Find a reputable caravan repairer near you with Club Care’s tool

Find a Repairer is a useful online tool that allows touring caravan owners to find a reputable and specialist bodywork repairer, wherever they may be. Designed to be easy to use even if you suffer damage while on holiday and don’t know the area, the tool simply requires your current postcode and the distance you are willing to travel. The search results provide you with all the repairers in your specified search area, complete with a useful map.

Recent data suggests that 1 in 30 caravanners will need to make an insurance claim this year, and this tool will make that process much easier. For insurance purposes, caravan owners will be asked to obtain three quotes for work to repair damage to the caravan and with over 300 repairers, all of whom have been used by Club Care Insurance for bodywork repair on their insured caravans in the past, Club members can be assured that this tool will provide them with reputable repairers to get the quotes from.

The Find a Caravan Repairer scheme also includes over 300 Approved Workshop Scheme members on the system. The Approved Workshop Scheme – a collaboration between the National Caravan Council (NCC), The Camping and Caravanning Club and the Caravan Club – provides a list of hundreds of fixed and mobile workshops across the UK where caravans can be serviced, with their owners having the peace of mind that they have been periodically and independently assessed to ensure they continue to meet and maintain the strict criteria set for scheme membership by providing a service that adheres to the schemes Code of Practice.
Those repairers listed on Find a Caravan Repairer that have been accredited by the Approved Workshop Scheme have been flagged to allow caravanners to see easily which repairers can also carry out routine maintenance and servicing of their caravan.

The tool is fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices, so if you have an accident and need a repairer immediately you can look one up while still on the road. The tool is already receiving hundreds of visitors per month since its launch last year, and has proven useful to all caravanners who have needed it so far.

Try the tool today and discover who your local caravan repairers are!