering equipment