10+ of the Best Festival Tents for 2024 and What to Look for
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10+ of the Best Festival Tents for 2024 and What to Look For

Purchasing a tent for a festival can be daunting – especially if you have no idea what features to look out for and what would be the right choice for you. We’ve put together a list of things you’ll need to consider when finding the best festival tent and a list of our top recommended festival tents for 2024. We’ve also included some brilliant member-exclusive discounts so you don’t miss a great deal.


What to look out for when picking the right festival tent

A comfortable and reliable tent is a must when you’re packing for a festival. You’ll want to be well-rested and ready for any festivities. Here are some top things to consider when finding a festival tent.

  1. Tent size
  2. Are you attending the festival alone, with your partner, friends or maybe even a dog? As tents are sold in different sizes based on the number of people that can fit lying down, you’ll need to decide what tent size is right for you.

    If you’re camping alone, a one-person tent might suffice, but we recommend opting for a two-man tent because they often weigh the same, cost the same and have similar features but are more spacious.

    Any more than two people, we recommend looking into a family tent. There’s a wide range of these that come in all sizes. Before purchasing one, check the festival's website to see if they have a maximum size limit per tent.

  3. Is it easy to pitch?
  4. The last thing you want is to reach your destination and spend hours pitching up a complicated tent. When looking for a tent, research the difficulty in pitching, and ask the seller for a demonstration. Also, practice pitching up your tent at home before your trip. Why? Well, it’ll be pretty frustrating if you've reached your destination and your tent is missing equipment or, worse, damaged.

    Click here for more guidance on how to pitch a tent.

  5. Blackout tents
  6. Unless you can sleep well with lights peeping through or you wake up at the crack of dawn, a blackout tent is recommended. It’s not only great for blocking out the sun and UV rays, but it’s also good for temperature control, as it’ll keep your tent cool if you’re camping in the British heat.

  7. Durability and weatherproof
  8. There’s no surprise that the UK weather is super unpredictable. Unless you’re lucky enough to experience one of our glorious summer heatwaves, you’ll need to make sure your tent’s hardy enough to endure a rain shower or two (think, muddy Glastonbury scenes).

    To get technical, waterproof ratings (known as the Hydrostatic Head rating) will be given in millimetres (mm) from 800mm to 10,000mm. The higher the rating, the more rain your tent can handle without leaking.

    If the weather really isn’t in your favour, make sure you open your vents to keep condensation at bay, pack waterproof jackets and clothing and a pair of sensible footwear.

  9. Consider a festival tent with an awning
  10. Although it’s not necessary, it’ll definitely come in handy. A great optional feature for your festival tent is an awning. These provide a small outdoor shelter which you can use to socialise and store your muddy boots or clothing – keeping your tent interior clean and dry.

10+ of the best festival tents to buy in 2024

Here is a list of some of our favourite festival tents to purchase in 2024. We’ve included tents for solo festival goers, couples and large groups. We’ve also included a few of the key features of each tent, so you’ll know exactly why it stands out for us.

  1. Regatta Zeefest festival tent
  2. Regatta Zeefest 2 Man

    Find the Regatta Zeefest festival tent here from £48.95.

    This two-man festival tent by Regatta is on the lower end of the price scale, which makes it ideal for those starting out with camping or spending all their cash on festival tickets. It’s great for a solo festival goer, but if two of you have a lot of luggage, this option might be a bit of a squeeze.

    Key features:

    • Sleeps – 2 people
    • Pitch up time – 10 minutes
    • Waterproof hydrostatic head rating – 2000mm
    • Strong and flexible fibreglass poles
    • Waterproof sewn-in groundsheet
    • Small porch for muddy shoes
    • Internal pockets for storage

  3. Easy Camp Moonlight Tipi
  4. Moonlight Tipi Easy Camp

    Find the Easy Camp Moonlight Tipi here from £189.99.

    Eye-catching, stylish, and roomy enough for all your friends, the Easy Camp Moonlight Tipi is a perfect example of a tent offering so much more than its price point.

    To back up its fantastic glamping credentials, this tent was commended in the Camping Editor’s Choice Awards 2021.

    Key features:

    • Sleeps – 8 people
    • Pitch up time – 11 minutes
    • Waterproof hydrostatic head rating – 3000mm
    • Weight – 6.8kg
    • Six large storage pockets
    • Hanging point on the central pole
    • Spacious – 180cm+ headroom allows adults to stand upright

  5. Coleman OctaGo tent
  6. Octagon Hi

    Find the Coleman OctaGo tent here from £167.50.

    A spacious tent perfect for couples and a dog or three people. The Coleman OctaGo tent makes for a luxurious living experience during your festival.

    Key features:

    • Sleeps – 3 people
    • Pitch up time – 10 minutes
    • Waterproof hydrostatic head rating – 2,000mm
    • Weight – 24kg
    • Mosquito nets and sewn in groundsheet
    • 7 windows
    • A lantern hanging points

  7. Robens Chinook Ursa
  8. Chinook Ursa

    Find the Robens Chinook Ursa here from £579.

    Another good group tent, but at a higher price point, is the Chinook Ursa by Robens, sleeping up to 8. One of the best features of this tent is the ability to open the whole front, which makes an inviting social space ideal for days spent exploring the festival and making new friends.

    Key features:

    • Sleeps – 8 people
    • Pitch up time – 13 minutes
    • Weight – 21.7kg
    • Front door converts to a sunshade
    • Lantern hanging point
    • Spacious – 180cm+ headroom allows adults to stand upright
    • Good ventilation – can withstand wet and windy weather

  9. Regatta Malawi pop up festival tent
  10. Regatta Malawi 2 Man pop up

    Find the Regatta Malawi pop-up festival tent here from £115.45.

    This geometric print festival tent by Regatta couldn’t be easier to put up with its two second pitching time. Getting it back in the bag at the end of your festival may take a little longer, so we recommend giving it a go at home first.

    Key features:

    • Sleeps – 2 people
    • Pitch up time – immediate
    • Waterproof hydrostatic head rating – 3000mm
    • Strong and flexible fibreglass poles
    • Internal pockets for storage and lantern hanging points
    • Multiple vents and mesh door allow air flow throughout whilst keeping out insects

  11. Quechua Arpenaz 4.1
  12. Quechua Arpenaz

    Find the Quechua Arpenaz 4.1 tent here from £139.99.

    A great festival tent for when there are more than two of you is the Quechua Arpenaz 4.1.

    Key features:

    • Sleeps – 4 people
    • Spacious as campers can stand up in the living room
    • Flysheet above the living area to limit condensation
    • Easy to pitch
    • Waterproof hydrostatic head rating – 2000mm (flysheet) 2400mm (groundsheet)
    • Weight – 10.2kg
    • Wind resistant
    • A separate room for privacy

  13. Mountain Warehouse festival tent
  14. Mountain Warehouse Festival tent

    Find the Mountain Warehouse festival tent here from £29.99.

    A great price point for those looking for a cheaper camping tent that’s easy to pitch, compact and lightweight.

    Key features

    • Sleeps – 4 people
    • Weight – 2.5kg
    • Breathable – Mesh door allows airflow, keeps the tent cooler and prevents condensation
    • Strong and flexible fibreglass poles
    • Easy to assemble tent
    • Taped seams

    Although this is a well-priced and great festival tent, it’s worth considering that this single-layer tent, although water-resistant, is more suited to fair weather camping with light rain showers.

  15. Eurohike Rydal 500
  16. Find the Eurohike Rydal 500 here from £95.

    Weighing in on the heavier side of tents, the Eurohike Rydal 500 is a good festival tent for those in groups looking for a spacious and comfortable sleep.

    Key features:

    • Sleeps – 5 people
    • Pitch up time – 15 minutes
    • Waterproof hydrostatic head rating – 2000mm
    • Weight – 14.6kg
    • Darkened fabric to block out sunlight and heat
    • Ventilation points
    • Bedroom divider
    • Large windows and privacy curtains
    • Weight – 14.6kg

  17. Vango Tay 200
  18. Vango Tay

    Find the Vango Tay 200 here from £71.21.

    Club members can get an additional 15% off Cotswold Outdoors.

    The Vango Tay 200 is the ideal starter tent for those who haven't purchased or pitched up before.

    In 2023, Vango took the lead again and won our Tent Owner Satisfaction Award for the best backpacker tent of the year. A staggering 88% of participants agreed that Vango’s tents are designed for a lightweight journey. They’re easy to pitch and perfect for backpackers or festival-goers.

    Key features:

    • Sleeps – 2 people
    • Pitch up time – 10 minutes
    • Waterproof hydrostatic head rating – 3000mm
    • Weight – 3.31kg
    • Blackout features to avoid sunlight and tent heating up
    • Lantern hanging point
    • Small porch area ideal for muddy boots and wet coat

  19. Coleman Octagon Blackout Tent
  20. Octagon BlackOut Coleman

    Find the Coleman Octagon Blackout tent here from £350.

    A brilliant tent for festival campers is the Coleman Octagon Blackout tent. It’s perfect for groups of people, has plenty of room, and is equipped with great blackout technology – blocking out up to 99% of daylight and keeping the tent cool.

    Key features:

    • Sleeps – 8 people
    • Pitch up time – 15 minutes
    • Waterproof hydrostatic head rating – 4500mm
    • Weight – 29.8kg
    • BlackOut Bedroom® technology
    • Full head height and rigid hinged door makes entering and leaving the tent easy

  21. Vango Beta 350XL CLR
  22. Find the Vango Beta 350XL CLR tent here from £250.

    Club members save more with our Vango Camping Recycled discounts.

    A spacious tent for couples or a cosy stay for three, the Vango Beta 350XL is a great camping tent and perfect for festivals.

    Key features:

    • Sleeps – 3 people
    • Pitch up time – 15 minutes
    • Waterproof hydrostatic head rating – 3,000mm
    • Weight – 6.6kg
    • Nightfall bedroom helps reduce light and keep the tent cool
    • Lantern hanging point

We hope this guide has given you a helpful insight into festival tents perfect for you. If you want to make the most of your purchase, book a campsite today and explore the beautiful outdoors. We have campsites all around the UK and tons of things to discover.

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