Best Caravan Porch Awnings

2022 Owner Satisfaction Awards update

Best_caravan_porch_awningWinner: Isabella 96%
Runner up: Vango 86%

This type of awning fits along the top part of an awning rail, providing a covered entrance to the caravan door and not much more.

Isabella triumphs in this category as it did in our Full Caravan Awning Awards, though with a slightly lower – but still impressive – 96% owner satisfaction rating.

Last year’s winner Vango runs at ten percentage points behind, but it’s worth noting that Vango sells inflatable tube awnings under its AirBeam trademark while Isabella is predominantly a traditional-pole awning manufacturer.

2020 Full Awning Owner Satisfaction Awards update

Winner: Vango

Highly commended: SunnCamp

Though Sunncamp is our runner-up here in terms of owner satisfaction, we had significantly more responses from Kampa and Vango.

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