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Camping and Fishing on Club Sites

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Club owned and run campsites throughout the UK.

Fishing is one of the most popular participation sports in the UK with millions of people taking part and many campers like to enjoy this relaxing recreational hobby whilst on holiday. Here’s why; imagine sitting beside the lapping water’s edge, the early morning sun breaking through, a gentle breeze and just the sound of the birds singing to keep you company. Soon you will find the stress and strains of everyday life fading away as you embrace your natural surroundings waiting patiently for that bite.

Fishing is an enjoyable pastime for everyone - young and old, male and female, able-bodied or disabled, you will be enjoying the changing seasons all year round. You can choose to fish alone, with family and friends or as part of a group.

You may like the adventure of sea-fishing, the challenge of fly/game fishing, sedate coarse fishing or all three and we have a selection of Club Sites can provide the perfect location to indulge your pastime.

The core equipment required for recreational fishing is with a rod, reel, line, hooks, bait and a landing net.

Be Aware

  • Boroughbridge resizePlease be aware that all water is potentially dangerous and care should be taken when fishing
  • Handle fish with wet hands and care, then release them carefully into the water to avoid any harm to the fish
  • Never leave a rod unattended with bait on the bank as this may attract other birds or animals
  • Use non-toxic weights where applicable – never lead weights as they are illegal while dust shot (size 8 and smaller) are legal, they are toxic to birds if ingested. Use spillproof containers for lead dust shot and always dispose of used lead safely at home.
  • Use barbless or micro- barb hooks
  • Never leave any litter – take it home for safe disposal
  • Many of the fishing sites may have their own rules, please familiarise yourself with them before you fish. 

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