Best Drive-Away Awnings


VangoBest Drive-Away Awnings



Our definition: A drive-away awning is just that – a stand-alone tent-like structure that connects temporarily to your caravan or motorhome on site like an awning, but can be disconnected and left on the pitch if necessary.

Some 23% of our awning responses were drive-away units, as favoured by owners of motorhomes and campervans.

Overall winner Vango had an 86% satisfaction rating, while runner-up Kampa hit 80%. Both brands offer inflatable and poled awnings.

Kampa registered 38% of all our awnings responses, while Vango contributed 29% - making them by far the two most popular marques as far as our survey is concerned. All other brands had 5% share or less.

As for ranges, Kampa’s Rally Pro and Ace Air Pro series scored highly, while Galli, Kalari, Kela and Varkala were the most popular Vango models.

For more information on awnings, plus advice on pitching why not take a look at our Datasheets.