11 wondrous beaches to discover from our coastal campsites, Wales

South Wales

South Wales

Experience the magic of camping in Wales by the sea, where amazing memories are made. Boasting boundless beaches, a captivating coastline, vitalizing valleys, wooded wonderlands and colossal craggy mountains, come and enjoy beach camping, Wales style.

Beautifully breathtaking, you will be gripped by the wonder of the Welsh coastline. Home to some of Britain’s most magnificent scenery, find yourself surrounded by serenity, where you can enjoy the soft, silky sands of Wales’ impressive selection of award-winning beaches.

Come and bask in the glorious grandeur of huge sweeping sands, set against a backdrop of stunning sea views. Enjoy exhilarating coastal walks that will take you on a journey of adventure and discovery along the Welsh coast, it’s a truly epic experience.

With 3 Club Sites on the cusp of Wales’ shoreline, we invite you to enjoy beach bliss in this striking part of the British Isles. Here are 11, must see beaches you can visit during your stay with us…

Beaches near our Cardigan Bay Campsite, West Wales

#1 Cwmtydu Beach: Blessed with stunning scenery, Cwmtydu Beach can be found 3 miles from our Cardigan Bay Club Site. A charming cove cut deep into a lush green valley, the shingle beach features a winding estuary that stretches down to the shore. Owned by the National Trust, the coastline sees regular visits from grey seals.

South Wales

#2 Traeth y Dolau Beach: 11 minutes’ drive from our Cardigan Bay Club Site is the tremendous Traeth y Dolau Beach, which you will find south of the pier in New Quay. Characterised by a wide bay, shallow waters and smooth sands, it’s the perfect place for paddling, while the miniature mountain of rocks is great for a spot of foraging and exploring.

#3 New Quay Harbour Beach: Nestled neatly between two piers at New Quay, Harbour Beach is by far the most popular at the height of summer. This pretty patch of sand and shingle spreads across a small bay that’s characterised by a shoreline scene featuring an abundance of boats.

With New Quay town centre tucked neatly in the background, the beach is easily accessible. While gazing out to sea, you might catch a glimpse of dolphins, porpoise and grey seals, which follow the fishing boats as they come to moor in the bay.

#4 Llangrannog Beach: An 18-minute drive from our Cardigan Bay Club Site is the lovely Llangrannog Beach, a sensational stretch of sand that connects with the charismatic Cilborth Beach. Backed by rolling hills that slope down to the bay, experience the vibrant colours of the valley as you descend steep lanes to access this awesome beach.

#5 Cilborth Beach: At low tide, Cilborth Beach can be reached from Llangranog Beach. This secluded, sandy cove is a hidden gem, backed by sloping, rocky hills. Perfect for wading in the water or enjoying a picnic, this tranquil little treasure oozes charm.

Beaches near our St David's Campsite, West Wales

Steeped in history, the tiny city of St David’s in Pembrokeshire is a true Welsh wonder, a haven for beach campsites in Wales, where the sea meets the shoreline creating spectacular scenery. Nestled neatly on the peninsula, you will discover an abundance of beach delights close to our very own charming St David’s Club Site.

Whitesands beach, Wales

#6 Abereiddy Bay (Blue Lagoon): A 5-minute drive away from our St David’s Club Site is the astounding Abereiddy Bay, which is characterised by extraordinary slate-grey sands and a pint-sized harbour north of the beach. It’s the slate sand that gives the water a brilliant deep blue colour in the Blue Lagoon; the name given to the nearby harbour.

It’s a cracking spot for coasteering, where you can get the adrenalin pumping as you traverse rock faces, enjoy scrambling, have a go at cliff jumping and attempt extreme swimming. Tuition and guided excursions are widely available if you want to exercise your sense of adventure.

#7 Traeth Llyn Beach: For a ravishingly remote seaside experience, the tranquil Traeth Llyn Beach is the place to be. Tucked between Porthgain and Abereiddy, this enticing patch of paradise is hidden away by colossal cliffs and is only accessible by a steep flight of stairs that descend to the bay. It’s the perfect spot for seaside seclusion.

#8 Whitesands Beach: A 14-minute drive from our St David’s Club Site is the whimsical Whitesands Beach. Its quirkiness is characterised by a beautiful ribbon of fine pale sand that stretches towards the remote rocky cape of St David’s Head. The soft sands are a family favourite, while the water is popular among surfers and swimmers.

Beaches near our Llanystumdwy Campsite, North Wales

Lining the Welsh coast like majestic masterpieces are the beaming beaches of Criccieth, where you will find our laid-back Llanystumdwy Club Site just a short distance from the cracking North Wales coastline.

North Wales

#9 Criccieth Beach: This crescent shaped stretch of sand and shingle sits below the imposing ruins of a 13th Century castle. Backed by a pleasant promenade, the beach slopes towards the sea and is a great spot for families in which to enjoy wading in the water, while admiring the castle ruins that dominate the Criccieth skyline.

#10 Marine Beach (West Beach): On the west side of the castle ruins, the marvellous Marine Beach is a delightful sandy terrain scattered with pebbles. A popular bathing area, it offers pleasant views out across the bay and an abundance of activities including kayaking, sailing, fishing and rock pooling.

#11 Black Rock Sands (Morfa Bychan Beach): Accessible from Marine Beach at low tide, Black Rock Sands stretches from Ynys Cyngar along Tremadog Bay. Featuring a seemingly endless terrain of wide, gorgeous golden sands that are surrounded by huge rocks and colossal cliffs, the beach is backed by dramatic dunes just waiting to be explored.

You’re invited to experience the wonder of Wales and the coastline’s ‘wow-factor’ beaches. Our Welsh Club Sites welcome you, providing the perfect place to set up base and enjoy a coastal camping holiday.