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Car Insurance

Get a car insurance quote!Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, so if you own a vehicle and it is registered in your name, then it must be insured at all times, unless it has been declared as “off the road” with a ‘Statutory off Road Notification’ (SORN) with the DVLA.

Since 20 June 2011, if you are the owner of an uninsured vehicle without a valid SORN, then your record will not appear on the Motor Insurance Database (MID). Failure to fully insure a car will initially result in a warning letter, which if not acted upon could see you receive a £100 Fixed Penalty fine and your car being clamped. Some cases also proceed to a court prosecution – carrying a maximum £1,000 fine – so why take the risk?

Exclusive member benefits

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    Up to 240 days European use cover
  • Up to £500 personal belongings cover
  • Up to £1,000 accidental damage cover to a trailer whilst being towed

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What cover do I need?

Our insurance arm, Club Care, have been providing car insurance for members of The Camping and Caravanning Club for many years, so you can be reassured that they understand members needs and can help you find the right policy for you.

The most suitable car insurance policy for you will depend on the type of driving you do, how often you use your car and what model it is.

It is generally advisable to opt for fully comprehensive policies, as these cover you for most eventualities on the road. Also remember to tell the insurer if you use your car for business purposes, as this will need to be specifically added to the cover.

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Before taking out a car insurance policy these are some of the questions you should ask yourself:

Is the cheapest quote the best quote? A cheap quote is always attractive, especially in hard financial times, but a policy that doesn’t adequately cover you at the point of making a claim is not the best one for you. When comparing policies, check closely the level of protection each provider offers, the excess you will need to pay and any small-print limitations to ensure that you are satisfied you have adequate cover for your needs.

Do I need European cover? If you regularly take your car overseas, you may save money by finding a provider who will offer you free European cover as part of the deal.

Am I covered to tow? This is a specific car insurance requirement for many members of The Camping and Caravanning Club, and is not included as standard by all policies. Make sure that the quote includes this, and is adequate for your towing vehicle.

Get a car insurance quote from Club Care today!

Club Care Insurance have negotiated a range of benefits for Camping and Caravanning Club members, so purchasing your insurance through them could make all the difference to your cover.

To get a quote, call the quotes team on 01277 243000. You will also be included in a prize draw to win a fantastic prize just for getting the quote! Visit Win With Club Care for more information.