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The Technical Team at the Club holds a wealth of information and much of it is distilled in these pages.

If you’re looking for the right tyre for your motorhome or need to find a gas cylinder to use on the Continent, the chances are you will find the answer here.

Team members Ian Hewlett and Iain Geddes have both been active campers and caravanners since childhood. Now they regularly test cars and are involved in the Club’s annual Tow Car Awards. They also try out tents, trailer tents, caravans and motorhomes for the magazine’s On Test section and in their own time enjoy their own camping holidays.

Whether your question is about matching a tow car and caravan, how to use an electric hook-up or finding spares to repair your tent, you are likely to find the answer in these pages. But if not, you can ask the team by clicking below.

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  • How much gas can I carry on a ferry?

    We would always recommend you check with your crossing operator as ferry companies reserve the right to amend their policies.

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  • Do I need an adaptor to use a Continental electric hook-up point?

    You may do. Though much of the network of campsites throughout mainland Europe has adapted the same plug as the UK there are some older legacy hook-up bollards using a domestic Continental plug, the sort with two round pins.

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  • How can I find the profile size on my trailer’s tyres?

    You should be able to see the tyre size on the side of the tyre. If yours says 175/80 R 13C on the sidewall this means it is 175mm wide, radial in design (R), has a 13in rim diameter and is a commercial tyre (C).

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