The Great Australian Triathlon: From Tassie to the Tropics, Part 1

Jonathan Doyle is an outdoor enthusiast and film maker who documented the Great Australian Triathlon, the world's first human-powered vertical crossing of Australia, undertaken by Ben Cianchi, his siblings and fellow outdoor athletes. This is his story.

I joined the Camping and Caravan Club Youth at the age of 12, attending my first meet at Cartmel Racecourse with South Lancs DA. From that day on there was no turning back, the camping bug had bitten. I completed my camping youth test a...
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Send us your newsletters and more

For many years many of the Club’s District Associations and Special Interest Sections have worked extremely hard to pool their creative talents to produce a monthly or quarterly newsletter for their members, whether they be in print or digital format.
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5 interesting things at Caravan and Motorhome 2020

It’s my first show of the new decade and Manchester’s EventCity is a great place to start the camping and caravanning year. The show is compact (compared with the ones at Birmingham’s NEC, anyway) so you can easily see everything in a single day. Yet there’s still plenty of choice in terms of caravan and motorhomes, with all the major manufacturers displaying a selection of models. You also get the chance to visit Destinations, the Holiday and Travel Show at the same time to get...
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Exploring a National Trust treasure

John Traynor has a wealth of knowledge about all things outdoor, he's a contributor to our magazine website and an experienced tent camper.

Next to our Club membership, my favourite annual subscription is our joint National Trust membership. With no need to cough up admission, it’s allowed us to call into properties on impulse rather than planning a visit to get ‘value for money’.

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