Where to Buy Second Hand Camping Equipment
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Where To Buy Second Hand Camping Gear

While camping is one of the most affordable ways to holiday, purchasing camping equipment first-hand isn’t cheap. That’s why buying second-hand equipment is good for both the environment and your pocket. We’ve devised a list of the best online websites to purchase affordable and reliable second-hand camping equipment.

1. eBay

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eBay has been operating in the UK since 1999. It is one of the UK’s most popular platforms for buying and selling clothes. Head to the Camping & Equipment category on the website to find second-hand camping gear, including camping tents, camping cookware, camping table chairs and plenty more.

You can refine your search on eBay depending on your needs and your budget. Bidding on an eBay auction is a fantastic way to get something you want at a low price. In an auction, the seller will name their initial cost and you will bid for it against other buyers. As a buyer, you can also filter the conditions of the item, ranging from new to used items. eBay also allows you to look locally, meaning you can both click & collect or collect in person for free.

To ensure you are buying from a reliable eBay seller, take some precautions before purchasing. This includes looking at the seller’s score on the product page and clicking on their profile for their entire feedback history. If the seller score is low, they have negative reviews and not many feedback ratings, it is likely they are not a trustworthy seller. On the other hand, if they have plenty of feedback ratings and a positive feedback score (for example, 98%), this indicates a reputable seller, selling good quality products.

eBay website.

2. Vinted

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Vinted is an online marketplace for buying, selling and exchanging new or second-hand items, mainly clothing. This makes it an excellent platform for purchasing camping clothes, and various outdoor brands to choose from. However, Vinted doesn’t stop at selling clothes. When browsing Vinted you may also find sleeping mats, airbeds, camping pillows or camping tableware.

Vinted allows you to select different categories depending on what you are looking for. You can pick from size, colour, brand, price, condition or sort by price. If you are looking for your lowest price option, select the low to high box.

Vinted is generally a safe platform. However, it does have the same risks as other online marketplaces. To ensure you are not being scammed, check the profile of the person you are buying from and make sure they have positive reviews from previous buyers. Make sure you never give any personal details over messenger.

Vinted website.

3. Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Marketplace is a destination on Facebook where people can buy and sell items. You can browse listings, search for items for sale near their location or find products that are available for delivery. People will sell a range of camping equipment on Facebook Marketplace, from caravans and tents to walking boots and waterproof jackets.

Facebook Marketplace is particularly good for finding bargains nearby. You can see the approximate location before picking it up and message the seller for more details. When browsing, buyers can sort by distance and price, the condition of the equipment, the date listed and availability.

It’s important to look out for red flags for Facebook Marketplace Scams. If a seller is offering a suspiciously low price for a caravan, it could be a scam. It is also important to not have conversations outside of Facebook Messenger, as this means Facebook is no longer accountable if you are scammed.

Facebook Marketplace.

4. Depop

Walking boots and sleeping bag

Depop is a fashion marketplace, with the option to buy and sell clothing and accessories. There is plenty of camping clothes from great brands being sold for cheap on Depop. You will also occasionally find people selling other camping equipment such as rucksacks, camping stoves and more.

Depop allows you to narrow your search down depending on your desire. If you are trying to keep the cost low, you can put a maximum price to keep your search results below a certain price, alongside ticking “Free domestic shipping” and “On sale” to find the best steals.

See Depop’s rules on How to buy and sell safely.

5. Gumtree

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Gumtree is an online classified advertisement and community website. You can find used stuff for sale on Gumtree, with a designated section for used camping equipment. Sellers on Gumtree offer an extensive range of camping equipment, from Porta Potti’s to Mountain Bikes; Gumtree has it all!

Gumtree has filters to help you find a great deal. You can put in a maximum price to keep within your budget and enter your location and the distance from that point to source local bargains nearby on Gumtree.

To make sure you the seller you are buying from is legitimate, Gumtree advises you ask the seller for proof of purchase or certificates. You can also search the seller’s number or business online and check their history for any previous reviews. If they have mainly negative reviews, it would be advised not to buy from them.

Gumtree website.

6. Preloved

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Preloved is a classified advertising website based in the UK. There are plenty of adverts for camping equipment adverts. From caravans to awnings, preloved has an extensive range of camping gear on offer to kit yourself out with for your camping holiday.

On the preloved website you can filter your location, and the distance from you to find bargains in your area. You can also cap your maximum price range to find the ultimate budget steal.

Preloved has a guide on how to say safe when shopping second hand.

Preloved website.

7. Patagonia Worn Wear


Patagonia is a world leader brand in sustainability. They are well-known for making high-quality outdoor clothes and equipment sustainably. Worn Wear is Patagonia's program to trade in and buy used Patagonia gear. 

Head to the Patagonia website to learn more.

8. Vango Camping Recycled

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Camping Recycled is a sustainable initiative set up by Vango to reduce the amount of good-quality outdoor gear that ends up in landfill. Giving these products the second chance they deserve to get the adventures they were made for means you can take advantage of incredible savings on all sorts of camping gear, including: tents, awnings, outdoor furniture and accessories. Vango’s highly experienced team take great pride in repairing and extending the life of all products to the highest of standards.

Club members can save an additional 15% off the already discounted range. Visit Clothing and Equipment Offers to find out more and get your discount code.

Visit Camping Recycled.

9. Tent Trade in at Terra Nova

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Another great way to make some savings on camping equipment is trading in old stuff and getting discounts off new!

When the day comes that you need to replace your trusty tent, Terra Nova offer you money off a new tent when you trade-in your old one. They accept any old tent regardless of the brand or model. In an attempt to stop tents from ending up in landfills, they try to recycle as many parts of your old tent as possible. In return, you’ll get a new one to last you for years of adventures.

 Visit Terra Nova website for more information on how to trade in your tent!

10. Charity shops

Charity shops 

Charity shops can be a great place to buy second-hand camping products. Charity shops are dotted all over the UK and you can find them easily online at Find a charity shop. It’s not guaranteed you’ll go into a shop and find something camping related; however, you never know what gem might turn up when you’re browsing.

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