What is Geocaching?

To sum it up: the ultimate, global, outdoor treasure hunt.

Geocaching is considered to be a hobby, an activity which millions of people from all walks of life take part in globally.

The activity involves participants signing up to one of the many Geocaching websites such as www.geocaching.com and using locations given to track hidden items or containers with a GPS navigation receiver.

Geocaching was originally called a “GPS stash hunt” or “gpsstashing” however it was suggested that the term “stash“ sounded negative. The name Geocaching was suggested in the gpsstash group on eGroups (known today as Yahoo!) and went down a treat! Today “Geocaching” is known worldwide with millions of participants travelling globally in search of the hidden objects.

Geocaching is the perfect way to get the whole family outdoors, exploring and having fun. With different difficulty levels the activity is great for all ages and is as good for seasoned campers as it is for families with small children.

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