Best Full Awnings

2020 WINNERBest Full Porch Awnings




Our definition: An awning that covers one complete side of your caravan or motorhome. It is fitted along the whole length of the awning rail from the ground on one side to the other (often called a full awning) or connects along the majority of the top of the awning rail (a universal awning or large porch).

Well over half of our responses (55%) were from purchasers of full awnings. The category also includes awnings that cover most of the side of the caravan but only fit on the top of the awning rail. These are often called large porches or universal awnings, the latter name recognising that the awning can be swapped from one model of caravan to another. Traditional full awnings are specific to a particular caravan model.

Widely recognised as the ‘must-have' brand when it comes to full awnings for caravans, Isabella’s 96% satisfaction score comfortably exceeded runner-up Vango’s 86%.

There’s a difference in style here, though. All Isabella awnings reported on would have been of the traditional poled type (it only introduced its first every inflatable awning at the end of 2019), whereas Vango’s main successes have been inflatable models.

Take a look at our Datasheets for more information on choosing and pitching a full awning.