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The Technical Team at the Club holds a wealth of information and much of it is distilled in these pages.

If you’re looking for the right tyre for your motorhome or need to find a gas cylinder to use on the Continent, the chances are you will find the answer here.

Team members Ian Hewlett and Iain Geddes have both been active campers and caravanners since childhood. Now they regularly test cars and are involved in the Club’s annual Tow Car Awards. They also try out tents, trailer tents, caravans and motorhomes for the magazine’s On Test section and in their own time enjoy their own camping holidays.

Whether your question is about matching a tow car and caravan, how to use an electric hook-up or finding spares to repair your tent, you are likely to find the answer in these pages. But if not, you can ask the team by clicking below.

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  • My awning leaks but the dealer says it is condensation. Who’s right?

    If there’s heavy rain and you’re getting a consistent leak from one point, probably near a seam, then it may well have a leak. However, awnings are often pitched over ground that has plenty of moisture in it. When damp-laden air rises from the ground and lands on a cool surface, such as the inside of an awning, then the water vapour will condense out and form droplets of water that may seem like a leak. Another way to look at this is if you find it drips or pools water over time and it hasn’t been raining then it almost certainly will be condensation.

  • Can I use domestic detergents in my motorhome?

    Be careful where you use strong domestic detergents and other cleaning chemicals. Some of the lightweight materials, especially plastics, are easily damaged by harsh chemicals and repeated use may result in cracks. Read more »

  • Is it legal for a trailer to have non-auto reverse brakes?

    All trailers from 1989 are required to have an auto-reverse-brake-type mechanism, where brakes are fitted. Read more »



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