33 Brilliant BBQ Recipe Ideas for a Sizzling Hot Summer
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33 Brilliant BBQ Recipes

Fire up the grill and get your barbecue on this summer with our hand-picked selection of sizzling hot BBQ recipes.

1. Barbecue shrimp skewers

Barbecue shrimp skewers

Tis the season to put a shrimp on the barbie with this quick and easy shrimp skewers recipe.

2. Grilled pineapple

Grilled pineapple

Juicy and sweet, grilled pineapple makes the perfect summer snack.

3. Grilled corn on the cob

Grilled  corn on the cob

A simple side dish, grilled corn on the cob is the summertime crunch you crave.

4. Chicken tikka skewers

Chicken skewers

Healthy and light, this dish is perfect for the barbecue or grill.

5. Chilli and lime halloumi with bbq'd ratatouille


Enjoy this tasty and easy-to-make Mediterranean vegetable stew consisting of courgettes, aubergines, peppers and tomatoes. 

6. Tandoori grilled chicken with red cabbage slaw

Tandoor grilled chicken

Tantalize your taste buds with this delectable barbecue dish.

7. Pulled sweet potato tacos

Pulled sweet potato tacos

Add a splash of colour to your summer feast with this yummy veggie dish.

8. Grilled kofte

Grilled kofte

Try your hand at barbecuing  this mouth-watering Cypriot meat dish.

9. Grilled BBQ burger

Grilled BBQ burger

Fire up the grill and use this burger recipe to make the juiciest burger you’ve ever had.

10. Speed steak and stilton wrap

Speed steak and stilton wrap

Gear up your BBQ for a succulent steak recipe that is great value for money.

11. Korean chilli, sesame & honey chicken

Korea chilli chicken

This Korean dish with sweet and spicy glaze is simply delectable.

12. Honey BBQ chicken wings

Wings always go down a treat at a BBQ, and these sweet and sticky honey  chicken wings are no exception.

13. BBQ sticky slow-cooked ribs

Slow cooked ribs

Try out family favourite sticky slow-cooked ribs, perfect for BBQ season.

14. BBQ aubergines


This veggie dish combines the taste of smoky and sweet to make the ultimate tasting dish.

15. BBQ sausages with tomato sauce

Sausages with tomato sauce

BBQ sizzling sausages in tomato ketchup sauce.

16. Garlic and chilli prawn skewers

Garlic and chilli prawns

Prawns smothered in a garlic chilli sauce and grilled on the BBQ are a truly exquisite side dish. 

17. Barbecued banana split

Barbecued banana split

When we talk about BBQ food we normally think of savoury, however sweet BBQ food can be equally scrumptious. Enjoy this easy-to-follow chocolate banana split recipe.

18. Toasted marshmallows


Toast marshmallows on the BBQ for a sugary snack in the outdoors. If you chuck some digestive biscuits in the mix you could even make yourself s’mores!

19. Cauliflower steak and herb sauce

Cauliflower steak and herb sauce

Cauliflower steak is the perfect veggie alternative to a meat steak.

20. Stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers

Impress your friends and family with this quick and easy BBQ recipe.

21. Gammon steak and pineapple

Gammon steak and pineapple

Always a crowd-pleaser, follow this delicious and easy recipe to make BBQ gammon steak with fresh pineapple.

22. BBQ baked potato

Baked potato

Barbecue baked potatoes is the way forward this summer.

23. Grilled halloumi and sweet pepper kebab skewers

Grilled halloumi and sweet pepper kebab skewers

Halloumi is an essential BBQ snack. Try out this delicious halloumi and sweet pepper kebab recipe.

24. Grilled salmon in foil

Grilled salmon in foil

Cooking fish on the barbecue doesn’t have to be intimidating - follow this foolproof recipe for cooking grilled salmon in foil.

25. Rib eye steak

Rib eye steak

Treat yourself to a rib-eye steak on the barbie.

26. Pulled BBQ aubergine & black bean burgers

Pulled aubergine

Try out this yummy veggie dish, perfect for all the family.

27. Smoky and spicy yoghurt marinated chicken kebabs

Smoky and spicy yoghurt marinated chicken kebabs

If you love spice and flavour, this is the ideal BBQ recipe for you.

28. New potato skewers with satay sauce

New potatoes

Check out this new potato skewers recipe, it’s simply mouth-watering.

29. Coronation chickpeas

Coronation chickpea curry

Coronation chickpeas are the ultimate veggie side dish to have with your barbecue.

30. Garden salad

Garden salad

Garden salad with a barbecue in the English summer is a must.

31. Grilled watermelon + feta salad

Juicy and sweet, this watermelon and feta dish tastes like summer in a salad. If watermelon isn’t your thing, you can replace it with nectarine instead.

32. Cuban mojo marinade

Cuban mojo marinade

Give your BBQ a cuban twist with this flavorful marinade recipe.

33. Asian chilli marinade

Asian Chilli Marinade

Asian chilli marinade is super easy to make. Just mix 4 tbsp of sriracha, a chunk of grated ginger, a chopped stalk of lemongrass, 2 limes and 1 tbsp palm sugar. This marinade is perfect for salmon fillets or chicken.

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