Discover 10 of the Best Two Person Tents for 2024
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10 of the Best Two Man Tents in 2024

Choosing the best two man tent | Our top 10 two man tents | Tent care and insurance

A two man tent is one of the most versatile tents to purchase as it can be a spacious haven for solo travellers, great for camping with your canine companion or a cosy stay for a couples camping trip.

When staying at one of our many tent campsites, you’ll find that a two man tent is incredibly easy to pitch, durable and lightweight – making it great for backpackers.

To ensure you pick the best two man tent that meets all your camping needs, we’ve compiled a list of the top tents and taken into consideration the price, weight, space, durability and how easy it is to pitch. We’ve also highlighted any extra cool tent features such as storage pockets, skylights, awnings and more.

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Please note: If you’re in need of anything bigger than a two person tent, check out our family tent guide, where we’ve listed over 15 of the best family tents suitable for three or more people.

How to choose the best two man tent

When buying any new tent, you’ll need to consider your needs first. Things to think about before purchasing a two man tent:

Price – How much are you willing to spend? Depending on the tent features, size and weight, two man tents vary in price.

Weight – Do you need a lightweight two man tent that’s easy to pack and carry? If you’re backpacking around the UK, your answer likely is yes. However, if you’re taking a car, you could opt for a heavier tent with more features.

Space – How much room do you need inside your tent? If you’re camping alone, a two man tent is more than enough room. If you’re camping with a buddy, you’ll have to take into consideration whether you’ll need the extra room or if a two man tent is spacious enough. If you think you need extra space, consider our family tent options.

Durability – We know that the UK’s weather is unpredictable. You’ll need a tent that can withstand heavy rain, snowfall or even hail. You also may want to consider a tent that blocks out the heat and light during the summer so you can stay cool.

Time – Do you need a tent that pitches in seconds? More importantly, can you pitch your tent alone, or will you need an extra hand? If you’re camping with another person, you’ll have a second set of helping hands. But if you’re camping alone or with your dog, you may want to consider how easy or difficult it is to pitch a two person tent with little to no support.

Extra features – Tents come with a variety of additional helpful features, including porches, storage pockets, blackout shades, roof skylights, and more. Keep in mind these features when finding your perfect two man tent.

10 popular two man tents

  1. Vango Tay 200 2 Man Tent
  2. Vango Tay

    Weight: 3.31kg

    Waterproof: 3000mm

    Pitching time: 10 minutes

    Best for: Beginners

    Price: From £71.25

    The Vango Tay 200 is an ideal starter tent for festivals, weekend camping, and anyone testing the waters. It’s a classic dome style with fibreglass poles, so it’s easy to pitch. With no covered living space, the bedroom makes for a cosy shelter for two or a good-sized tent for a solo backpacker. This tent has a small porch area, which is ideal for storing muddy boots. You can also watch your belongings by looking through the crystal-clear windows.

    Vango has wind and rain-tested this tent, so you’ll be able to stay comfortable and dry in any condition. Nightfall bedrooms should stop the morning light from disturbing a good night’s sleep, and you’ve got lantern hanging points, which always come in handy. The pre-attached guy lines and fast pack bag make this an easy tent to set up and put away, which is, again, great for beginners.

    In 2023, Vango took the lead again and won the best backpacker tent of the year in our Tent Owner Satisfaction Award. A staggering 88% of participants agreed that Vango’s tents are designed for a lightweight journey. They’re easy to pitch and perfect for backpackers.

    Click here for the Vango Tay 200 2 Man Tent.

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  3. Wild Country Hoolie Compact 2 Man Tent
  4. Weight: 3.15kg

    Waterproof: 5000mm

    Pitching time: Quick pitching due to combined inner and flysheet pegging points

    Best for: Backpackers and extra storage

    Price: from £329.00

    If you’re looking for a comfortable two man tent with a spacious porch and a lot of storage, this Wild Country tent is for you. The flysheet and poles for this tent are all lightweight but incredibly strong. It’s easy to pitch and unassemble after your camping trip.

    For an extra boost of confidence, Wild Country was crowned winner of the Owner Satisfaction Award for Best Backpacking Tent of 2024 by 95%! The brand is much loved by campers and it is a reliable tent for backpackers.

    Click here for the Wild Country Hoolie Compact 2 Man Tent.

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  5. Easy Camp Quasar 200 Rustic Green 2 Man Tent
  6. Easy Camp Quasar

    Weight: 3.1kg

    Waterproof: 2000mm

    Best for: Reliability on a budget

    Price: From £86.99

    The Quasar 200 has a large covered porch with a detachable groundsheet that’s lightweight and perfect for extra storage.

    The classic dome design gives plenty of headspace throughout, making this a roomy two man option. With taped seams, you’ll stay dry in moderate rain showers, but you may want to look at a different option if you’re constantly camping in heavy rain.

    Strong fibreglass poles make this a hardy and reliable tent that should see you through a lot of enjoyable camping trips.

    Click here for the easy Camp Quasar 200 2 Man Tent.

  7. Outwell Earth 2 Man Tent
  8. Outwell Earth 2

    Weight: 3.6kg

    Waterproof: 3000mm

    Pitching time: 3 to 7 minutes

    Best for: Backpackers and new campers

    Price: From £124.99

    The Earth 2 from Outwell is a brilliant two person tent option. It has several features that make it quick to pitch after a few practice rounds, including the pre-attached guy lines and pre-attachable inner tent.

    Although this isn’t the lightest tent on the market, it does come with a compression carry bag, so it packs down into an easy-to-carry size. The dark inner of this tent reduces light disturbance, promoting a better night’s sleep, which is nice to have in the summer when the sun rises early. You also don’t have to leave the comfort of your tent to check out what’s going on outside, with two tinted windows just outside the zippered door.

    That brings us to the front entrance, which has a detachable groundsheet, making it great for storing gear to save space in the bedroom compartment. The flysheet is fully seamed for wind and rain protection, and there’s a good ventilation point at the back of the tent to keep condensation in check.

    Click here for the Outwell Earth 2 Man Tent.

  9. Trespass Battuta 2 Man Tent
  10. Trespass Battuta

    Weight: 2kg

    Waterproof: 3000mm

    Best for: Space and year-round weather protection

    Price: From £107.99

    Having two doors on a tent is a useful feature when space is tight. On the Trespass Battuta, you’ve not only got a door on either end, but you also have a vestibule on each side. With easy access from either side and plenty of space to store boots out of the rain, this two man tent is a great option for those wanting a little extra room.

    Several unique features make this tent perfect for camping in any weather. In-built mosquito nets are useful to keep bugs outside, and the outer layer of this tent is removable, which is a good option for keeping the interior temperature down on warm nights. For an easy setup and to keep the rain out, the groundsheet on this model is sewn in. With a 3000mm waterproof rating and taped seams, this tent can handle heavy rain, which is a must-have when camping in the UK.

    In terms of structure, this tent has aluminium poles, an internal layer that clips on easily, and the option of adding a flysheet on top for protection from the elements.

    Click here for the Trespass Battuta 2 Man Tent.

  11. Snugpak Scorpion 2 Man Tent
  12. Snugpak

    Weight: 2.65kg

    Waterproof: 5000mm

    Pitching time: 18 minutes

    Best for: All year round camping

    Price: From £269.95

    Looking for a compact tent which you can use year-round? The four-season Scorpion 2 by Snugpak is worth checking out.

    Not only is it made with high-quality waterproof material that’ll keep you dry throughout your stay, but it’s also super simple to set up. The fly-first-pitch type tent allows you to set up the fly in wet conditions without getting water inside. It also means that when you’re packing up, you can pack up most of the tent whilst staying dry.

    The Scorpion 2 tent has eight mesh pockets inside for extra storage, and it has two hooks that can be used to hang a light source or wet gear.

    Click here for the Snugpak Scorpion 2 Man Tent.

  13. Robens Goshawk 2 Man Tent
  14. Robens Goshawk

    Weight: 3.9kg

    Waterproof: 5000mm

    Pitching time: 10 minutes

    Best for: Versatility and poor weather

    Price: From £177.99

    With a 5000mm hydrostatic head, taped seams, and plenty of covered porch space, this tent fairs well in poor weather.

    At the front of this tent, there’s a large, covered porch that can be accessed by both the front and side doors, giving you plenty of flexibility. If the wind changes direction, making the front porch uncomfortable to be in, you can open the back door and convert it into a smaller, sheltered porch. These options give you that little bit of extra space for storing gear and spending time in when the weather isn’t in your favour. If you’re spending extended periods out camping in poor weather, this can be invaluable.

    Click here for the Robens Goshawk 2 Man Tent.

  15. Terra Nova Laser Compact 2 Man Tent
  16. Weight: 1.28kg

    Waterproof: 3000mm (flysheet) 7000mm (groundsheet)

    Pitching time: 5 minutes

    Best for: Durable, lightweight and easy to pitch

    Price: From £570

    The Terra Nova Laser Compact 2 man tent is perfect for backpackers camping all year round. The tent is incredibly lightweight and made from breathable fabric, so you won't have to worry about condensation.

    As the flysheet and inner come attached, the tent is simple to pitch and weather resistant, so you can trust it to stay up even in strong winds. This two man tent is perfect for backpackers and those who camp frequently throughout the year.

    Click here for the Terra Nova Laser Compact 2 Man Tent.

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  17. Robens Starlight 2 Man Tent
  18. Weight: 2.5 kg

    Waterproof: 5,000 mm

    Pitching time: 5 minutes

    Best for: Camping all year round and durability

    Price: From £251.99

    Easy to pitch, great value for money, and perfect for camping throughout the year, the Robens Starlight 2 man tent is a brilliant tent to purchase if you’re a frequent camper. The tent has protection vents that can be adjusted from the inside, and it has insect-proof mesh to keep out any pesky mosquitos and aid ventilation.

    Click here for the Robens Starlight 2 Man Tent.

  19. Alpkit Ordos 2 Man Tent
  20. Weight: 1.4 kg

    Waterproof: 3,000mm

    Best for: Backpackers and lightweight campers

    Pitching time: 5 minutes

    Price: From £219.99

    A tent that can roll up to the size of a 2l water bottle, the Alpkit Ordos 2 is a popular two man tent for backpackers and lightweight campers. It's incredibly spacious for solo travellers but a cosy tent for couples. The tent is very easy to pitch and colour-coordinated, so you won't have to struggle with a lengthy instruction manual.

    Click here for the Alpkit Ordos 2 Man Tent.

More two man camping tents

In 2023, we carried out an Owner Satisfaction Survey and gained phenomenal insights on all things tents. From the data gathered, our team was able to identify which tent brands are the best for budget tents, mainstream tents, backpacker tents and more. These top-performing tent brands were then acknowledged in the tent owner satisfaction awards. You can check out the results here.

Taking care of your two man tent

To ensure you make the most of your two man tent, you’ll need to take care of it during each camping trip. Check out our guide on taking care of your tent so you can extend your tent's life and enjoy camping with ease.

We also know that sometimes things don't always go to plan. Make sure your camping trip isn't spoilt by any tent mishaps by exploring tent insurance from Club Care.

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