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#40 Driving Licences

#40 #40 Driving Licences

Your driving licence entitlement (related to trailers, caravans and driving motorhomes)

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Most people hold a normal car driving licence and in the past this has not been an issue when Club members have used their vehicle in pursuit of their camping and caravanning activities. Over the years there have been changes in driving licence entitlements as the UK comes into line with European Union directives. Some of these changes in entitlements impact on leisure activities and though they should not stop you camping they may limit the range of leisure vehicles you can use. It is important to understand your driving licence entitlements to ensure you remain legal.

This Data Sheet looks at licence entitlements for campers, with emphasis on the major differences between a driving licence obtained from a driving test taken before 1 January 1997 and one obtained from a test passed after that date. Entitlements are explained and directly related to types of trailers, caravans and motorhomes you are restricted to and shows how you can increase your entitlements or just ensure you retain them when you reach the age of 70.

Further sections explain the jargon used in licensing terms and other general principles you need to know to remain legal when towing or driving motorhomes, please note, for ease we refer to trailers throughout instead of listing caravans, trailers, trailer tents and folding campers.