The 12 Best Family Tents and What to Look For

Camping is an ideal way to get the family to spend some quality time together. It can be challenging to encourage everyone to put their phones down, but camping offers families the opportunity to get back to basics and reconnect with nature. If you want to take the whole family away, make sure you’ve got the right tent first. We’ve compiled a guide to the best family tents, and what to look for when choosing the right tent for you.

What to look for when buying a new family tent

As with any holiday, accommodation is crucial to keeping the whole family happy. Choosing the right tent for you can feel like an overwhelming decision. For starters, there are thousands of options available to you, each with different size, shape, colour and functionality. To make the decision a little easier, here are a few tips on what to look for when purchasing a family tent:

While it’s important you like the look of your tent, there’s no point in going for something that looks stylish, when ultimately, it might not keep you warm and dry. While we do live in a beautiful country, the weather is unpredictable at best. Therefore, it’s worth looking at the waterproof rating of any tent, also known as the Hydrostatic Head rating. The rating measures the quantity of rain the tent can withstand in millimetres. It’s key to remember that the higher score, the more durable the tent.

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It is nice to gather the family in one place, but it’s also essential to make sure everybody has enough space. Despite taking longer to erect and dismantle, staying in a bigger tent will make sleeping, socialising and relaxing far more agreeable. When choosing your tent, consider the number of people that will be staying inside, and whether the size seems adequate.

Whether it be awnings, storage pockets, hanging points, vents or porches, the smallest details can make the most significant difference to your holiday. Research some of the more minor functional features of the tent, to see what makes it unique and stand out from the rest of the market.

Our favourite family tents

From compact 3-person tents to large 10-person units, we’ve compiled a guide to our twelve favourite tents to take the family away in.

1. Berghaus Air 6 XL

With customisable sleeping spaces, the Berghaus Air is the ideal tent no matter how many members of the family you’re taking away. The generous standing room allows you to socialise comfortably in the tent. Erect the partition walls in the sleeping area if you want to create a sense of privacy or take them back down if you want more of a communal feel. Stay cool with the ventilated bedrooms and control the natural light with the integrated curtains.

View this tent, prices from £860.00

2. Coleman Mosedale 5 Family Tent

Coleman Mosedale

Despite its large size, the Coleman Mosedale 5 is surprisingly easy to pitch due to its simple tunnel construction. With two bedrooms and a spacious living area, the Mosedale can comfortably house a family of up to 5 people. In 2019, Coleman was awarded the prize of Best Family Tent at the Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards with a satisfaction rating of 93%.

View this tent, prices from £259.99

3. Eurohike Sendero 4 Family Tent

With prices starting from just £79, the Eurohike Sendero is fantastic value for money. Accommodating up to four people, the Sendero boasts a large bedroom and porch area. Assemble the tent with lightweight fibreglass poles and the fully sewn groundsheet – keeping out draughts and insects. This tent is the ideal choice for first-time family campers.
View this tent, prices from £79.00

4. Hi-Gear Voyager Eclipse 6 Person Tent

Hi-Gear Voyager

With innovative Eclipse technology, the Hi-Gear Voyager Eclipse 6 will be popular with both early risers and late sleepers. The bedrooms exhibit this light-blocking fabric, allowing you to sleep peacefully all through the morning. Boasting an immensely strong cross-pole design, the Voyager Eclipseremains reliable and flexible, even in the most unpleasant conditions. In 2020, Hi-Gear tents were voted joint 1st in the Best Family Tents category at the Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards.

View this tent, prices from £249.00

5. Kampa Studland 8 Classic Air Pro Tent

Kampa dometic

Due to the sturdiness and reliability of their products, Kampa won the Best Family Tent award at the 2018 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards and came highly recommended in 2019. The Studland 9 Classic Air Pro is a large premium tent, housing up to 8 people. Thanks to its AirFrame system, the unit can be quickly erected in less than one minute. In the summertime, the tent stays comfortably cool thanks to its Weathershield AirFlow material - which allows it to breathe easily in warm temperatures.

View this tent, prices from £1,799.99

6. Outdoor Revolution Vacation 5.0 Inflatable Tent

Inflating in just ten minutes, the Outdoor Revolution Vacation is an inflatable tent boasting a quick-pitching and pole-free Quadruple Oxygen Air Frame Tube System. Made with lightweight and waterproof fabric, the Vacation has a respectable Hydrostatic Head rating of 3000mmm. The tent sleeps up to five people, with the optional bedroom divider splitting the bedroom into two.

View this tent, prices from £629.00

7. Outwell Airville 6SA

Outwell Airville 6SA

Ideal for camping adventures with friends and family, the Outwell Airville 6SA is a super spacious and well-designed unit. Sleeping six people in two master bedrooms, the tent’s Power Air System with Gothic-style tubes can be inflated and deflated with minimum difficulty. The large tinted windows reduce glare and ensure privacy.

View this tent, prices from £1624.99

8. Quechua Arpenaz 4.1 Family Camping Tent

Quechua Arpenaz

Specially designed for family camping trips, the Quechua Arpenaz is an affordable four-person tent, offering fantastic value for money. The flysheet’s fabric can withstand winds over 50 miles per hour and offers UPF 30 sun protection. When erected, the roof of the tent stands well over head height, making it easy to stand up and walk around. In 2020, Quechua was awarded Highly Commended status in the Best Family category at the 2020 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards.

View this tent, prices from £99.99

9. Quest Touareg Bell 10-Person Tent

Accommodating up to ten people, the Quest Touareg Bell is a tipi-style tent perfect for summer camping with large families. During the summer, roll up the sides and enjoy the spacious socialising area. In the winter, roll down the sides and socialise comfortably around the single central pole. Stay cool in the summer and warmer in the winter with the 100% cotton canvas flysheet equipped with breathing and insulating properties.

View this tent, prices from £740.00

H2: 10. Robens Klondike Grande 9 Person Tent

Robens Klondike

Comfy, roomy and straightforward to pitch, the Robens Klondike Grande is a retro-styled bell tent equipped with modern technology. Designed with HydroTex Polycotton Fabric with a water-repellent treatment, the Klondike Grande benefits from reduced condensation and natural breathability. Housing up to nine people, this model has a stovepipe port, ideal for a wood-burning stove.

View this tent, prices from £850.00

11. Vango Beta 350XL Tent

Vango Beta

Perfect for a small family camping trip, the Vango Beta 350XL can comfortably accommodate up to three people. The tent gives an impressive space to weight ratio due to its tunnel design. The Vango Beta gets its sturdy stability from the Tension Band System, which can be adjusted to prevent sideways movement in strong, changeable winds. Store your various pieces of camping gear in the functional porch area. In 2018, Vango Tents were voted Highly Commended in the Best Family Category at the 2018 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards.

View this tent, prices from £180.00

12. Zempire Aerodome III Air Tent

Despite its vast size, the Zempire Aerodrome is surprisingly simple to erect. The Aerodome can sleep up to nine people in three separate compartments, giving you a variety of options for sleeping arrangements. The great dome structure gives you plenty of space to socialise. Light and air flow breezily through the tent due to the various draught vents. The tent’s fabric has a Hydrostatic Head rating of 5000mm, keeping testing weather at bay throughout your holiday.

View this tent, prices from £849.99

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