Beach Holiday Packing List: The Ultimate Checklist
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Your Beach Holiday Packing List

Planning your long-awaited beach holiday? This list of essentials will make packing for the beach a breeze. If it’s your first time camping or you want to make sure you don’t forget anything, check out our camping packing list too.

We hope your beach holiday is warm and sunny, but we’ve included a few items just in case the weather has other plans. All of our beach campsites have plenty to do both on-site and a short drive away so you’ll have a memorable holiday no matter what’s in store.

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The essentials for your beach packing checklist 

1. Beach bag - You’ll need a bag big enough to carry all of your essentials to the beach. Go for a versatile backpack, or opt for a fun summer shoulder bag.

2. SPF - Pack high protection suncream and remember to reapply as stated on the back of the bottle. You can also buy lip balm with SPF and UV protective clothing, which is especially good for kids getting in and out of the water all day.

3. Reusable water bottle - Keep dehydration at bay and say no to single-use plastic at the same time with any of these top-rated water bottles.

4. Beach mat - Take something comfortable to sit on. You can buy beach mats that prevent sand from settling on them or pack one of these brilliant picnic blankets

5. Towel - Take a towel for the specific purpose of drying off after a paddle. Don’t use the towel you’ve been sitting on unless you don’t mind the sand.

6. Insect repellent - A repellent with DEET is priceless when the bugs come out to play. There are many varieties available, and you can even buy insect-repelling wristbands if kids don’t like sprays.

7. Hand sanitiser - Hand hygiene is crucial at the beach. Make sure you’ve always got a bottle on hand so everyone can clean their hands before eating or drinking.

8. Small first aid kit - Cuts and scrapes are almost expected at the beach. A small first aid kit with plasters, alcohol wipes and antiseptic cream can be invaluable.

Tickets, money and documents

Travel documents

1. Travel insurance - If your beach holiday is overseas, make sure you get your travel insurance before you go and take all relevant documents with you.

2. Club membership card - Make sure you have the SiteSeeker app downloaded or carry your physical membership card with you. 

3. Booking confirmations - Make sure you've got emails or printed confirmations to hand.

4. Passports - Double check passports are valid and packed if travelling overseas. View our guide to touring in mainland Europe for information on visas and other entry requirements.

5. ID - It's always a good idea to have an extra form of photographic ID like a driving licence to hand.

6. Bank cards 

7. Cash - Ensure you've got some cash in the currency of the country you’re staying in, even if you're planning to primarily use cards.

Clothing and accessories

Family enjoying time on Eastbourne Pier

1. Sun hat

2. Sunglasses

3. Swimming costume

4. Lightweight layers - Make sure you pack comfy clothes that you enjoy spending an extended amount of time in. Layers are key as you can add and remove depending on the weather.

5. Beach shoes - Pebble beaches and sea life such as jellyfish and weever fish are common in and around the UK seaside. Shoes with a sturdy bottom are going to provide comfort and avoid any painful run-ins with wildlife.

6. Windproof umbrella

7. Waterproof jacket - It’s always a good idea in the UK to have a waterproof layer if the weather changes. A good waterproof also doubles as a windbreaker for coastal or clifftop walks.

8. Walking boots - There are some brilliant coastal paths, and blustery walks are almost a guarantee on any beach holiday. A good pair of walking boots are essential for those looking to explore.

9. Sandals

10. Socks - We've got some great hiking sock recommendations.

11. Underwear

12. Tops

13. Shorts

14. Dresses

15. Skirts

16. Trousers - If you're on the search for a reliable pair of walking trousers, we've got you covered in our walking gear guide

17. Light jumper

18. Jewellery


Book being read on the beach

1. A good book - Spending a day at the beach means you’ll need to take some entertainment. Don’t forget to pack your favourite travel book, a colouring book or sticker book for the kids.

2. Waterproof phone case - Keep the sea and sun away from your phone with a waterproof case. These are inexpensive to buy, and you can still use your device while it’s inside and protected.

3. Battery pack - If you’re using your phone to take pictures, to play music and for directions, your batteries going to need a boost during your visit. A portable charger is a great option.

4. Headphones - Listen to your favourite music or podcast without disturbing other beach-goers.

5. Chargers - Remember to pack the charger for each of your devices

Beach holiday essentials for kids

Kid building a sandcastle

1. Toys - A bucket and spade, beach ball, frisbee and even a kite are great toys to keep kids entertained at the beach.

2. Baby essentials - Waterproof nappies, high factor SPF, a UV sun tent and armbands are all beach essentials for babies. View our full guide to camping with a baby for more tips and things to pack.

3. Biodegradable wipes - Easily clean up spills, sandy feet, or messy post-ice cream faces.

4. Shade - Everyone should stay out of the sun in the middle of the day. This is especially important for babies and young children. Packing an umbrella or sun tent is essential.

Food and drink

Family eating ice cream on the beach

1. Cooler bag - Keep drinks and snacks cool in an insulated box or bag.

2. Snacks - Take some food to the beach to make sure you have a bit of what you fancy when hunger strikes. We have the ultimate picnic food ideas here

3. A rubbish bag - Never leave your rubbish on the beach. Take a bag with you and put it in the bin or take it back to the campsite to dispose of.


Toiletry Bag

1. Toothbrush

2. Toothpaste

3. Dental floss

4. Soap

5. Hand sanitiser

6. Shampoo

7. Conditioner

8. Deodorant

9. Hairbrush

10. Razor

11. Any skincare

12. Any makeup

13. Nail file

14. Nail scissors

15. Spare contact lenses and solution if needed

16. Any medications

Enjoy your beach holiday! For more inspiration and expert tips, view more holiday inspiration below.

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