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Choosing a camping holiday

So, now you’ve decided you want to take advantage of the great value for money, beautiful scenery and unrivalled freedom that a camping holiday can offer, where do you start? Find out about the benefits and discounts you can take advantage of when you join the Club

It might seem like there is a lot to organise and prepare before you can embark on your exploration of the outdoors, but if you are aware of what you need to do and look out for, choosing and getting ready for your camping holiday will not only be straightforward and undemanding, but also fun.

Home or away?

The first part of your holiday you will probably want to decide on is where you would like to go. Are you going to stay in the UK or go camping abroad?

The UK hosts a whole range of campsites and you can search over 1,400 of them using Siteseeker, our campsite search engine. Search by region, site type, pitch type and many more options to find your ideal campsite.

Find the perfect pitch

The next step is choosing your campsite. Will you go for a forest campsite or festival camping? The choice is yours and it all depends on what you want to get up to when you’re there. Check out our types of campsites page to help you decide which will triumph as the ideal sort of destination for your holiday, and then visit the pitching your tent page to ensure that you find the perfect spot too.

Become a member, and enjoy discounted rates at a range of exclusive and top quality Club camp sites.

Comfortable camping

After checking your chosen campsite has no restrictions in regard to particular types or sizes of tent and assuming you don’t already own one, you can set about choosing your tent. There are a multitude of tents on the market, which means whether your needs are size, price or style wise, there will be a tent for you.

You may want to choose a family tent if there are a number of you camping and all value your own space. Or perhaps you want to get on with exploring as soon as possible, and so favour the quick-pitch tent. Our types of tent page provides detailed information on the pros and cons of each style of tent, guaranteeing that you will soon know enough about tents to find your perfect match.

Happy holidays

You’re nearly ready to start your journey into the great outdoors. All that’s left is to make sure you’ve got everything to ensure a comfortable and hassle free holiday. The following camping equipment is absolutely essential to ensuring happy campers - camping beds, camping bedding, cooking equipment and camping lights. After that, it’s up to you – barbecues, bats and balls, bikes; whatever you like – it’s your holiday.

Our new to tents page provides extensive information on all the practicalities of camping and is a must see for beginners setting off on their first camping holiday, and more experienced campers.