Best Motorhome Awnings

2022 Owner Satisfaction Awards update


Winner: Outdoor Revolution 89%
Runner up: Vango 86%

For this survey we updated our definition of a motorhome awning to include more styles. It now covers drive-away awnings, tent-like structures that can be left on site when you take your motorhome off site, and the more traditional caravan-type that fits to the side of the motorhome.

This year’s winner Outdoor Revolution sells a wide range of awnings, from basic lightweight poled to large inflatable tube versions.

2020 Drive-Away Awning Owner Satisfaction Awards

Winner: Vango

Highly commended: Kampa

For 2020, we considered drive-away awnings as stand-alone tent-like structures that connect temporarily to your caravan or motorhome on site like an awning, but can be disconnected and left on the pitch if necessary.

Some 23% of our awning responses were drive-away units, as favoured by owners of motorhomes and campervans.

Overall winner Vango had an 86% satisfaction rating, while runner-up Kampa hit 80%. Both brands offer inflatable and poled awnings.

Kampa registered 38% of all our awnings responses, while Vango contributed 29% - making them by far the two most popular marques as far as our survey is concerned. All other brands had 5% share or less.

As for ranges, Kampa’s Rally Pro and Ace Air Pro series scored highly, while Galli, Kalari, Kela and Varkala were the most popular Vango models.

Take a look at our Data Sheets for more information on choosing and pitching an awning.