Benefits of Geocaching

There’s a large amount of positives surrounding Geocaching. It's great for your health and wellbeing, for spending time outdoors and even the environment can benefit from your Geocaching journeys!

PhysicalGeocaching Physical Benefits

As you try your best to negotiate over the wonderful (and sometimes challenging) landscape of the UK, you'll be racking up recommended exercise hours. Even caches that don't require you to walk very far or over particularly tricky terrain are still adding to your hours moving around. Remember that short distances add up!


For kids, the outdoors provides a much needed stomping ground to explore, develop and learn. There is so much to discover when outside searching for your chosen cache. From animals and local plant life, all the way to hills and hidden hiding places, kids will always find something to keep their brains busy.

The kids aren’t the only participants who can learn via Geocaching, as an adult you’ll be able to discover new areas, plants and landscapes which brings us on to…

ExplorationExplore Geocaching

When you’re on holiday and want to make the most of your surroundings Geocaching is a great way to get out and explore around the local area. Geocaching allows you to explore areas you wouldn’t have necessarily considered before. Many people hiding caches hide them in areas where there’s historical background and will give you an overview on a piece of paper hidden inside the cache.

Character building

Geocaching builds on lots of personal traits such as team work and leadership skills! Perhaps the most useful skill which Geocaching requires is perseverance. It can take a long afternoon or even longer sometimes to discover caches. Some environments such as woodland can all look the same and make you feel like you're walking around in circles. Stick to the belief you’re not going around in circles and you will succeed!

EnvironmentalGeocaching benefits environment

It’s lovely to have a nice environment to explore. It's also a good idea to leave it in the same condition for everyone that visits after you. Taking a plastic bag is a great idea so that if you spot any litter you can clear it up and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Kids love doing this and it works as an added feel good activity to do as you go along on your geocache search!