Tow Car Awards

The aim of the Tow Car Awards is to provide campers and caravanners with the latest information about the leading vehicles suitable for towing.

The programme is led by three of the most experienced and qualified organisations in their respective fields. We believe this helps our members to make informed decisions about high-value purchases, and hopefully they are then able to enjoy safe, comfortable and enjoyable motoring.

Please click here to see all the Tow Car award information for 2014 and every year back to 2007. It is very easy to find your way around and we have added a Tow Car chooser which allows you to shortlist your preferred cars we have tested over the whole 8 years


File Format File Title File size
Adobe PDF 1. Contents 2013 763KB
Adobe PDF 2. How we test the cars 2013 584KB
Adobe PDF 3. Up to 1424kg 2013 934KB
Adobe PDF 4. 1425kg to 1579kg 2013 935KB
Adobe PDF 5. 1580kg to 1724kg 2013 1.2MB
Adobe PDF 6. 1725kg to 1899kg 2013 947KB
Adobe PDF 7. 1900+kg 2013 1.2MB
Adobe PDF 8. Overall winner 2013 856KB
Adobe PDF 9. Buyer's guide 2013 858KB

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