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#25 Towing with a motorhome

#25 #25 Towing with a motorhome

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Towing behind your motorhome

For many campers a significant choice is whether to tow a caravan or drive a motorhome, but towing with a motorhome can often enhance the enjoyment of using your vehicle. While a VW campervan provides a terrific daytime base, for some its accommodation is too cramped for the evenings, but with a small caravan in tow you can be comfortable at the campsite while still enjoying the benefits of a daytime base anywhere. At the opposite end of the scale, a large motorhome is fine on the campsite but its size is limiting out and about. Tow a small car to the campsite and your daytime roaming knows no bounds. Alternatively if you wish to take a small boat or canoe on your travels a small trailer can make that possible.

So there are many good reasons to tow, but there are also some drawbacks concerning reversing, reduced speed limits and the detailed legal constraints of towing a trailer. This Data Sheet is intended to raise awareness of the issues involved in towing. Benefit from free tow-matching and expert advice when you join the Club.

Matching motorhome and trailer

Matching a trailer to a motorhome is similar to that of car and caravan. You need to ensure you operate within the capability of the towing vehicle and the conditions of your driving licence. Details of such matching can be found on the Club's Data Sheet 20 - Matching Car and Caravan.

You'll find an explanation of the various vehicle weight terms used in the text in the definitions panel. Please note also that the legal term for a motorhome is - motor caravan -, though we use the more commonly used term (motorhome) here.

Driving license issues

Depending on when you passed your driving test different rules apply regarding your driving licence and Data Sheet 40 (Driving Licences) has further detailed information around these limitations.