Advice on the Use of External Gas Cylinders on Club Sites

The Club’s Sites Committee have undertaken a review of the practice of using gas cylinders outside of units and the conclusion was that tall large external gas cylinders present an unacceptable hazard.

It was agreed that the Club will encourage the use of touring caravans and motorhomes in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers, whereby gas cylinders are located in dedicated internal storage lockers.

Where it is necessary to keep a gas cylinder outside of a unit’s locker – for example where an old caravan does not have a purpose built locker – the permitted maximum size is now limited to 15kg. The cylinder must be strapped securely to the unit and connected with a short proprietary hose in good condition and not be under any strain or vulnerable to strain.

The practice of using an external cylinder to feed into the caravan system via a barbeque outlet is not permitted irrespective of the size of cylinder.

The new restrictions apply to all Club sites and Club events such as DA meets.

Calor Gas Recall: An important notice for campers who use CalorLite cylinders: Calor Gas is issuing a product recall with immediate effect on all 6kg CalorLite cylinders made between 2008-2011 inclusive. All such cylinders must be returned to a local CalorLite stockist immediately.

Find more info on how to identify if your cylinder falls within the recall period.

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