St Mary’s Loch

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Situated between Selkirk and Moffat, St Mary's Loch lies in the Scottish Borders as the largest natural loch at the Borders. The area is well known for its beautiful landscape and views and it's rich history. For amazing walking experiences during a camping trip, St Mary's Loch is a truely great destination. As a circular route, walkers can take in the views along a 7.8 mile loop. 

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If you're considering camping nearby to St Mary's Loch at the Scottish Borders it's worth knowing about our nearby Club Site campsites. 

The closest Club Site is our Moffat campsite at around fifteen miles away from St Mary's Loch. With over 200 postive reviews, this campsite is a popular destination surrounded by stunning views. This Club Site campsite also hosts a number of key facilities to make your stay an enjoyable one. 

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