13 of the Best Cooktop Camping Stoves for 2024
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A Guide to Buying the Best Camping Stove

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There’s a huge array of different camping stoves, portable BBQs and ovens on the market. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled some of the most highly-rated cooktop camping stoves being sold in the UK. We’ve also included a guide to different fuels and how to choose which is right for you. Once you’ve chosen your camping stove, take a look at our easy camping meals and ultimate list of camping foods.

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What are the different types of camping stoves?

cooktop camping stove

The best way to distinguish different types of camping stoves is to look at which fuels they use; this can help you make an informed decision on which cooktop is best for you.

Canister camping gas stoves

Butane and propane closed gas canisters are by far the most popular choice of fuel for campers in the UK. Most canisters are supplied as a blend of gasses for optimum performance. Gas gives an instant, adjustable heat, with very little maintenance required. Gas canisters are widely available to purchase and are lightweight and portable. You'll need to check with your local authority on how to dispose of or recycle spent canisters and cartridges.

Solid fuel camping stoves

Solid fuels such as meta fuel, hexamine and wood produce a soft flame, which is good for calm weather conditions. If you're burning wood, make sure it's sustainably sourced and ideally kiln-dried, so it lights easier and burns better. Solid fuel-burning stoves are often small and compact, but running them can get expensive if you use them as your main stove. We think solid fuel is best for quick jobs such as boiling water and warming meals. If you are bringing a wood-burning stove to our Club Sites, let site staff know beforehand, so they are aware.

Solar-powered camping stoves

Solar power is an increasingly popular energy method amongst campers. While the initial expenditure on solar equipment can be pricey, the cost of repurchasing fuel is completely removed. The biggest consideration if you’re looking to purchase solar is whether you’ll be winter camping. If so, you may find you need a backup, such as a gas stove. For frequent campers who spend a lot of time camping whilst the sun is out, solar powered camping stoves are a smart investment.

Liquid fuel camping stoves

Liquid fuel camping stoves burn substances such as paraffin and petrol. While these are ideal for remote camping, where other fuels may be hard to come by, they’re not an obvious choice for most UK campers. Most require priming, which can take up valuable time, however, if you take care of them and don’t mind the maintenance, they can last for years.

How to choose your ideal camping stove

camping stove 

Now you know the types of stoves available based on different fuels and energy options, the most important thing to consider is your needs.

How often will you be using your stove? If you’re going to be cooking three times a day and making hot drinks frequently, you’ll want something instant and reliable, such as a camping gas stove.

How long will you be running it each time? This will help to determine how much fuel you’re going to need. A large amount of solid fuel, such as wood or BBQ briquettes, can be bulky to transport, while gas may be a more compact option.

How many people are you likely to be cooking for? If you’re a family camper, you may want to invest in a cooktop camping stove with more than one burner, making gas a great option.

What time of year are you likely to be camping? Solar can be a great investment in the height of the summer when the sun is gracing our wonderful UK campsites. On a chilly winter morning, however, you’ll want a fast, fuss-free fuel type to get your cuppa brewing.

This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list, but it will give you an insight into what to look for when buying a camping stove.

13 of the best camping stoves of 2024

To help you get an idea of the different designs, sizes and price brackets on offer in the UK, we’ve compiled a list of some of the highest-rated camping stoves available. Use this as a starting point to help you find the best stove for your needs.

  1. Vango Atom Stove
  2. Vango Atom

    The Vango Atom Stove is the lightest and smallest stove in the Vango range, making it ideal for backpackers and anyone packing light. To make the Atom even more efficient, you can purchase the Ultralight Heat Exchanger Cook Kit, which will help reduce boil time when cooking.

    Find this camping stove here from £32.50

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  3. Primus Onja Stove
  4. Primus Onja

    The Onja Stove features two individually adjustable burners, an oak lid which doubles as a serving or chopping board, and an integrated carry strap for easy transport. This stylish stove is easy to set up, boils water in around 4 minutes, and is perfect for family campers, given the double burner.

    Find this camping stove here from £138.51


  5. Campingaz Camping Kitchen 2 and Camping Kitchen 2 CV
  6. Campingaz Camping Kitchen

    The Campingaz Camping Kitchen 2 is a popular choice amongst those looking for a double burner. There are two options available, one of which runs off refillable cylinders (Camping Kitchen 2) and the other runs off Campingaz resealable CV 470 Plus cartridges (Camping Kitchen 2 CV), which is ideal for shorter trips. The slim, lightweight design is easy to store when not in use and easy to clean before packing away.

    Find this camping stove here from £43.95

  7. Vango Blaze Double
  8. Vango Blaze

    The Vango Blaze Double features two stainless-steel burners on a sturdy base with a PVC hose and auto shut-off for safety. The smooth grey design is easy to clean, and the simple controls make this a great option for first-time family campers or those looking for a reliable stove at a great price point.

    Find this camping stove here from £45.

  9. Cobb Premier Gas BBQ/Oven
  10. COBB Gas

    The Gas Cobb is the perfect all-rounder. Running off a disposable butane canister, you can bake, grill, fry and roast anything you like. The versatile BBQ/oven combo is compatible with all Cobb Premier accessories, including pans and griddles.

    Find this camping stove here from £204

  11. Outbacker® Vista Window Firebox Tent Stove
  12. Outbacker camping stove

    The Outbacker Firebox is a cosy feeling-inducing wood-burning stove which packs a punch. You might be surprised how portable this sturdy log burner is at just 12kg. This burner comes with a pair of side grills, and you can buy other accessories, such as a water boiler, separately. The UK owned brand comes highly recommended and has a range of models available.

    Find this camping stove here from £179.99

  13. Go System Dynasty Compact II
  14. GoSystem Dynasty Compact

    For small camping trips and solo campers, the Dynasty Compact is a great option. The single burner stove is fuelled by a “click in” Go System bayonet gas cartridge and comes with a handy carry case. This stove is easy to set up, clean and able to boil a litre of water in just under 4 minutes.

    Find this camping stove here from £30

  15. BioLite CampStove 2
  16. Biolite camp Stove

    The award-winning BioLite CampStove 2 allows you to not only cook your meals with its smokeless woodburning technology but also acts as a charge point for your small devices thanks to the thermoelectric generator. This is a great piece of kit with plenty of accessories on offer, such as the KettlePot and CoffeePress.

    Find this camping stove here from £150

  17. CADAC Safari Chef 30 LP
  18. CADAC Safari Chef

    The Swiss Army Knife of barbecues, the lightweight Safari Chef 30 LP gives you unlimited cooking freedom. With multiple interchangeable cooking surfaces, it is easy to assemble, use, clean and stow. With push button piezo ignition and a convenient storage bag, it is the perfect BBQ for 2-4 people.

    Find this camping stove here from £130

  19. Outwell Olida Stove
  20. Outwell Olida

    The compact Olida Stove uses readily available EN417 gas cartridges. Two individually controlled burners sit within the easy-to-clean steel case, which has plastic feet for stability and excellent wind protection.

    Find this camping stove here from £81.99

  21. The Frontier Stove by Anevay
  22. Frontier Stove

    The Frontier stove is quick to set up and eight times more efficient than an open fire. With a long flue, fumes and smoke are transported away from the cooking area. The legs fold away for easy transportation, making it ideal for campers looking for an easily portable log burner.

    Find this camping stove here from £209

  23. Robens Fire Beetle Stove
  24. Fire beetle stove


    A great option for those needing portability and versatility, the Fire Beetle Stove offers high performance while being compact. The free-standing stove is ideal on uneven ground, with wide legs and an anti-slip design for wider pots.

    Find this camping stove here from £44.99

  25. MSR WindBurner® Duo Stove System
  26. MSR Windbreaker

    Boil 1.8L of water in 12 minutes with the MSR WindBurner. The handle on this makes pouring easy, making it a convenient way to make several hot drinks at once. If you purchase the whole system, you get a few handy additions, such as the BPA-free drinking/straining lid and the protective cup, which all packs neatly away.

    Find this camping stove here from £168.75

Fire safety on our campsites

Camping stoves and portable BBQs can pose hazards on our campsites if not used correctly. You can view our stance on barbecues and fire safety in our Club Site policies. Also, take some time to read our camping safety blog, so you can enjoy a stress-free and safe camping holiday.

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