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20 reasons why you'll fall in love with autumn camping

Nothing showcases the beauty of the British landscape better than the autumn season. Imagine walking beneath towering trees as leaves of all shapes, sizes and colours tumble down around you.

What about the cold and the rain? Your objections to autumn camping are duly noted, but we’re British, the type of people that would turn up at the beach in a blizzard. We’re made of sterner stuff and the great outdoors is in our blood. It’s not like the autumn weather comes as a surprise, right? It happens every year and it is all part of the camping experience. Here are 20 reasons why autumn camping rocks.

Derwentwater in the Lake District in autumn

1. Green to gold

Autumn unveils a beauty that’s breathtaking to behold as greenery gives way to a stunning display of crimson and gold. Stepping out of your tent each morning to the splendour of the season will warm your heart as you witness the magnificence of one of nature’s greatest transformations.

2. Kids love autumn

There’s no greater joy than witnessing the excitement on a child’s face when they spot a huge pile of leaves they want to pounce upon. Experience the laughter and delight as they frolic in the autumn foliage, kicking up leaves and rolling around raucously. Find your ideal family-friendly campsite

3. Dogs love autumn

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching your canine companion bound head first into a mountain of forest foliage. The autumn season brings new sights, sound and smells for your four-legged friend to experience and their enthusiasm will make any autumn camping trip worthwhile. Camping with your dog is a great way to make memories, check out our dog-friendly camping advice to find packing list essentials and to view information on Seasonal Canine Illness which campers should be aware of during the autumn months.

Tree lined night sky full of stars

4. Crisp, clear days

The crisp, clear mornings of autumn offer the very best weather, making it the ideal season for walking. Enjoy a heart-pumping hike like never before as you breathe in the fresh air. Rise early enough from your slumber and you might witness a sensational sunrise as light pierces through the trees illuminating the woodland around you. It’s magical.

5. Clear night skies

Behold the vast expanse of clear night skies, lit up by thousands of stars and the mystical moon. Gaze upon twinkling stars and surreal meteor showers before winter brings nights too nippy to sit outside. 

With a number of our Club Sites located near dark sky parks, take the opportunity to marvel at the wonders of the heavens on a whole new level.

6. Unforgettable photos

Capture ‘no filter’ moments on camera that will look great on social media. Against a backdrop of wondrous woodland, where leaves tumble from the trees around you in a rainbow of vibrant colours.

Couple with backpacks on autumn hike

7. Quieter campsites

As the autumn season arrives, peace and tranquillity settles on campsites up and down the country. The hustle and bustle of summer has passed, making autumn camping more appealing for those of you who enjoy a quiet, relaxing pace of life. Our Club Sites are a haven of serenity at the best of times, but autumn brings with it a different atmosphere.

8. Off-season prices

Autumnal camping means lower prices, a chance to enjoy an action-packed adventure and experience something new, at a fraction of the cost.

9. Bonding

Whether it’s a team-building break or a family foray, our Club Sites are the perfect place in which to share an autumnal camping experience. It’s a great way to bond, as you gather in the customary camping circle, snuggled in your warmest outdoor gear, drinking hot chocolate and recalling the activities of the day. No technology, just pleasant conversation.

Beautiful sunset over Scottish mountains

10. Getting active outdoors

Not too hot, not too cold - autumn is the perfect season for getting active outdoors. Autumnal camping opens your eyes to the true beauty of the great outdoors, offering you an unrestricted journey of discovery and exploration. Walk, cycle, hike or run and experience the intoxicating aromas and the stunning scenery that autumn brings.

11. Alfresco eating

Breakfast at the break of dawn against a back-drop of the rising sun. Dinner beneath the stars surrounded by camping lanterns. Alfresco eating is a must when camping in autumn, it adds to the experience and our Club Sites are the perfect place to indulge in camping’s culinary delights.

12. Spectacular sunsets

As the autumn days draw to an early close, the whole family can experience incredible sunsets together. There’s nothing quite like watching the last flicker of light sink below the horizon as you see the sky transform before your eyes, revealing the mindboggling mass of space above you.

Man with a red backpack walking through valley in the autumn

13. Pub pit stops

Many of the walking routes in proximity to our Club Sites are home to a number of delightful taverns along the way. Autumn ales and classic pub grub favourites make any walk all the more enjoyable.

14. Gilets

At no other time of year is a gilet more fashionable than autumn. Gilets and autumn camping go hand-in-hand. Wear that gilet with pride this autumn, you will be one of the coolest campers on our Club Sites.

15. Fewer insects and bugs

Camping in the autumn means fewer bugs to contend with as they head for warmer climates. Fewer bites and fewer creepy crawlies taking over the tent makes camping a much more pleasant experience.

Conkers on the ground in autumn surrounded by leaves

16. Different activities

Autumn treats you to camping activities you can’t experience during other seasons of the year, for instance pumpkin picking and carving ready for Halloween. To attract more campers in the autumn season, campsites will normally increase the number of activities available on site.

17. Bird watching

With a number of species migrating from Britain’s shores and heading for warmer climes, the exodus can be quite a spectacle. Catch a glimpse of rarely seen birds as they take to the skies, there’s no better place to see these magnificent creatures than in a rural, countryside setting.

18. Segways

Travel Britain’s forest and woodland floors in style by taking an autumn Segway tour. What better way to behold the beauty of the season as you whizz beneath towering trees, while showered with colourful leaves like confetti at wedding?

19. Conkers

Autumn is the time of year conkers shed their spiky exteriors. Although banned on the school playground, with a little adult supervision, a gentle game of conkers can be really nostalgic. For some, it’s an opportunity to relive your childhood years, making conkers a really good reason to set off for a camping trip this autumn season.

20. The atmosphere

Autumn makes camping really atmospheric, with eerie mists hovering over the landscape and captivating cloud displays, it’s almost as if you’re on the moors of Wuthering Heights.

Autumn camping is an incredible experience that will ignite your sense of adventure. With hundreds of campsites across Britain, make this autumn season one of the most memorable of your life. Camping is a British tradition, whatever the weather, whatever the season. We can’t wait to welcome you.

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