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Camping with a Baby: Our Top Tips and Essential Things to Pack

Camping with a baby can be a fantastic experience for the whole family. To ensure your trip is easy and enjoyable, you’ll need to thoroughly prepare and pack some important items. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips, as well as the things you need to pack when camping with a baby.

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6 tips for camping with a baby

Our top tips for camping with a baby will give you the confidence for an easy and comfortable camping trip.

1. Choose a family-friendly campsite

If you’re not sure which campsite would be best for you and your baby, why not take a look at one of our family-friendly campsites? These sites are catered to accommodate families with children of all ages. Our child-friendly sites include an array of facilities to entertain kids, from play areas and games rooms to swimming pools and beaches. They’re also located close to some of the UK’s top attractions, including Legoland, Drayton Manor and Flamingo Land.

2. Keep dinnertime simple

On a campsite, dinnertime for your baby can be challenging. Using sterilising tablets or a cold-water steriliser can make everything a whole lot easier. Also, if you have the time, consider packing pre-prepared food. Bring food in jars or packets to reduce time spent on food preparation.

3. Camp close to home

As most parents know, things don’t always go according to plan. Choosing a campsite that is close to home will give you security if you need to return home in a hurry. If you’re camping on the other side of the country, it could take an entire day of driving to get back to the comfort and security of home. Take a look at our campsites by region, to find a campsite close to home.

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4. Give your neighbours a head’s up

When camping with a baby, you’d be surprised how much better you feel after having a chat to the campers on the pitch next to yours. When arriving on site, talk to your campsite neighbours and let them know that you’re camping with a baby. They’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve warned them of potential noise disturbance. Also, they’ll be more likely to keep noise to a minimum in the evening.

5. Camp on a quiet pitch

When you arrive at the campsite, find a pitch far away from the on-site facilities. This will prevent any noise disturbing your family, as well as making sure your fellow campers aren’t disturbed during the night. Choosing a quiet pitch will also give you a bit more privacy and allow for a more enjoyable stay.

6. Rehearse in your back garden

If you’re planning on camping with your baby in a tent for the first time, why not trial your camping trip at home? Pack up your stuff and pitch your tent in the garden and see how you get on with a night in the great outdoors. This will give you an idea of how you will get on at the campsite, as well as what you might need to buy before your trip.

11 things to pack when camping with a baby

We’ve put together a list of the baby camping essentials that’ll make your trip a whole lot easier. For more packing tips, take a look at our comprehensive camping essentials checklist.

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1. Baby-friendly camping tent

Consider purchasing one of our favourite family tents, if your planning on camping with your baby. A spacious, family tent will be roomy enough to store your baby camping gear as well as being big enough for the whole family to sleep in. Choose a tent with enough social space for a comfortable trip for everyone.

2. Travel cot

To ensure your baby has a comfortable night’s sleep, consider taking a portable travel cot. Most models have a strong frame and base, with a flat, waterproof mattress. If you don’t have one yet, look for one that will fit comfortably in your unit.

3. Baby essentials

Estimate how many nappies you’ll need and pack double, as it’s always better to have more than needed, than not enough – especially as they weigh so little. Also, pack plenty of nappy sacks and wipes, because they can be handy in various situations, not just changing time.

4. Baby carrier

Having a reliable baby carrier can make your camping holiday a lot easier, especially if you’re planning on doing some walks. Due to cobbled paths and muddy tracks, the Great British countryside wasn’t designed with buggies in mind. Therefore, the carrier is an excellent option. Alternatively, lightweight pushchairs can also be handy when visiting local attractions.

5. Your baby’s favourite comforter

Your baby will settle into your new surroundings if they have one or two familiar comforters with them. Be it a blanket or dummy, a comforter can help your baby settle into your camping trip. It can also be helpful to have something on hand to help soothe your baby if they’re feeling a bit unsettled.

6. Breathable clothes

Due to Britain’s typically unpredictable weather, it’s worth packing a variety of clothes to ensure your baby is always comfortable. It’s normal for your baby to get sweaty when exploring during the day, as well as when sleeping at night. In both instances, they will need clothes made with breathable materials. For those cooler nights, make sure you have some mid-weight sleeper suits, baby mittens and a hat.

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7. Portable camping gear

When choosing new baby camping gear, the most important aspect is portability. Choosing gear that is easy to assemble and quick to dissemble can be the key to having a comfortable camping adventure. Take a look at getting a portable travel cot, changing mat and camping chair for your baby.

8. Portable cooler

If you’re planning on bottle feeding your baby, owning a robust, portable cooler is essential for ensuring milk is fresh and cool. The cooler can also double up as a table or seat too.

9. Baby sleeping bag

Baby sleeping bags are not only great for night-time, but they can also be used in a pushchair or car seat. This is very helpful after a long journey in the car, as you can simply carry your baby from the car to their cot.

10. Baby floor seat

Highchairs take up a lot of space and are difficult to transport. The baby floor seat is the ideal alternative due to their small size and versatility. Whether it’s feeding time, playtime or just relaxation time, the baby floor seat is a great option for your family camping trip.

11. Toys

When packing for your trip, remember to include some of your baby’s favourite toys. Having a toy or two to hand will prevent your baby from becoming bored during times of relaxation. Also, familiar toys can help your baby to settle into the campsite better.

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