Meet the Rich Kids: how camping for kids equals Real Richness

Camping with the kids!Meet the Rich Kids: how camping for kids equals Real Richness.

Back in 2012 the Club announced its Real Richness awards, which contained a number of very interesting findings regarding the benefits of getting kids camping. We took this as the launch pad for our 2015 research into the benefits of getting kids camping.

The Real Richness research campaign, conducted by Liverpool John Moores University on behalf of the Club, proved conclusively that those people who camp are happier, have closer family relationships and are healthier.

Among the key finds were:

  • 8 in 10 campers feel that camping brings you closer together as a family
  • Camping facilitates children’s learning and has a positive effect on behaviour
  • 96% of kids said they felt happy when playing with their friends outdoors
  • 76% of kids who camp notice that their parents have more time for hugs than usual
  • 69% of campers agreed that they feel close to their children on an average day, compared with 46% of non-campers
  • 87% of kids who camp say camping in the countryside makes them feel really happy
  • 59% of campers say camping should be on the national curriculum.
  • 88% of campers say it’s something that every child should experience
  • 79% of kids who have never camped said they would like to

visit our Real Richness section for the full research and findings.