The Best 4-Season Tents of 2024: Cold Weather Winter Camping
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The Best 4-Season Tents of 2024 for Winter Campers

4-season tent buying guide | Best 4-season tents

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From snow-capped hills in Scotland to beautiful Lake District market towns, there are plenty of places to camp year-round in the UK. A good 4-season tent is designed to withstand the heavy rain and cold temperatures that come with a winter in the UK. Here are some of our top recommendations for the upcoming season and top tips.

Best 4-season tents

• Best overall 4-season tent: Crua Outdoors Duo
• Best double wall 4-season tent:
Summit Series Mountain 25
• Best lightweight 4-season tent:
Bach Half Tent Pro
• Best budget 4-season tent:
Berghaus Grampian 2 Tent

 1. Fjallraven Keb Endurance 2

4 Season Tents 2

Weight: 3.69kg
Waterproof: 3,000mm (flysheet)

The Keb Endurance 2 by Fjallraven performs well in adverse conditions thanks to its expertly designed features. This tent has not one but two entrances, one covered by a spacious vestibule that can be used for storage. This tunnel tent is strong enough to withstand strong winds, but for extra strength, the pole sleeves are large enough to double up on poles (additional purchase). For ventilation, a mixture of both high and low vents should keep moisture to a minimum.

Additional perks are the oversized door zippers, which are easy to use when wearing winter gloves, reflective guy ropes and reflective panels on the doors and vents so you can easily spot your tent in the dark. Also worth mentioning is that this 4-season tent comes with extra-long, wide pegs, ideal for snow use.

Find it here from £1,000

2. Exped Venus II Extreme

4 Season Tents 1

Weight: 2.9kg

The Exped Venus II Extreme is a 4-season trekking tent, ideal for two people exploring the outdoors in the winter months. This tent is spacious enough for two people to sit upright, and with entrances on both sides, both featuring vestibules, you won’t be on top of each other. The tunnel tent has an entirely seamed tub floor, which is raised at both entrances to prevent snow from coming in. The fly is silicone-coated, making it both tear and water-resistant, so you’re likely to stay dry throughout your winter travels. The aluminium poles supplied are some of the strongest available, and the tension loops attach directly to these, adding to the overall stability of the tent. Overall, this is a good, lightweight option for any winter camper.

Find it here from £925

3. Berghaus Grampian 2 Tent

Category: All-season
Weight: 4.24 kg
Waterproof: 3000mm (flysheet)
Sleeps: 2

This is the most affordable tent on this list, but don’t let that fool you; the Berghaus Grampian 2 is a high-performance shelter designed to keep you dry and comfortable year-round. Front and rear vents allow for good airflow while the bathtub groundsheet works to keep water out. The colour-coded poles are great for beginners and make it quick to pitch. This tent would be a great starting point for anyone starting their cold weather camping journey.

Find it here from £149

4. THE NORTH FACE Summit Series Mountain 25 2 Person Tent

The North Face Summit Series Mountain 25

Category: Mountaineering
Weight: 4.45 kg
Waterproof: 1500mm (flysheet)
Sleeps: 2

No matter what the UK weather throws your way, you can put your trust in the Summit Series Mountain 25 to stand strong. Sub-zero temperatures, storm-strength winds and heavy snow are no issue, given its durable ripstop fabric, water-resistant finish and DAC poles and stakes.

To give an idea of the temperatures this tent can withstand, its port window has been crack tested to -51°C, so the coldest winter nights in the UK are no problem at all for tried and tested design. You’ll get four snow stakes included with the tent, which has plenty of interior hanging loops for damp gear and storage pockets to keep your space tidy.

Find it here from £675

5. Fjallraven Abisko Dome 2

Category: 4-season
Weight: 3.16kg
Waterproof: 3000mm
Sleeps: 2

Swedish brand Fjallraven knows a thing or two when it comes to creating gear for cold climates. The Abisko Dome 2 tent has two vestibules, so you’re not climbing over each other to exit at night. Two entrances also mean there’s plenty of room to store wet boots and gear. Airflow in this tent comes from multiple vents at differing heights; you can also fasten the door in a half-open position for extra ventilation if needed. If you’re looking for a tent you can spend a fair bit of time in, this is an option with good sitting height.

Find it here from £900

6. Bach Half Tent Pro

Back half tent pro

Category: 4-season
Weight: 1.4kg
Sleeps: 1

This lightweight, single-wall tent from Bach is easy to pitch and well-ventilated, ideal for short trips, backpackers, or those always on the move. We’ve featured the smaller size in this tent, but opt for the large if you want more space or have extra gear to store. Snow proof vents, quick pitch time, and taped seams mean you can get set up quickly and have a reliable space to stay dry in rough winter conditions.

Find it here from £600

7. Crua Outdoors Duo

Crua Duo 2 Person 4-season Tent

Category: 4-season
Weight: 3kg
Waterproof: 5000mm
Sleeps: 2

The Crua Outdoors Duo is versatile and durable enough for just about any weather. This tent is designed to work with extras to meet your camping needs. The Culla insulated tent fits snugly inside the Duo for extra warmth in the depth of winter. You can also add the Duo as a pod onto the Core tent as an extra room while family camping, adding to the versatility the brand offers.

Find it here from £329.99

Choosing a 4-season tent 

man in a tent looking out into wintry conditions 

When looking at winter tents to buy, you’ll need to consider design features and specifications to ensure your chosen model will keep you protected against the elements. Here are some of the top considerations when shopping around for your winter camping tent.

What is a 4-season tent?

You’ll see the term “4-season” on any camping gear built to withstand all elements, including the coldest, most inclement weather you can face while camping. 4-season tents are designed to withstand heavy rain, strong winds and sub-zero temperatures. These aren’t your standard UK camping tent; these are constructed to protect you from the most vicious and inhospitable climates.

Does weight matter?

If you’re travelling to your camping destination by car, chances are weight isn’t going to be a huge consideration. However, if you need to carry your shelter on your back for part or even all of your journey, you’ll want to pay close attention to the pack weight of each model.

4-season tents are built with the strongest poles and toughest fabrics, so they’re going to be heavier than the average camping tent. Along with a heavier packing weight usually comes a larger pack size so pay close attention to both when shopping around.


It may be tempting to try and keep all of the warm air inside the tent but doing so can lead to condensation and damp living conditions. You’ll have seen droplets of condensation forming inside a tent before, and these tend to drip down onto you and your belongings, leading to an uncomfortable night’s sleep. In sub-zero temperatures, condensation turns into ice, dropping down onto you, melting and leading to the same cold and damp conditions.

Doors and vestibules

Also lending a hand on the ventilation front, the number of doors your tent has can be make or break when it comes to your comfort. If you’re camping with others, scrambling over one another to exit can be a pain, especially in the middle of the night. Many tents will come with a door on either end of the tent, sometimes both with a covered vestibule for extra storage. Leaving a door open when you’re awake is a great way to boost ventilation, too, so pay close attention to how many doors the tent has, the types of opening and whether they’re sheltered from the elements when choosing your 4-season tent.


When you're being hammered by hail, blown around by wintery gusts and covered in snow, you want to be confident that your tent is going to keep you safe and dry. 4-season tents are constructed with heavy-duty fabrics with high waterproof ratings. Groundsheets are often fully waterproof, and all seams taped. Some of the toughest 4-season tents are often only built to be water-resistant as the temperatures they’re designed to be used in are unlikely to go above freezing point. In the UK, though, waterproofing is essential. Check the specifications of tents closely to check how well they’ll fair in cold, wet conditions.

4-season tent poles

The poles used with 4-season tents need to be almost bullet-proof to last in freezing conditions. Therefore, the materials used are often heavier than standard camping tent poles. Look at the pole specifications and read reviews to make sure they’ll last, as the structure of your tent is one of the most important factors.

Anchor points

Wire tent pegs come as a standard with most camping tents; however, they tend to bend easily. Most campers in the UK will soon put together their own separate tent peg kit, including rock pegs. V-shaped metal pegs, spiral stakes and even snow specific pegs are options for pegging out your tent in winter conditions in the UK. More extreme conditions will need stronger anchor points.

Now that you’re picking out your 4-season tent, view our winter campsites, some of the only places you can camp in the UK during the long winter.

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