Devil’s Beef Tub

Devil's Beef Tub
Have you considering visiting the Devil's Beef Tub? 

North of the Scottish Town of Moffat, the Devil's Beef Tub is a dramatic hollow in the hills. Formed by four hills, this deep hallow is 500ft (150m). To explore this landscape, there are many walking routes to consider that includes exploring Moffat town while seeing Devil's Beef Tub.

Wondering why the site has it's unusual name? It is derived from locations use of stolen cattle being hidden by the Border Reivers (known as the Johnstone Clan). Who were referred to as 'devils' by their enemies.

Are you looking for somewhere to camp while exploring the Devil's Beef Tub and surrounding areas near Moffat town? Well look no further!

Our closest Club Site campsite is the Moffat Club Site. This campsite has over two hundred postive reviews from campers making it a very popular campsite. The campsite also benefits from a number of key facilities to make your stay an enjoyable one. 

Ready to book our Moffat campsite and visit the Devil's Beef Tub? 

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