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Not only is it essential to have a family-friendly campsite booked when taking your family camping, but it’s also necessary to have a list of all the things you’ll need to ensure you have a stress-free trip.

To help put your mind at ease, we’ve put together a family camping checklist of all the things you’ll need to pack when taking your children on a camping adventure.

  1. First aid kit
  2. At the top of any camping with kids checklist should be a first aid kit. It’s essential to take a first aid kit with you wherever you go. Naturally, kids are going to explore their surroundings and could tumble or fall. So, having a fully equipped first aid kit will help treat most bruises, scrapes, cuts and burns. Before leaving, make sure your kit is fully stocked.

    First aid kit

  3. Mosquito or insect repellant
  4. No one likes to be bitten by mosquitos when camping, so add child-friendly mosquito repellant and cooling spray to your camping checklist to ensure all mosquitos are dealt with.

  5. Sunscreen
  6. Protect your children from UV rays by taking child-friendly sunscreen with you on your camping trip. This will particularly come in handy when walking in the sunshine or spending the day on the beach.


  7. Wipes
  8. Whether it’s baby wipes to clean the little one's hands and face or anti-bacterial wipes to clean messy surfaces, wipes are camping essentials. We highly recommend purchasing biodegradable wipes and usher you to discard wipes correctly.

  9. Torch or night light
  10. If your children are scared of the dark or you’re looking to tell spooky stories at night, it’s always worth adding extra torches to your family camping checklist.


  11. Family-friendly outdoor games
  12. A brilliant thing about camping at our family-friendly campsites is stepping away from technology and enjoying the great outdoors.

    There’s so much to do at our Club Sites. Over 70 Club Sites have a play area for little ones to run around and make new friends. Although we know how much fun a traditional swing and slide is, some sites also have adventure playgrounds, outdoor chess, giant Jenga, tennis courts and a swimming pool.

    There’s also a ton of open space to bring along your own outdoor games, such as balls, frisbees or kites.

    You can check out our top club campsite play areas here or get inspired by checking out our favourite outdoor games for children.

  13. Indoor games
  14. You can’t always predict the weather on a family camping trip. So, on those wet and rainy days or even during long drives, keep the family entertained with indoor games.

    Pack some toys, board games, cards, or even a pen and paper and let the kids get creative.

    For more ideas that’ll keep the kids busy, take a look at our favourite family-friendly camping games.

    car games

  15. Chargers
  16. Although camping games will keep your children occupied for hours, technology has become an inevitable part of our world and, therefore, a part of camping. Whether your children like to play games on phones, send messages to friends or watch television on tablets – remember to pack the appropriate chargers to maximise fun and remove any chances of dead batteries. If you like gadgets, take a look at some of our favourite camping gadgets and accessories.

  17. Beach blanket or towel
  18. Camping in the summer means one thing, fun beach days! If you’re planning on taking the kids to the beach, you might want to pack a beach blanket for the whole family to sit on. Whether you’re sunbathing, chatting or playing games – it’s important to have somewhere comfortable to sit when taking a trip to the seaside.

    beach blanket

  19. Beach toys
  20. You can’t have a beach trip without building and breaking a few sandcastles. Make sure you pack buckets and spades so the kids can have some fun in the sand whilst you sit back and relax.

  21. Bikes
  22. Attach the bikes to the roof of the car and embark on a cycling holiday.

    Cycling is a fun way for children to explore the diverse landscape of the Great British countryside. If you’re looking for somewhere to take the bikes, take a look at our best cycling holidays in the UK.

    Kids Packing List 4


  23. Books
  24. According to iconic children’s writer, Dr Seuss, “the more you read, the more you’ll know. The more things you know, the more places you’ll go”.

    Various studies have shown the endless benefits for children that enjoy reading. There are few better pleasures than when a new book grips you. Pack some young fiction, and watch your kids immerse themselves in a whole new world. Take a look at some of our brilliant travel books which could inspire your next camping trip.

  25. Chairs
  26. Don’t forget to add chairs to your family camping checklist to make sure everyone can socialise easily and comfortably. Whether you’re playing games, chatting, or eating food, your children will want somewhere comfortable to sit.

    Kids Packing List 8

  27. Cups, mugs and bottles
  28. Be it a nice warm cup of tea in the morning or a refreshing soft drink in the evening – cups are camping essentials. Remember to pack children-friendly cups and bottles so your children can stay hydrated during the day.

  29. Food and snacks
  30. One of the highlights of camping is sitting around the camping stove and smelling the mouth-watering scents of a delicious family meal.

    If you’re looking for family meals that you can cook in big batches with few ingredients and minimal difficulty, read our 25 favourite camping recipes. If you’re not sure what equipment you’ll need to be a culinary camping expert, take a look at the essential cooking equipment to take on your trip.

    For the perfect family camping holiday, be sure to pack many snacks for the journey, cocoa powder and marshmallows.


  31. Hats, gloves and scarfs
  32. Even if the weather forecast seems promising, it’s always best to cover all bases when dealing with the unpredictability of Great British weather. Make sure you pack your children a hat, scarf and gloves to keep them toasty during the day.

  33. Extra pair of socks
  34. For those cold trips, it’s always good to pack some extra pairs of socks for your little ones. This will keep them warm during the day and night.


  35. Nappies
  36. If you’re planning on taking a baby on a camping trip, you’ll need to remember to pack a lot more things. Perhaps the most crucial necessity is nappies. It’s best to remember that more is always better and that you’d rather have too many and not need them than not enough and not have any. In short, pack extra!

  37. Pillows
  38. Another good item to add to your checklist when camping with kids is high-quality pillows. This can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one - the last thing you need is sleep-deprived children. Pillows are also much needed for that extra comfort on any long-distance car journeys.

    Kids Packing List 14

  39. Plates and cutlery
  40. Cutlery is definitely up there on the list with camping essentials. There’s nothing worse than cooking a delicious meal on your camping stove and finding you have nothing to eat from or with. Make sure you bring plastic cutlery for the children, as having their own plates and cutlery teaches them to look after and clean their own dinnerware. It also makes for fewer broken dishes.

  41. Pyjamas
  42. Remember to pack some comfortable pyjamas for everyone. Research shows that wearing pyjamas at night can lead to a relaxing and deeper sleep. They can also keep you warm on particularly chilling evenings beneath the stars.

    Kids Packing List 16

  43. Sleeping bags
  44. Whether they are adult-size or designed for children, don’t forget to pack sleeping bags for the kids. A well-made, high-quality sleeping bag will keep everyone warm at night and ensure a deep sleep – which is essential for a full day of exploring the following day!

  45. Extra blanket
  46. We recommend packing an extra blanket when camping for those cold or wet nights. It’s also great for snuggling up together and watching the stars or telling ghost stories.


  47. Tent
  48. In addition to your unit, you might also take a tent for the children. Having their own tent not only teaches young people the responsibility of looking after their own unit, but it also gives the adults some well-deserved peace and privacy. If you're considering buying a tent for the whole family, take a look at our guide to the best family tents.

  49. Walking shoes
  50. Another commonly forgotten item that we’ve added to the camping with kids checklist is walking shoes. Comfortable and already broken into walking shoes can be the difference between an enjoyable holiday and a painful one.

    When exploring the various terrains of the Great British countryside, your feet must be safe and comfortable. Before buying new footwear, make sure to read our comprehensive guide to walking boots.

    girl splashing in water with yellow wellies

  51. Waterproof jackets and umbrellas

Whether you’re camping at the height of summer or in the depths of winter, it’s probably best to prepare for all scenarios. Famously, Great British weather is unpredictable at best, so packing a reliable waterproof jacket and some umbrellas are essential to a dry camping trip. When choosing a new coat, make sure to take a look at our guide to waterproof jackets.

Are you thinking of taking the whole family away, but not sure where to go? Read our guide to the best family campsites in the UK. If you’re taking a camping trip, don't forget to look at our ultimate camping essentials checklist to ensure you haven't forgotten anything.

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