Top Tips for a Quieter Back Seat

Start your holiday off on the right foot with an entertaining and peaceful car journey. “Are we there yet?” will be a thing of the past with these top tips.

Family in car on road trip (shutterstock, Monkey Business Images)

1. Don’t travel further than necessary. The UK is bursting at the seams with places to explore and things to do so you won’t need to travel far to find a new stomping ground. View our Club Sites by region to find an unexplored location nearby.

2. Take a break. We all become restless when stuck in the car for extended periods of time. If you are embarking on a longer journey remember to take regular breaks. Grab a drink or a bite to eat, use the loos and have a 3 minute star jump competition to get the blood flowing. Members of the Club get up to 20% off visits to Welcome Break services.

3. Focus on your destination. You're going to be in the great outdoors with the kids able to run, jump and be free just as they should be. Take a look at What’s On near your destination and start planning your trip.

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4. Everyone loves a snack. Ideal for breaking up a journey and providing a bit of excitement, pack a few of everyones favourite treats. Just remember to take a rubbish bag to clear up any mess afterwards.

5. Plan your route. There's nothing like getting lost to start an argument on a car ride. Check out the route before you go, make sure your satnav is up to date and pay attention to any direction details when booking your campsite.  

6. Prepare for everything. Travel sickness, toilet breaks, spilt drinks and sticky sweets are all hazards on a car ride. Store some baby wipes, tissues and any medication in the glove box so it’s close to hand.

Play a car game or two

sister and brother playing games in car (shutterstock,

7. Good old fashioned word games. Don’t dismiss the oldies, a good game of eye spy, word association or 20 questions can help to pass the time and gets the whole family talking to each other.

8. Take a pad and pen. Noughts and crosses, hangman and squares can all be played with these two basic items. Perhaps stick to the other games if you're travelling with anyone suffering from travel sickness though!

9. Guess the song. Turn on the radio or your favourite family playlist and whoever shouts out the name of the song first wins a point. 

10. The alphabet game. Think of something that starts with an A, and then a B and so on until you get to Z. 

11. Story time. Go round the car starting with the kids. Come up with a sentence or two of a story and then move onto the next person, continuing the story until you have a masterpiece. 

With these tips your family camping trip is bound to start off with happy memories. Did you know that you can save 30% on Club Site fees as a member of The Club? Find out more about joining and all of the added benefits for you and your family.  

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