16 Festival Camping Tips To Guarantee You Have A Good Time
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Festival Camping Tips To Guarantee You Have a Good Time

Whether you’re into food festivals or prefer to stand in the crowd watching the headliners, we’ve put together our top festival camping tips to ensure you have a good time.

1. Be confident in your camping set-up

Yellow tent ready to be put up

Whether you’re pitching a tent for the first time or taking your trusty caravan or motorhome, make sure you give it a good check over before you leave. Maximise your time enjoying the festival by minimising any issues with setting up.

2. Pack carefully

Packing a festival bag

Take time packing to make sure you don’t forget anything. Use our camping checklist as a starting point and add your fun festival items.

3. Spot your pitch from a mile away

Bunting on a tent

It’s easy to forget where you’re pitched up on the first day. Flags and pennons are a great way to spot your pitch from a distance.

4. Check the campsite rules

Camper blowing bubbles

It’s worth knowing if there’s anything you can or can’t do before you arrive on-site so you can prepare accordingly. All campsites will have their own set of rules, like our Club Site policies.

5. Make your food fast

Food stalls at a festival

You may not want to spend much time preparing food when a timetable of great acts is on the agenda. Either prepare to buy your food from the festival stands or check out our easy camping meals.

6. Take your reusable water bottle

Reusable water bottle

Ensure you are hydrated at all times by refilling your favourite reusable water bottle to save on time, money and plastic.

7. Prepare for a good night’s sleep

Kids relaxing in a tent

There’s a good chance a festival campsite will be noisy at times which can be annoying if you’re trying to sleep. Make sure you take your most comfortable camping mat, bedding, earplugs, an eye mask, and any other sleeping accessories that may help. If you’re trying to keep camping costs down, look at our guide to buying second-hand camping gear.

8. Pack the right outfits

Campers arriving at a festival

Don’t just take style points into account when packing your clothing. Stay comfy to ensure maximum fun by thinking about the weather, packing layers, waterproofs, and lots of spare items.

9. Take wellies

 People at a festival wearing wellies

Never underestimate how muddy a festival field can get. Go prepared with a pair of wellies or walking boots packed just in case. Bringing a pair of comfy shoes like crocs or garden shoes for when you’re at your campsites is also handy.

10. Be friendly

Campers sat around enjoying a meal

You’ll be camping alongside people with the same interests as you, so introduce yourself and be friendly.

11. Don’t be rubbish


Dispose of your rubbish at the end of the festival because no one likes the campers that leave a mess behind. You’ll find bins on our campsites but if ever run into a situation of not being able to find a suitable place to dispose of your rubbish, take it home with you to dispose of.

12. Protect your valuables

Bum bag

Make sure you take extra precautions to keep your belongings safe at a festival. Don’t keep any valuables visible and keep them in a secure bag that is on you at all times.

13. Bring a portable charger

Portable charger

If you’re camping at a festival it’s a good idea to pack a fully-charged portable charger along with you to preserve your battery life.

14. Staying dry

Staying dry at a festival

Living in the UK, the British summer is certainly not all sunshine but definitely a few rainbows with it being common to attend a wet and muddy festival. However, don’t let wet clothes and muddy boots dampen your experience and prepare in advance for the rainy days with the below checklist:

Pack a light packaway rain jacket or festival poncho. As most festivals are in the summer it doesn’t have to be anything too thick but should have good water-repellent properties to stop yourself getting cold and wet.

Bring plastic bags with you to put damp clothes and shoes in, keeping them separate from dry clothes and your camping tent. If possible, pitch your tent uphill, to avoid the puddles of water that collect at the bottom of the hill and invade your camping area. Once you have set your tent up, spray all over with waterproofing tent spray to give your tent better water protection. For even more expert tips on staying dry, read our guide to camping in the rain.

15. Remember to pack duct tape

Broken tent

Duct tape is an essential item for any camping trip, as it can be used as a short-term solution for repairing any tent holes, tears or broken poles.

16. Let your hair down and enjoy!

We hope these tips help you to have the best festival camping experience and that you make memories to last a lifetime. View more of our camping tips if you're eager to learn more before you go.

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