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Members Privacy Notice

The Camping and Caravanning Club's Members Privacy Notice

Information for Members

What Personal Data Does the Organisation Collect


The Camping and Caravanning Club (The Club) collects and processes Personal Data relating to our past, present and future Members. The Club is committed to being transparent about how it collects and uses Personal Data and to meet our data protection obligations.


Categories of Personal Data

The following categories of Personal Data are processed by The Club:

• Personal Data;

• High Risk Personal Data.

Your data is stored in a range of systems and formats. These include in our Membership Relationship Management system and in other IT systems, including the organisations email system.


Personal Data Provided by Yourself

The Club processes a range of information collected from you. This may include:

Personal Data

• Your name, address and contact details, including email address and telephone numbers;

• Your gender and date of birth;

• Names and contact details relating to your spouse and dependents;

• Membership numbers;

• Website and mobile applications usage data, including Cookies and IP Addresses;

• Advice, incidents and correspondence, including letters, emails, Messages and Social Media;

• Voice recordings of conversations with our Contact Centres;

• Pictures, photos and videos (where submitted or captured at unit events).

• Survey entries and responses.


High Risk Personal Data

• Payment Details, including Credit Cards and Direct Debit;

• Passport and driving licence information.


Special Category and Criminal Offence Data

• None


The Club may collect your Personal Data in a number of ways. For example, your name, contact and family details will be collected from application or renewal forms. Your Membership Number will be allocated on acceptance to membership. Where required, identity information might be obtained from your passport or other documents such as your driving licence.


We may also collect your Personal Data through interactions with The Club. For example, we collect information about your usage of our websites and mobile applications through logging on, monitoring, the use of cookies and analytical tools. We also may collect information from you through correspondence, emails and telephone calls to our Contact Centres.


Occasionally, we perform research on relevant topics which may capture your opinions and intentions. This information is used to improve The Club's performance, services and products.


Personal Data Provided by Third Parties

The organisation may collect Personal Data about you from third parties. For example, we may collect Personal Data from Social Media platforms, including The Club's accounts.

Where Members purchase either Club Care Insurance or Membership Benefits, we may collect Personal Data from our Partners to validate Club Membership credentials.


Retention Period

The Club will retain your Personal Data for the duration of your Membership and for period of five years from leaving, in accordance with our Articles of Association.


Why Does the Organisation Process Personal Data

The Club will process your Personal Data at your request, prior to and for the duration of your membership contract. During the period of your membership, we will use your Personal Data to administer your membership account, provide you with details of our Annual General Meeting and to invite you to vote for Voluntary Office Holders.


In addition, we will use your Personal Data to promote recreational camping and caravanning. We will make you aware of relevant advice, events, courses, awareness communications (including offers), products, publications, newsletters, quality, research and analysis.


If as a Member, you make a booking with our UK Campsites or Travel Abroad with The Club, please refer to the Campers, Holidaymakers, and Tourists Privacy Notice for details of how your Personal Data is used for these purposes.


The Club also monitors the use of our website and mobile applications for the purpose of optimising performance and ensuring content is relevant to the needs of our site visitors. Members who purchase a Camping Card International (CCI) card will have their Personal Data used for the production and postage of the card.


In the unlikely event that The Club is dissolved or wound up under the terms of our Articles of Association, we will process your Personal Data;

• to contact present members for their contribution to assets should there be a shortfall, or;

• to distribute any remaining funds between past and present members.


In order to comply with Data Protection Laws, The Club needs a lawful basis to process your Personal Data. We use the following lawful reasons to obtain and use your Personal Data.



Where you have provided your consent, The Club will process your Personal Data for discretionary purposes, specified at the time of collection. For example, we may ask for your consent to share your details with a sponsor if you enter a competition. Alternately, we may ask to use a picture or video of you taken at one of our events or locations.



In becoming a member of The Club, you enter into a contract with the organisation for the purpose of delivering your inclusive membership services. Following the end of your membership, we retain your personal information in compliance with our Articles of Association for a period of five years.


Legal Obligation

We will process your Personal Data to ensure that we comply with legal obligations. These obligations include matters related to payments and taxation.

As The Club is for recreational camping and caravanning only, we may need to provide your Personal Data in response to enquiries from local councils and other public bodies, if residential use is suspected.


Legitimate Interest

The Club has a legitimate interest in processing your Personal Data. For example, if you have participated in one of our events, stayed at one of our facilities or campsites, we may contact you with details of similar events or locations.


Who May Have Access to Personal Data

Your Personal Data will be used internally by the staff of The Club. At a local level, your Personal Data will be shared with the relevant Region and District Association. If you have joined one of our special interest groups, your Personal Data will be shared with the Voluntary Office Holders of the section.



The Club may share your Personal Data with third-party processors who provide services to the organisation. Classes of Processors include:

• Business Systems Providers;

• Publishers;

• Website and mobile application Content & Hosting Providers along with Analytics.


Joint Controllers

The Club are not Joint Controllers for any Personal Data of our Members.


Separate Controllers

The Club may share your Personal Data with organisations who operate as Separate Controllers where we have consent, a contract, a legal obligation or other legitimate interest to do so. Classes of Separate Controllers include:

• Club Care Insurance Services Providers;

• Membership Benefits Providers.


Third Countries

The Club will not transfer the Personal Data of Members outside of the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) for membership purposes, without appropriate safeguards being in place. If however, a member purchases a holiday or tour which is outside of the EEA, Personal Data may be shared with tour operators, travel and holiday providers.


What If You Do Not Supply Your Personal Data

You are under no statutory or contractual obligation to provide data to The Club during the membership application process. However, if you do not provide the necessary information, we may be unable to process your membership application properly or at all.


Automated Decision Making

No Membership related decisions are made solely using automated decision making technologies.



General Privacy Notice

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