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Camping with Dogs: A Checklist

Your dog no doubt loves to explore the great outdoors and a camping trip is the perfect way for you and your four-legged friend to experience new sights, sounds and scenery together! View our top dog-friendly campsites.

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Camping with dogs requires a bit of thought when it comes to packing their doggy bag. Download your free packing list at the bottom of this page. To enjoy all the fun and frolics of wide-open spaces, hiking and riverside walks with your canine companion, your camping with dogs’ survival kit should look something like this…

1. Food

It’s tempting to toss your dog food from the barbecue, but it’s not the best idea to change your dog’s eating habits, it could lead to a poorly pooch. Take your dog’s regular food on your camping trip and give them the odd treat here and there.

2. Water

If you’re out for the day, water might not be readily available. Having bottled water ready to fill up your dog’s bowl is essential in order to keep them hydrated. It’s handy to have in the car on the journey to the campsite too.

3. Bowls

Food and water bowls are essential. If you’re planning to hike as part of your camping trip, take a collapsible bowl to give your dog drinking water.

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4. Poo bags

Bodily functions don’t come with a warning, so be prepared with plenty of poo bags. Dog fouling is both frowned upon and could land you with a fine. Pack plenty of poo bags to dispose dog mess responsibly.

5. Dog/baby wipes

They’ll come in handy more than once.

6. Something familiar

While your dog probably enjoys an adventure, there’s no substitute for home comforts. Some dogs struggle to settle into new surroundings so having their bed or favourite chew toy on hand will help to provide a comforting environment.

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7. Bed

Give your dog a dedicated place to relax in the form of their bed from home so they always have somewhere safe to retreat to.

8. Something warm

Remember that if you’re cold on a chilly night, your dog is too. Insulate the ground underneath where they’ll be sleeping (tarpaulin and a thick carpet tile are great for this) and take a couple of extra blankets just in case.

9. Collar or harness

One of our campsite rules is that dogs must be on a lead at all times whilst on-site. Check that your dog’s existing collar or harness fits properly before arriving to ensure the excitement of new surroundings won’t cause it to come loose.

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10. Short dog lead

It is your responsibility to keep your dog under control on our campsites and be sensitive to other campers. Keeping your dog on a short lead keeps them close to you, making them less likely to cause a commotion!

11. An extendable lead

If you’re not a fan of your dog heading into unexplored territory alone but you don’t want to stop them exploring, packing the extendable lead is worth it. Be aware that when camping on a Club Site, your lead must extend no longer than 2m

12. Dog identification tags

By law, your dog must be microchipped. However, ID tags placed on collars are a great way to ensure you and your dog can be reunited easily on-site. The tags should include a phone number that you can be contacted on while camping.

 Dog in tent

13. Tie out stake

Camping with dogs can be an all-action affair. When you need a bit of break after a long walk or a game of ‘fetch’, you can secure your pet safely outside your tent, caravan or motorhome with a dog stake.

14. Shade

If you’re camping in the warmer months, consider bringing along some form of shade for when your pooch is staked out. It may be that the stake is put within reach of an awning or that you have a specific doggy tent for the task. 

15. Long lasting treats

A long lasting chew is a great distraction for your pooch when you’re otherwise occupied. Pitching a tent, cooking dinner, and a lazy morning lie-in are all occasions when this will come in handy.

Dog green tent

16. Lots of towels

Your canine companion is likely to get wet and muddy during your adventures, making a doggy specific supply of towels a must!

17. Collar light

You need to be able to see where your dog is at all times and so do other campers. Collar lights are useful to have when taking your dog out for a nightly walk and for alerting motorists, driving on-site, to your dog’s presence.

18. First-aid kit

Pack a first-aid kit and make sure it contains hydrogen peroxide. It’s great for cleaning cuts to paws and legs. Find out where the nearest veterinary clinic is to the campsite is prior to your arrival.


19. GPS tracking device

Attach a GPS tracker to your dog's collar to not only keep track of where they are on long walks but to view their activity too.

20. Paw protectors

Only really needed if you're scaling rough terrains, but not one to forget to pack if you are.

21. Tick remover

Use your flea and tick preventative prior to leaving for your camping trip, but just in case you do spot a tick, make sure you have a remover on hand to deal with it swiftly.

22. Car harness

Keep your dog safe while travelling with a harness or car seat suitable for their size.

We try to make camping with dogs as easy as possible; here are our top dog friendly campsites. With nearly 100 Club Sites that all allow dogs and many Certificated Sites that also would be happy to host your four legged friend, welcoming your pet is our pleasure.

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