Portable BBQ Buying Guide: 10 Smoking Hot Camping BBQs
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Portable BBQ Buying Guide: What you need to know for the Ultimate Camping BBQ

What better way to welcome the summer than the smell of burning woodchips paired with charred meat (or veggies), sizzling spices and great vibes? A barbecue (BBQ) cookout is a must when camping at one of our many campsites across the UK. You can proudly showcase your grilling prowess with these sizzling hot barbecue recipes on your new portable BBQ.

Whether you’re a tent camper, proud owner of a caravan, motorhome or rooftop tent, we have a portable BBQ suitable for you. This all-inclusive BBQ buying guide gives you insights on everything you need to consider and know before buying a BBQ that’s right for you.

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Things to consider before purchasing a portable bbq

Before we dive into which portable BBQs might be the right fit for you, there are several questions you need to answer, including,

  1. What is your budget?
  2. Portable BBQs can range in price. You can find some for as little as £50 and others as much as a few hundred. We’ve included a range of portable camping BBQs in our list below so you can pick one in your budget.

    Worth noting: Although cheap, refrain from purchasing disposable or one-use-only portable BBQs. These are not only poor in quality, but the charcoal is usually unpleasant to deal with, and they don’t last very long – you may find yourself with a few uncooked patties.

    If you do use a disposable barbeque, do not use it directly on grass, as the heat will kill the turf. Also, refrain from placing it on a table as it can damage it. Instead, purpose-built stands are available, or you can use bricks to prop it up securely.

  3. How many people are you catering for?
  4. You may not need to invest in a large portable BBQ if you're a solo traveller. However, if you love camping with your family and friends or perhaps you enjoy cooking for your fellow campers, you’ll need to purchase a larger BBQ to enjoy tasty meals together.

  5. How often are you planning on using your portable BBQ?
  6. BBQs come in all shapes and sizes – some with cooler gadgets than others. If you only pull the BBQ out once a year, you may want to opt for something simpler. However, if you enjoy grilling year-round, look at more durable and reliable BBQs.

  7. How much space do you have?
  8. The last thing you want to do is buy a shiny new BBQ and not be able to take it with you on your camping adventure due to lack of space or its weight. You’ll need to consider how much space you have for the BBQ and its accessories (including a gas canister if needed) and whether you can fit it in your unit or car when travelling.

  9. Gas, charcoal, or other?
  10. All BBQs have different heating and fuel sources. These sources all carry their own advantages and disadvantages, from being safer and easier to use to changing the flavour of the food you grill. The main fuel sources are:

    • Gas
    • Charcoal
    • Pellet
    • Electric

    Before purchasing a BBQ, check what (if any) restrictions there are on BBQs at your campsite. Some campsites may ban particular types of BBQs or have strict rules on using them. For more information on using barbecues on Club Sites, click here, or check out our camping safety information so you and other campers can camp safely.

10 of the best portable BBQs for 2023

Here are some great portable BBQ suggestions that are perfect for grilling on the go.

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1. Cobb Premier Charcoal Barbecue Grill (with a carry bag)

The Cobb premier charcoal barbecue grill is a stainless-steel portable BBQ that’ll fit perfectly in tight spaces and can be taken anywhere in its specially designed case. This BBQ weighs just 3.8kg making it super light and easy to move around. It’s also fuel efficient. With eight to ten charcoal briquettes providing up to 3 hours of cooking time, you’ll have everyone’s food cooked to perfection.

Buy it here from £169.99.

2. LotusGrill

Portable BBQ

The Lotus Grill is a great portable BBQ that comes in three different sizes – LotusGrill Mini, LotusGrill Standard and LotusGrill XL.

The mini weighs just 2.8kg and is suitable for up to 2 people. The standard LotusGrill weighs 3.7kg and is suitable for up to 5 people. Finally, the XL weighs 6.5kg and caters for up to 10 people.

All models are ingenious portable BBQs that heat up in under 5 minutes and give the authentic charcoal-cooked flavour without the mess and fuss of a regular BBQ.

Buy it here from £140.

3. Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker

Portable BBQ

A highly recommended portable BBQ grill is the Ninja Woodfire. This BBQ has no charcoal, gas or flames and instead includes woodfire technology which burns natural wood pellets for an authentic smoky taste. With seven cooking functions including air fry, roast, bake, reheat and dehydrate, you can effortlessly prepare a wide range of dishes and make a few campers jealous.

Buy it here from £349.99.

4. Weber Gas Barbecue Bundle

Portable BBQ

Summon your inner grill master with the Weber gas barbecue bundle. This all-inclusive portable BBQ is on the heavier side of BBQs as it weighs 19kg, but it’s definitely worth the splurge as you’ll have everything you need, from premium utensils to cleaning brushes. This Weber BBQ has an easy ignition system, heats up in 5 minutes and has a micro-adjustable gas burner valve that allows you to control the heat.

Buy it here from £458.00.

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5. George Foreman Portable Charcoal BBQ

The perfect cooking partner for cooking on the go is the George Foreman 14-inch portable BBQ. It’s lightweight (weighing just 2.8kg) and has a durable, heat-resistant and lockable handle, great for easy lifting and checking if your food is cooked just right.

Buy it here from £49.99.

6. Traeger Ranger Portable BBQ

Portable BBQ

Specially designed for those on the go, the Traeger Ranger is a fantastic portable BBQ option for larger camping groups. Weighing roughly 27kg and catering for up to 4 people, this BBQ gives authentic wood-fire flavouring, has a digital arc controller for precise temperature control and a Keep Warm Mode to make sure your food is ready to eat when you are.

Buy it here from £549.99.

7. Everdure CUBE Charcoal BBQ Grill

Portable BBQ

Enjoy mess-free charcoal cooking on the go with this phenomenal portable BBQ. The CUBE has an integrated food-grade storage tray, preparation board and porcelain enamel firebox. Not only is it easy to transport with its heat-resistant handles and lightweight feel, but it’s also durable, easy to set up and simple to clean.

Buy it here from £199.

8. Cadac Citi Chef 40 Table Top BBQ

Citi chef portable BBQ

Show off your skills with the Cadac Citi Chef portable BBQ. This trendy gas BBQ has a ceramic non-stick coated cooking grill made from aluminium for even heat distribution and an easy cleanup. It also weighs just 6kg and comes with a handy carry case so you can safely carry the BBQ on your travels.

Buy it here from £99.97.

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9. BergHOFF Tabletop BBQ

Portable BBQ

Easy to carry, easy to use and easy on the eyes, the BergHOFF portable BBQ is a stylish BBQ to have for your camping adventures around the UK. The portable BBQ weighs 7kg and has two detachable handles as well as a carry strap. The BergHOFF is also super simple to assemble and disassemble for easy cleaning.

Buy it here from £159.

10. George Foreman Go Anywhere Briefcase Portable Charcoal Grill

Weighing less than 4kg, the George Foreman Briefcase BBQ is a brilliant addition to any camping trip. It can easily slip into your car, or you can carry it by hand, it caters for up to 3 people at a time, requires no assembly, and it’s super slim and durable.

Buy it here from £49.99.

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