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Two Person Tents

The Best 2 Man Tents for Couples, Backpackers and Hikers in 2022

A two-man tent is one of the most versatile you can buy and perfect for camping alone, with a buddy, or as a couple. Two-person tents are the most popular because you can use them for all camping scenarios, including backpacking, hiking, and regular camping trips, like a stay on one of our Club Sites.

Two men pitching tent

The tents listed here are designed to accommodate two people. If you’re taking a lot of gear or would like a more spacious interior, you might want to consider purchasing a three or four-man tent instead.

How to choose the best two-man tent

When buying any new tent, you’ll need to consider your needs first. Things to think about before purchasing a two-person tent:

Price – How much are you willing to spend? We’ve listed the tents here with the price ascending.

Weight – Do you need a lightweight two-man tent that’s easy to pack and carry?

Space – How much room do you need inside your tent?

The weather – What elements will your tent have to protect you from? Do you need it to withstand hail, snow, and rain?

Time – Do you need a tent that pitches in seconds?

Porches – Would it be helpful to have a covered outdoor area to keep boots and other gear?

The best two person tents

Vango Tay 200

Vango Tay

Price: from £70
Weight: 3.31kg
Waterproof: 3000mm
Best for: Beginners

The Vango Tay 200 is an ideal starter tent for festivals, weekend camping and anyone just testing the waters. It’s a classic dome style with fibreglass poles, so it’s easy to pitch and gives a little head height. With no covered living space, the bedroom makes for a cosy shelter for two or a good-sized tent for a solo backpacker. This tent does have a small porch area, ideal for storing boots and looking outside via the Crystal Clear Windows.

Vango has fully wind and rain tested this tent so you’ll be able to stay comfortable and dry should the weather take a turn. Nightfall bedrooms should stop the morning light from disturbing a good night’s sleep, and you’ve got lantern hanging points which always come in handy. The pre-attached guy lines and fast pack bag make this an easy tent to set up and put away, which is, again, great for beginners.

Find it here:

Easy Camp Quasar 200 Rustic Green

Easy Camp Quasar

Price: from £71.99
Weight: 3.1kg
Waterproof: 2000mm
Best for: Reliability on a budget

What do we like most about the Quasar 200? The option to have a large, covered porch with a detachable groundsheet at such a good price point. Having that additional covered porch gives you extra storage while keeping the design relatively lightweight and compact.

The classic dome design gives plenty of headspace throughout, making this feel like a roomy two-man option. With taped seams, you’ll find you stay dry in moderate rain showers, but you may want to look at a different option if you’re spending prolonged periods camping in wet weather.

Strong fibreglass poles make this a hardy and reliable tent that should see you through many enjoyable camping trips.

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Outwell Earth 2 Lightweight Tent

Outwell Earth 2

Price: from £94.99
Weight: 3.6kg
Waterproof: 3000mm
Best for: Fast pitching and price

If you’re looking to spend less than £100, the Earth 2 from Outwell is a brilliant option. This fibreglass pole tent offers reliability at a great price point. There are several features that make this tent quick to pitch after a few practice rounds, including the pre-attached guy lines and pre-attachable inner tent. Although this isn’t the lightest tent on the market, it does come with a compression carry bag so it packs down into an easy to carry size.

The dark inner of this tent reduces light disturbance, promoting a better night’s sleep which is nice to have in the summer when the sun rises early. You also don’t have to leave the comfort of your tent to check out what’s going on outside, with two tinted windows just outside the zippered door.

That brings us onto the front entrance, which has a detachable bathtub groundsheet, making it great for storing gear to save space in the bedroom compartment. The flysheet is fully seamed for wind and rain protection, and there’s a good ventilation point at the back of the tent to keep condensation in check.

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Vango Venture 250

Vango Venture

Price: from £130
Weight: 4.95kg
Waterproof: 3000mm
Best for: Space on a budget

With the Venture from Vango, you’ve not only got a bedroom compartment but also a spacious storage or living area which is completely enclosed, keeping you dry and warm.

As well as space, this tent offers a few high-tech features which make its weather performance impressive, given that this is one of the most inexpensive tents on this list. The TBS®II Tension Band System ensures that this tent can stand up to adverse weather, including strong winds. The 3000mm waterproof rating and taped seams make this tent highly waterproof. The groundsheet is, of course, waterproof and prevents drafts due to it being one large groundsheet for both living spaces.

The lights-out Inner keeps light disturbance in the bedroom to a minimum, and you’ve got a partly mesh interior door to keep bugs out, which is important to some. This is another tent with windows which is handy for looking out on poor weather days. All in all, this is an excellent affordable two-man tent.

Find it here:

Trespass Battuta 2 Person Waterproof Backpacking Tent

Trespass Battuta

Price: from £139.99
Weight: 2kg
Waterproof: 3000mm
Best for: Year-round weather protection

Having two doors on a tent is a useful feature when space is tight. On the Trespass Battuta, you’ve not only got a door on either end but also a vestibule on each too. With easy access from either side and plenty of space to store boots out of the rain, this two-man tent is a great option for those wanting a little extra room but who want to stick to the two-person design.

Several unique features make this tent resistant to all weather camping. In-built mosquito nets are useful to keep bugs outside, and the outer layer of this tent is removable, which is a good option for keeping the interior temperature down on warm nights. For easy setup and to keep the rain out, the groundsheet on this model is sewn in. With a 3000mm waterproof rating and taped seams, this tent can handle heavy rain which may be a must-have if you’re camping in the UK.

In terms of structure, this tent has aluminium poles, an internal layer that clips on easily and then the option of adding a flysheet on top for protection from the elements.

Find it here:

Snugpak Scorpion 2


Price: from £299.95
Weight: 2.65kg
Waterproof: 5000mm
Best for: Four-season camping

Looking for a compact, quick to pitch tent which you can use year-round? The four-season Scorpion 2 by Snugpak is worth checking out.

Based on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, Snupak creates their products using not only state of the art materials but machinery and sewing techniques too. The flysheet has a 5000mm hydrostatic head with taped seams, so you’ll stay dry no matter what the UK weather throws at you.

This tent is pitched fly first, which is quick once you get the hang of it, and as this is one of the lightest tents on this list, its ideal for those travelling light.

Find it here:

Robens Goshawk 2EX

Robens Goshawk

Price: from £359.99
Weight: 4.4kg
Waterproof: 5000mm
Best for: Versatility and poor weather

If you’re after versatility and storage space, the two-person Goshawk EX is a great option. With a 5000mm hydrostatic head, taped seams, and plenty of covered porch space, this tent fairs well in poor weather.

At the front of this tent, there’s a large, covered porch that can be accessed by both the front and side doors, giving you plenty of flexibility. If the wind changes direction, making the front porch uncomfortable to be in, you can open the back door and convert it into a smaller sheltered porch. These options give you that little bit of extra space for storing gear and spending time in when the weather isn’t in your favour. If you’re spending long periods out camping in poor weather, this can be invaluable.

Find it here:

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