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15 of the Best Family Tents and What to Look For in 2024

Looking for a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones? A family camping trip is perfect for ditching your electronics, reconnecting with nature and getting back to the basics.

To kick off your adventure, you’ll need a reliable family tent that is suitable for your family's needs. Before purchasing any tent, read through our expert suggestions on what to look for when buying a family tent, as well as our recommendations for the best family tents in 2024.

These tents have been given a thumbs up by thousands of campers and recognised or awarded at the Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards 2024. The ‘Best Family Tents’ category includes three or more people camping together and looks at a tent's durability, space and reliability. This year, ‘Family Tents’ was the biggest category in terms of responses, with 61% of purchases, so you know you’re in good hands.

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What to look for when buying a new family tent

Picking the best family tent for your camping adventure can be overwhelming, especially since the right tent can make or break your camping experience. Whilst searching, you’ll notice that there are thousands of family tents to choose from. They all come in different sizes, colours and shapes and have varying functionalities.

To make the decision a little easier, here are our top 3 tips on purchasing the right family tent for you.

  1. Is it waterproof?
  2. You need a family tent that’s suitable for all year round and ready to take on any weather – especially the unpredictable UK weather. For this reason, it’s worth looking at the waterproof rating of any tent, also known as the Hydrostatic Head rating. The rating measures the quantity of rain the tent can withstand in millimetres. It’s key to remember that the higher the score, the more durable the tent.

  3. Is it spacious enough for your family?
  4. Buying a spacious family tent means no elbows need to be digging into anybody's back whilst sleeping. Everyone can have a great night's rest, ready for all the fun camping activities in the morning.

    Before purchasing the tent, consider the number of people that will be staying inside and whether they will be able to move around comfortably. A good way to make sure there’s plenty of space for everyone is by sizing up – if there are 4 people camping, consider a 5 person tent.

    Although it might take longer to pitch a tent that’s much bigger, the more helping hands you have, the faster the process.

  5. Does it have the right features for your needs?
  6. Whether it be awnings, storage pockets, blackout features, hanging points, vents or porches, the smallest details can make the most significant difference to your holiday. Research some of the more minor functional features of the tent to see what makes it unique and stand out from the rest of the market.

family tent

Our top family tent picks

From compact 3-person tents to large 10-person units, discover over 15 of our best family tents.

  1. Berghaus Air 6 XL
  2. A great family tent that can cater for large groups of people is the Berghaus Air 6. This family tent has a generous standing room that allows families to move around freely and socialise with one another more. If you want a little more privacy, there are partitions available that create smaller rooms. You can also stay cool in the summer with ventilated bedrooms and control natural lighting with blackout curtains.

    Not only was Berghaus highly commended by 92% in our 2023 Owner Satisfaction Awards, but the brand won the best family tent at the Owner Satisfaction Awards 2024! Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 6
    • Premier polycotton fabric - tent is more durable, breathable and UV resistant
    • Inflatable beams
    • Quick-release air valves
    • Tunnel construction
    • Blackout technology
    • Two bedrooms at either end can be removed for extra living space
    • Storage pockets inside all bedrooms
    • Extra-large windows

    Find the Berghaus Air 6 XL family tent here from £1299.00.

    Club members can get an additional 15% off at Millets.

  3. Kampa Bergen 6 Air
  4. A spacious family tent that comfortably sleeps 6 people, is the Kampa Bergen 6 Air tent. Thanks to its AirFrame system, this family tent can be erected in less than ten minutes. In the summertime, the tent stays comfortably cool due to its Weathershield AirFlow material - which allows it to breathe easily in warm temperatures.

    In 2023, Kampa took the lead and won the best family tent of the year in our Tent Owner Satisfaction Award. A staggering 94% of participants agreed that Kampa’s range of family tents are worth the investment.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 6
    • Pitching time: 10-20 minutes
    • Secondary mesh to aid bug-free ventilation
    • Excellent headroom
    • Inflation technology
    • 150D Weathershield fabric
    • Fire retardant
    • UV protected
    • Airframe structure
    • Storage pockets

    Find the Kampa Bergen 6 Air family tent here from £629.00.

  5. Quechua Arpenaz 4.1
  6. Quechua Arpenaz

    Specially designed for family camping trips, the Quechua Arpenaz is an affordable four-person tent, offering fantastic value for money. The flysheet’s fabric can withstand winds of over 50 miles per hour and offers UPF 30 sun protection. When erected, the roof of the tent stands well over head height, making it easy to stand up and walk around.

    Not only is this a well-priced family tent, but Quechua was also highly commended at the 2024 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards for the category of ‘Best Family Tents 2024’. Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 4
    • Flysheet above the living area to limit condensation
    • Easy assembly
    • Wind resistant

    Find the Quechua Arpenaz 4.1 family tent here from £139.99.

  7. Olpro Orion 6 Berth
  8. The Olpro Orion 6 Berth is a family tent that fits six and is perfect for a growing family. This tent is practical, and it can be adjusted to meet changing needs. A key feature of this family tent is its two clip-in bedroom compartments that allow privacy. Each bedroom can fit three people, and they can also be removed for a larger living space.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 6
    • Pitching time: 20 minutes
    • Hydrostatic Head: 5,000mm
    • Great headroom
    • Room separators for privacy
    • Roof skylight
    • Extra large windows
    • Two doors
    • Easy pitch up

    Find the Olpro Orion 6 Berth family tent here from £415.00.

  9. Coleman Weathermaster 4XL Air
  10. family tent

    Despite its large size, the Coleman Weathermaster 4XL Air is surprisingly easy to pitch due to its FastPitch™ Air technology. The five inflatable poles ensure the structure remains secure, so you won't have to worry about strong winds when camping. If your family is growing, consider opting for the bigger version of this tent, which caters for 8 people and has all the same handy features.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 4
    • BlackOut Bedroom® technology
    • Zipped bedroom dividers and window shades
    • Living space
    • High and low ventilation
    • Tunnel construction

    Find the Coleman Weathermaster 4XL Air family tent here from £599.99.

  11. Zempire Aerodome II Pro Air
  12. Despite its vast size, the Zempire Aerodrome is surprisingly simple to erect. The Aerodome can sleep up to six people in two separate compartments, giving you a variety of options for sleeping arrangements. There’s also an attached awning that provides great shade and an outdoor spot for family chats or camping games.

    Zempire was highly commended by 92% for the best family tent category at the Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards 2024, so it’s definitely worth the splurge.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 8
    • Hydrostatic Head: 10,000mm
    • Waterproof fabric
    • Two individual bedrooms
    • Large living area
    • Tinted skylight
    • Gullwing awning
    • Ten windows
    • 14 ventilation points
    • Two awnings

    Find the Zempire Aerodome II Pro Air family tent here from £1,820.

  13. Dometic Ascension FTX 401
  14. Specifically designed with family camping in mind, the Dometic Ascension FTX is equipped with spacious bedrooms and innovative features. The polyester construction guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep and protection from all types of weather. This model features mesh panels on three sides and a large porch door which can be opened on a particularly sunny day.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 4
    • Multi-point inflation
    • Premium polyester construction
    • Rear storage area
    • Blackout bedrooms
    • Weathershield 150D - extremely durable and weather-resistant

    Find the Dometic Ascension FTX 401 family tent here from £1,550.00.

  15. Eurohike Sendero 4
  16. If you’re after a family tent that’s fantastic value for money, the Eurohike Sendero 4 family tent is a great purchase. Accommodating up to four people, the Sendero boasts a large bedroom and porch area. Assemble the tent with lightweight fibreglass poles and the fully sewn groundsheet – keeping out draughts and insects. This tent is the ideal choice for first-time family campers.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 4
    • Hydrostatic Head: 2000mm
    • Sewn-in groundsheet
    • Two windows
    • Waterproof tent
    • Fibreglass poles
    • Porch area/storage for muddy camping gear

    Find the Eurohike Sendero 4 family tent here from £300.00.

  17. Hi-Gear Zenobia 6 Nightfall
  18. With innovative darkened sleeping technology, the Hi-Gear Zenobia will be popular with both early risers and late sleepers. The bedrooms exhibit this light-blocking fabric, allowing you to sleep peacefully all through the morning. Boasting reliable fibreglass poles, the Zenobia remains reliable and flexible, even in the most unpleasant conditions.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 6
    • Pitching time: 25 minutes
    • Hydrostatic Head: 4000mm
    • Two bedrooms
    • One living area
    • Nightfall bedrooms
    • Tunnel construction
    • Deluxe peg set

    Find the Hi-Gear Zenobia 6 Nightfall family tent here from £305.00.

    Club members can get an additional 15% off at Millets.

  19. Outdoor Revolution Camp Star 500XL Air Tent Package
  20. Inflating in just ten minutes, the Outdoor Revolution Camp Star is an inflatable tent boasting a quick-pitching and pole-free Quadruple Oxygen Air Frame Tube System. Made with lightweight and waterproof fabric, the Vacation has a respectable Hydrostatic Head rating of 3,000mm. The tent sleeps up to five people, with the optional bedroom divider splitting the bedroom into two.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 5
    • Hydrostatic Head: 3,000mm
    • Suitable for heavy rainfall
    • Premium fabric construction
    • Oxygen AIR Frame system

    Find the Outdoor Revolution Camp Star 500XL Air family tent here from £599.00.

    Club members can get an additional 8% off at Halford.

  21. Outwell Airville 6SA
  22. Outwell Airwell

    Ideal for camping adventures with friends and family, the Outwell Airville 6SA is a super spacious and well-designed unit. Sleeping six people in two master bedrooms, the tent’s Power Air System with Gothic-style tubes can be inflated and deflated with minimum difficulty. The large tinted windows reduce glare and ensure privacy.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 6
    • Pitching time: 13 minutes
    • Hydrostatic Head: 6,000mm
    • Two master bedrooms
    • Quick & quiet inner doors
    • Optional veranda
    • Tinted windows

    Find the Outwell Airville 6SA family tent here from £1,299.00.

  23. Quest Elite Signature Touareg Bell
  24. Accommodating up to ten people, the Quest Touareg Bell is a tipi-style tent perfect for summer camping with large families. During the summer, roll up the sides and enjoy the spacious socialising area. In the winter, roll down the sides and socialise comfortably around the single central pole. Stay cool in warmer weather and comfy in the winter with the 100% cotton canvas flysheet equipped with breathing and insulating properties.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 10
    • Pitching time: 10 minutes
    • Windows all around for a 360° view
    • Unique PVC groundsheet
    • 100% cotton canvas flysheet

    Find the Quest Elite Signature Touareg Bell family tent here from £1,040.00.

  25. Robens Klondike Grande
  26. Robens Klondike

    Comfy, roomy and straightforward to pitch, the Robens Klondike Grande is a retro-styled bell tent equipped with modern technology. Designed with HydroTex Polycotton Fabric with a water-repellent treatment, the Klondike Grande benefits from reduced condensation and natural breathability. Housing up to nine people, this model has a stovepipe port, ideal for a wood-burning stove.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 9
    • Mosquito net
    • Breathable HydroTex fabric
    • Reflective guylines
    • Zip-off groundsheet

    Find the Robens Klondike Grande family tent here from £910.00.

    Club members can get an additional 15% off at Blacks.

  27. Vango Beta 450XL
  28. Vango Beta 350

    Perfect for a small family camping trip, the Vango Beta 450XL can comfortably accommodate up to four people. The tent gives an impressive space-to-weight ratio due to its tunnel design. The Vango Beta gets its sturdy stability from the Tension Band System, which can be adjusted to prevent sideways movement in strong, changeable winds. You can also store various pieces of camping gear in the functional porch area.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 4
    • Hydrostatic head: 3000mm
    • Pitching time: 15 minutes
    • Tunnel construction
    • TBS tension band system
    • Factory taped seams

    Find the Vango Beta 450XL family tent here from £141.00.

    Club members can get an additional 15% off at Blacks.

  29. Eurohike Genus 800 Air
  30. Arrive on site and pitch your tent in just 15 minutes with the Eurohike Genus 800 Air tent. The inflatable beams, with the included pump, allow you to pitch up quickly, giving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors. This large, tunnel-shaped structure has two bedrooms separated by a roomy living area.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 8
    • Pitching time: 15 minutes
    • Hydrostatic head: 3,000mm
    • Lantern hanging point
    • Tunnel construction
    • Inflatable beams
    • Fully waterproof

    Find the Eurohike Genus 800 Air family tent here from £349.00.

    Club members can get an additional 10% off at Go Outdoors.

  31. Hi-Gear Hampton 4 Nightfall
  32. If you’re looking for a reliable family tent without blowing the budget, the Hi-Gear Hampton Nightfall tent is the ideal choice. With plenty of space and darkened bedrooms that block out 80% of sunlight, you and your family can spend the night telling ghost stories and the mornings enjoying a lie-in.

    Family tent features include:

    • Sleeps 4
    • Pitching time: 15 minutes
    • Hydrostatic head: 3,000mm
    • Storage pockets
    • Darkened bedrooms
    • Fully waterproof
    • Colour-coded fibreglass poles

    Find the Hi-Gear Hampton 4 Nightfall family tent here from £249.00.

    Club members can get an additional 10% off Go Outdoors.

For more information on the best family tents, budget tents, premium tents and more, check out the Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards 2024. You’ll also find a list of all the trusted tent brands and camper's opinions.

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