Norwich Club Site Walks

Boudicca Way walk

This walk Norwich Club Site, through rolling countryside, will take you back in time along part of the Boudicca Way, past a farm being run to enhance the wildlife through to Venta Icenorum, the old Roman town in what is now Caistor St Edmund.

Boudicca Way

Boudicca Way Club Site walk

 Distance:7.7m / 12.3km


Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Moderate

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Sights of the city walk

This circular walk from Norwich Club Site takes you through Norwich city centre to visit the Cathedral, Castle, historic sights and quaint lanes. Whilst also giving you the opportunity to enjoy the old and modern architecture, as well as to pop into the shops.

Sights of Norwich

Sights of the city Club Site walk

Distance: 5.7m / 9.1km


Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Smooth

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